Monday, 19 December 2011

Winter Solstice Thurs Dec 22

Well.... its a week later and the tension of the eclipse has some of us still in a puddle on the floor. Whew!!  That was bit intense wasn't it? And incredibly beautiful.

I was up very late yet managed to wake up at 6:30 am to witness the first bite being taken from the top portion of the Moon.  Stunning.

The whole experience got me to stand still... in awe...seeing that glowing orb hanging out there in space gave me such a sense of being on a planet.... looking out at something concrete...reachable. Not so far away.

Not unlike my own inner self... often hidden from view... yet powerful in its ability to influence me in subtle ways. The ways of the Moon mirror the inner world of emotions and feelings. Someone likened an eclipse to holding a mirror close to another mirror...seeing the endless mirror images reflected back into infinity... layers upon layers taking us deeper and deeper within.

There's a winding down now as we approach the end of the current cycle, as well as the end of the year.  If you have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride recently, you can breathe deeply now, as the Moon gradually wanes and the tension of the eclipse dissipates.

We now head toward the Winter Solstice on Thursday December 22nd, when the Sun enters Capricorn, with the Moon following close behind a day later.

The Winter  Solstice marks  the longest night of the year. This actually lasts for four days ... with daytime beginning to lengthen again on the 25th... as we celebrate Christmas.

The Solstice is a pause in time... an in-breathing ... at this turning point before the days begin to lengthen again. It is a time to feel and think and integrate all that has happened in this tumultuous year... and to begin to prepare for the year ahead.

The pause in time ends in celebration... when we take a break from all our hustle and bustle to celebrate the coming light, and each other; (and one who came to show the light). It is a time of generousity and sharing; of giving and receiving; of family and friends.

I know it can all get very artificial... and pressured... yet the meaning beneath it all remains as sacred as we want it to be.

On this Solstice, as the Sun enters Capricorn, the Sagittarius Moon will be calling out to us to seek the highest truth, to find meaning and purpose and to walk in the light.

Then, shortly afterward, a  New Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn to mark the last moon cycle in 2011. This sign is about drive and aspiration. Capricorn wants/needs to earn respect.  It is duty bound and works harder than any other sign. The symbol is the mountain goat that clambers to reach the highest peak.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the great taskmaster, who also rules time itself. Saturn also rules the material world..., which we acknowledge at this time by exchanging gifts (a custom that originates in 'Saturnalia' of ancient Rome).

The Capricorn New moon is the seedtime for the coming year.  In the midst of Christmas preparations and celebration, take a moment to put down the eggnog to pause to sharpen your focus. Clarify your intentions wisely...  as they will take you forward into the New Year.

What do you plan to manifest? What are your hopes and dreams?  I know this kind of thing usually comes with New Years , yet the New Moon is really when the energy starts.

Happy Solstice everyone.

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