Thursday, 29 April 2010

Full Moon afterthought

I was just was sent a very different take on yesterday's Full Moon. Just goes to show there are many levels to things. Here it is:

"There are many legends concerning the importance of this Full Moon - happening today at 5:20AM PDT and activating 9 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. While in the West, this Full Moon is known as the Festival of the Buddha, in the East it is called Wesak. True spiritual believers envision the Buddha returning from his high place in the divine hierarchy to bless humanity and the faithful. There is a valley in the Himalayas where a large number of beings - human, angelic and possibly extraterrestrial - gather to uplift the souls striving to evolve on Spaceship Earth. Some individuals may even be present in their higher-dimensional bodies or forms - if they are living elsewhere.

Whether fantasy, fact or a mixture of both, it is helpful to unleash the creative powers of imagination and psychic attunement via meditations and affirmations close to the time of this Full Moon. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to everyone in your network of friends, colleagues and family members."
source unknown

I personally had a breakthrough day after a difficult week. I felt deeply supported by my own personal Buddha who reminded me that true love is inside of me always. There is much healing and grace in the universe.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scorpio Full Moon

This is an intense one. Passion and tempers may flare due to Mars being in a fixed T-square with the Sun - Moon opposition (means Mars is half way between the Sun and Moon opposition that creates the Full Moon). Things we may have pushed way down deep and don't want to face will surface and come to a head now...with Mercury sitting so close to the Sun means we may speak our mind...passionately!

Plus remember Saturn and Uranus are still in exact opposition so yet another point of friction where what's being held back (Saturn) may burst forth (Uranus) in surprising ways.

Moon in Scorpio can be broody, paranoid, intense, controlling, obsessive, sexy. Sun in Taurus is sensual, stubborn, slow moving, physical. Mars in Leo is demonstrative, haughty, demanding, self centered yet loyal. Fixed signs don't move easily so there could be a standoff. Let any arguments be set aside...agree to disagree and sort things out when the tensions have passed. Or channel the energy into something passionate and/or physical.

Pluto in harmony (sextile) with the Moon adds depth and breadth to emotions (increasing the Scorpio influence).

Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini lightens things up a bit and it is in harmony with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and also with Saturn. Looks like something positive and constructive can emerge from intense emotional points of friction.

The Moon's Trine to Neptune/Chiron brings deep healing to whatever this tension brings up. So although it could be tense to start, these energies can lead to reconciliation and healing of past resentments.

Tread gently today. All will be well.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Preponderance of the Great

Wow never a dull moment when planets square off. Confusion, upheaval, tension, prevails as volcanoes erupt and the skies cloud over, and our secure little worlds toss and tumble in the great wheel of life. 
This tension moves in and out of focus as the planets shift and shimmy.  Uranus was exactly opposite Saturn in 2008 when the monetary system first collapsed, and has moved in and out of opposition since then.  They are exactly opposite again from today until the 1st of June. With the Pluto square in the mix, Jupiter (amplifies what it touches) is about to blow our minds when it lands in the same spot as Uranus (the awakener) on May 20th th.

Hold onto your hats!!

This will create what is called a Grand Cross or Square; a rare and powerful planetary configuration which heralds changes on a grand scale. I am not even going to pretend I know how it will all manifest. I don’t like predictions. I do know it is all going to culminate mid August, but will be building and releasing all this year.  There is also a configuration between Neptune and Pluto that one astrologer …calls the Grand Irrationality. Which means no one knows what’s going to happen; we only know its what the I Ching calls “an exceptional time”.

I can  state the obvious…that there’s a lot of pressure out there. And if you believe that the outer reflects the inner…then there is a lot of internal pressure as well. I know of a lot of people having breakdowns or break ups.  This can be positive, as what needs to go will go, and a breakdown can become a break through.    Doesn’t make it easy though.

This planetary energy is similar to the 60’s when the same planets were in different yet similar relationships and things were definitely in a period of shake down.  Remember the Doors song “Break on through to the other side?” 

And don’t despair, there is help at hand. Neptune and Chiron have been together since last May, bringing powerful healing to old wounds and revealing our deepest longing.  Recently lined up with Jupiter in Aquarius , they called us to recognize our humanity. Now in Pisces, our compassion and our divine nature are being invoked.  I would hazard a guess and say these two planets are connected to a higher energy, and therefore inviting us to  send healing to each other and to the world. And to ourselves of course (as within so without). 

Altogether, everything points to a necessary shift in the paradigm of the collective and the individual.


The ridgepole sags to the breaking point.         
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.         

 The weight of the great is excessive. The load is too heavy for the strength of the supports. The ridgepole, on which the whole roof rests, sags to the breaking point, because its supporting ends are too weak for the load they bear. It is an exceptional time and situation; therefore extraordinary measures are demanded.

It is necessary to find a way of transition as quickly as possible, and to take action. This promises success. For although the strong element is in excess, it is in the middle, that is, at the centre of gravity, so that a revolution is not to be feared. Nothing is to be achieved by forcible measures.  The problem must be solved by gently penetration to the meaning of the situation, and then the changeover to other conditions will be successful. It demands real superiority; therefore the time when the great preponderates is a momentous time.

                                                             I Ching  (Book of Changes)
                                                               Wilhelm Baynes Edition

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Moon in Aries today

New Moon in Aries is about new starts.  Seeds sprouting, ideas germinating, projects beginning.  Spring has sprung...the grass is riz.

There are no beginnings without endings.  That's the way it works. If you look for the Moon tonight you won't see it.  The sky is dark. Take a breath. Let yesterday go.  Enjoy the stillness. Then a sliver will appear. So beautiful in the dark sky. Time to take  one step forward. Then another. Tomorrow's another day. (I am saying this to myself).

Mercury(communication) and Venus (relating,beauty) are together in sensual Taurus.  The warm sun on the dark earth evoking our deeper passions and tastes.

And the drama continues. Saturn moved into Libra quite recently but is now going backward (retrograde) into Virgo. One more look at the details. Plus it's now back in a close opposition to Uranus in Pisces, with  the square from Pluto continuing to put pressure on everyone and everything. It will wear you down or tear you down. And Pluto will also release the Phoenix in us and we will rise from the ashes (once the dust clears).

And to bring us hope very soon Jupiter will join Uranus in Pisces and inspire visions of the future.

I Ching 15. Modesty
 MODESTY      creates success. 
The superior person carries things through.
It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty 
and to make full what is modest;  
when the sun is at its zenith, it must, according to the law of heaven, 
turn toward its setting, and at its nadir it rises toward a new dawn.
In obedience to the same law, the moon when it is full begins to wane, and 
when empty of light it waxes again.
This heavenly law works itself out in the 
fates of wo/men also. It is the law of earth to alter the full
and to contribute to the modest.
High mountains are worn down by the waters, and the valleys are 
filled up.
It is the law of fate to undermine what is full and to prosper the 
modest. And men also hate fullness and love the modest.
The destinies of men are subject to immutable laws that must fulfill 
themselves. But a person has it in her power to shape her  fate, according as her 
behavior exposes her to the influence of benevolent or of destructive forces.
  Within the earth, a mountain:
 The image of MODESTY.
 Thus the superior person reduces that which is too much,
 And augments that which is too little.
 S/he weighs things and makes them equal.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

 Enter stage right: Pluto, god of the underworld.  In "The Astrology of Fate" Liz Green says the trouble with Pluto it activates the shadow. She says when that deep stuff is brought to the surface, the natural thing is to hide, deny, avoid. Its a survival instinct...part of any encounter with the unconscious (that's why its called the unconscious!!).  And with Saturn squaring it...we will probably resist the change that Pluto is trying to force. I am doing it already. And then resisting my resistance. Help!

That's probably because have these planets squared in my own chart ...its obviously one of my own big lessons. An immovable object meets and unstoppable force!! Should be interesting when Jupiter and Uranus hop into the mix at the end of May and culminating, in mid-August, with the Grand Cross.  Fireworks!! Gonna be an interesting year. 

Meanwhile the Aries Sun of new beginnings is inspiring me to get up and go, and  gardeners everywhere are planting seeds that will germinate and sprout in the Taurus earth at the end of April. 

I know Easter weekend has already passed but for an interesting article about the origins and symbolism of Easter go to