Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

 Enter stage right: Pluto, god of the underworld.  In "The Astrology of Fate" Liz Green says the trouble with Pluto stuff...is it activates the shadow. She says when that deep stuff is brought to the surface, the natural thing is to hide, deny, avoid. Its a survival instinct...part of any encounter with the unconscious (that's why its called the unconscious!!).  And with Saturn squaring it...we will probably resist the change that Pluto is trying to force. I am doing it already. And then resisting my resistance. Help!

That's probably because have these planets squared in my own chart ...its obviously one of my own big lessons. An immovable object meets and unstoppable force!! Should be interesting when Jupiter and Uranus hop into the mix at the end of May and culminating, in mid-August, with the Grand Cross.  Fireworks!! Gonna be an interesting year. 

Meanwhile the Aries Sun of new beginnings is inspiring me to get up and go, and  gardeners everywhere are planting seeds that will germinate and sprout in the Taurus earth at the end of April. 

I know Easter weekend has already passed but for an interesting article about the origins and symbolism of Easter go to http://astrodynamics.net/blog/2010/04/03/happy-resurrection-holiday/

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