Thursday, 29 April 2010

Full Moon afterthought

I was just was sent a very different take on yesterday's Full Moon. Just goes to show there are many levels to things. Here it is:

"There are many legends concerning the importance of this Full Moon - happening today at 5:20AM PDT and activating 9 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio. While in the West, this Full Moon is known as the Festival of the Buddha, in the East it is called Wesak. True spiritual believers envision the Buddha returning from his high place in the divine hierarchy to bless humanity and the faithful. There is a valley in the Himalayas where a large number of beings - human, angelic and possibly extraterrestrial - gather to uplift the souls striving to evolve on Spaceship Earth. Some individuals may even be present in their higher-dimensional bodies or forms - if they are living elsewhere.

Whether fantasy, fact or a mixture of both, it is helpful to unleash the creative powers of imagination and psychic attunement via meditations and affirmations close to the time of this Full Moon. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to everyone in your network of friends, colleagues and family members."
source unknown

I personally had a breakthrough day after a difficult week. I felt deeply supported by my own personal Buddha who reminded me that true love is inside of me always. There is much healing and grace in the universe.

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