Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scorpio Full Moon

This is an intense one. Passion and tempers may flare due to Mars being in a fixed T-square with the Sun - Moon opposition (means Mars is half way between the Sun and Moon opposition that creates the Full Moon). Things we may have pushed way down deep and don't want to face will surface and come to a head now...with Mercury sitting so close to the Sun means we may speak our mind...passionately!

Plus remember Saturn and Uranus are still in exact opposition so yet another point of friction where what's being held back (Saturn) may burst forth (Uranus) in surprising ways.

Moon in Scorpio can be broody, paranoid, intense, controlling, obsessive, sexy. Sun in Taurus is sensual, stubborn, slow moving, physical. Mars in Leo is demonstrative, haughty, demanding, self centered yet loyal. Fixed signs don't move easily so there could be a standoff. Let any arguments be set aside...agree to disagree and sort things out when the tensions have passed. Or channel the energy into something passionate and/or physical.

Pluto in harmony (sextile) with the Moon adds depth and breadth to emotions (increasing the Scorpio influence).

Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini lightens things up a bit and it is in harmony with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and also with Saturn. Looks like something positive and constructive can emerge from intense emotional points of friction.

The Moon's Trine to Neptune/Chiron brings deep healing to whatever this tension brings up. So although it could be tense to start, these energies can lead to reconciliation and healing of past resentments.

Tread gently today. All will be well.


  1. thanks for this Sue. Already had one blow-out at midnight last night, waiting for K to come home and kids to be in bed. May it lead to a creative, loving healing conversation about limits, and about freedom and choices, making healthy ones that is.