Sunday, 25 August 2013

Grand Cross, Grand Sextile. Isn't Life Grand!!

The overall astrology this weekend is again pretty profound, with a continued emphasis on the Grand Cross (four planets all at right angles to each other) I spoke about last week. The Moon now in Aries, opposing Venus in Libra, increases the polarity and tension in relationships, continuing the discussion around commitment and  freedom and how to find the balance (Venus in Libra).

All this powerful transformative energy wants us to really deal with our shit and do it right now. Venus and Juno  (see last post re Juno) are being challenged by tense angles to some heavy hitting outer planets, meaning how we connect and commit to each other is going through a radical shift.

The Sun is now in Virgo, which brings a focus on details, organization and anything related to your health. This is an excellent time to start a new health regime and pay attention to messages from your body. If we succumb to Virgo’s perfectionism the current planetary tensions will get the better of us.

The potential for blowups or reactions means we cannot be lazy or fall into old patterns or habits of relating. It’s a wake up call and is as exciting as it is challenging.

Are we having fun yet!!?

Neptune opposite Sun sets us up to seek the ideal, while it also blurs our ego (sun) enough to allow spiritual forces to teach something about humility.

Plus the  Grand Trine in water signs continues to bring much  healing to our emotional patterns, even as it stirs them up.

Saturn in Scorpio (see tab at top) is pushing us through the doorway into the basement of our unconscious … whatever is buried down there is what is stopping us from feeling fulfilled in the areas ruled by Scorpio in our charts. In general it is in the world of sex, death and taxes(shared resources) .... all the things we are not supposed to discuss. What it does in Scorpio is make us face our shadow... the parts of us we like to avoid.

Maybe its fear, or insecurity, or low self worth.  Saturn makes us deal with these things by creating blockages that force us to stop and smell the coffee. I know, it sounds a bit harsh…  and it is… a bit. Sometimes. Yet it is also liberating to finally get this muck out into the light of day, so we can finally deal with it. (see tab at top for more about Saturn)

 Neptune and Chiron in Pisces continue to provide a healing balm to our tender souls, promising we will come through current changes with a deeper ability to connect and relate,  by calling on our spiritual side to emerge.

Jupiter in Cancer can expand our emotional well-being as well as set off some pretty big confrontations. Its opposition to the planet of destruction and transformation (Pluto) means there is a tendency for things to get blown way out of proportion. If you are in a tense stand off dynamic: Step down. Step back. Let it go. Tomorrow it will look much different (or in a week or two). Let many things pass.

Passion thrives on these intense dynamics, so there is also fun to be had, for those who thrive on a bit of uncertainty. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

And although this is all somewhat challenging stuff, help is on the way.

The Merkaba Star pattern (grand sextile) I posted about two weeks ago is back again. It is made up of two grand trine configurations overlaid on one another, creating a six pointed star, and is considered a magnificent symbol of our ability to transcend and heal despite trying circumstances. Some see its presence now, in the midst of so much turmoil and shakedown, as a sign of grace, a message that all will be well.

However you take that, know that these are indeed interesting time astrologically and they point to a new era and a new earth. How we get there and what we do to get here is all part of the play. The grand sextile shows potential and requires effort for it to manifest. For now, it can ground some of these over the top energies and bring a healing balm to our frazzled psyches.


Our daily lives still go on, these aspects will trigger us, or not, depending on their proximity to our natal planets,.

I have posted a couple of stories in 'Personal Peeks' (tab up top) that show what happens when these things do land on our charts directly. I will add more stories as time allows. And even though I write this stuff, I am still amazed to see when it manifests.   This is powerful stuff kids.

So lets all try to get along and use this dynamic time to learn and grow and see what more there is to know about life, about ourselves, and about each other.

What else are we here for?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Apocalypse now? (once in a Blue Moon)

Next Wednesday, August 21st, is a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

Full Moons are peak energy. This is the second Full Moon in the same sign (once in a Blue Moon)…so we have a double emphasis on Aquarius as well as on a Juno/Mercury opposition.

Aquarius is a bit of an odd duck. Eccentric, independent, yet group oriented. There is a strong need to fit in with the crowd… and an equal urge not to. This is the sign of the collective and the group … of humanity in fact… and it is also the sign of the supreme individualist.  

In this new Age of Aquarius we are called to to know who we are in the midst of the crowd; to step out of separation and discover our shared humanity. 

This meeting of self and other emerges out of a meeting of 'self with self'. 

Symbolizing of a new type of relationship, Juno in Aquarius encourages us to experience freedom within commitment. Being somewhat traditional, Juno here is both a free thinker and also  worries what others will think (the group). If Juno has an ingrained idea of what a relationship should look like, and Aquarius wants freedom and equality, there is going to be an interesting learning curve. I remember a bumper sticker common in the late sixties 

"Question Everything!" 

Am I still be me without you? Can I be me with you? Can we be ourselves, yet together? We all know there is a thin line between love and hate.  

Aquarius says we can all use a little elbow-room. Juno says commitment makes the world go round. 

In last week's blog I referred to the many prophesies about these changing times … most describe the human race as either on the brink of total transformation or total disaster. 

It seems apparent that at the very least we are in a paradigm shift of major proportions as world systems collapse to make way for new possibilities.

 In a recent article, Eric Francis (Planet Waves,side bar) pointed out that the word ‘apocalypse ‘ actually means ‘unveiling’ or ‘the revelation of what is concealed’

It apparently pertained (in ancient Greece) to a woman’s sexuality being exposed on the wedding night.  How that came to mean the end of the world  is telling in itself! Many visionaries have described  'the return of the Feminine',  and we  definitely seem to be witnessing the death throws of patriarchy, after a long and brutal reign.   It  feels to me like something new is stirring.

Which leads me to the current astrology.  Right now, the feminine planet of Venus, is moving into Libra, sign of relationships, while at the same time, Mercury, planet of communication, sits opposite Juno, symbol of union/marriage.

These last few months, a dominance of the water element has focused us on our ‘feeling nature’,  which is commonly associated with  ‘the feminine…’ The archetypal feminine is, of course, in both men and women. According to Carl Jung, we tend to project the less conscious aspect in us onto our partners, male or female, so what we are attracted to in them is actually a repressed part of ourselves.  

Relationships are a key way to uncover these projections, by allowing us to observe them in action. I am fully convinced that relationship truly is a spiritual path (when taken consciously) as it brings us such an accurate mirror to see ourselves in.

Venus (planet of love and relating) and asteroid Juno (marriage) bring the discussion to that age old mystery: how we partner with others. (was it ever anywhere else!!)

Juno  represents the institution of marriage/commitment. Where it lies in our chart tells us a lot about the long term partner we will attract.

As Venus's entry into Libra sets off the Uranus-Pluto square,  yet again our patterns of relating will be in focus as they get stirred up by the current transformative cycle. Last year Saturn in Libra was doing that job.

In his article,  Eric Francis at Planet Waves (sidebar),  talks about Juno’s current position:

Mercury is opposite Juno (exact Tues), which forms a grand cross pattern with the lunar nodes. This is a karmic statement -- what squares the nodes is the topic to address; the thing without which we cannot easily move forward."  (my emphasis)

The North Node shows where we are going, and the South Node shows where we have been.

At the Winter Solstice of 1212 …  (‘end of the Mayan Calendar’/ cusp of a new age…)  an emphasis on Juno indicated that  transforming our relationship patterns will be part  of the current shift in human consciousness.

 Francis says Juno symbolises our conditioning as much as it does our actual partner, so it has a lot to tell us. 

“I've suggested that the Sun conjunct Juno in the first degree of Capricorn on 12/21/1 2… is about marrying ourselves before we try to marry someone else. The problem with this is that most of us would be marrying a bitch or a bastard. The lack of appeal is obvious. We present ourselves as nice people. Yet many, many peoples' relationships with themselves are characterized by a seemingly endless litany of negative self-chatter, vicious self-critique and coloured by various shades of 'I wish I had', 'I wish I hadn't' and 'I will eventually'. "

With Venus now moving into its own sign of Libra, we need to question the underlying (and unconscious) assumption that relationships will provide us the love we don’t give ourselves. Pluto and Uranus wont let us get away with falling into old habits. 

So how well do we see others and how do we see our self?


“…We could say that it's genetic, radioactive or toxic pollution that's killing the Earth. We could say that it's a corrupt political system, or the takeover of the planet by corporations.

I propose that it's our stressed-out, unforgiving relationships with ourselves. These in turn tie into all manner of family karma, which is typically full of all kinds of abuse.

This in turn results in the projection of our inner dynamics and the family system onto our partners and the whole society, as well as our obvious paralysis when it comes to doing something about whatever we perceive needs help.

In other words, do we not take action against GMO and nuclear power because we don't have time -- or is it because we're too terrified to do so, fearing we're going to be cast off? As for warfare, if we cannot get along with ourselves, how exactly can we get along with others? "

 If  the symbolism of Juno in our charts links to long term family conditioning and has 'always been that way', it is not just about who we attract, it is who we are conditioned to attract (or be attracted to)

Taurus-Scorpio (the Moon's nodes being squared) bring up issues of jealousy and control in relationships, which is the natural offshoot of the kind of ‘ownership’ marriage implies.

Eric says Juno then “seeks peak experiences of healing that will solve everything, i.e., if we go to couples counselling, everything will work out fine, or if I fix you, everything will be fine. “

He says the real message of Juno is: “deal with the rage and frustration”… (of not getting the love you have always wanted/needed etc).

“Stop pretending it's about someone else. Learn to communicate your feelings and your desires, and recognise that not doing so has consequences. When we can do this, then the more constructive attributes of Juno emerge, including a sane approach to relationships that is based on devotion rather than demands.

 But we all know how long it can take to get there, and we know that many of our relatives never did. So this is a full-scale transformation project if there ever was one.”

Yeah! Easier said than done.

Right now, Mercury in Leo is about having the courage to be yourself despite what anyone might think . 

Leo's rulership by the Sun means it wants us to shine. Next week we have a Full Moon in Aquarius which will cross Juno at the same time, amplifying these issues. 

To sum it all up:
The Full Moon activating Juno in Aquarius, with added  nodal influence in Scorpio (sex, death) and Taurus (comfort, security), brings that karmic push that will test us to let go of our iron grip on outmoded relationship stereotypes. 

This does not mean closing our hearts or shutting down our relationships. Quite the opposite.   We are being challenged to know who we are in relationship to others; by knowing who we are. That means being able to stand alone and stand together; to stand up for ourselves and speak our truth, and also respect the other’s need to do the same. 

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”(or woman)

(Thanks to Eric Francis for elucidating this all so clearly. He is a major inspiration and influence in my astrological journey)

You can access Eric at

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A whole lotta a shakin' going on!

 Note: see tabs at top for additional information and subjects including the new 'Personal Peeks'

Today the Sun shines bright in Leo with a positive link to Uranus in Aries. There is so much potential here for a new vision of self (Leo)  to immerge. Uranus brings energetic lightning strikes, so be prepared for sudden insights into who you are and why you ARE special. (as is everyone on this planet)

Also this weekend, the Moon in Libra sets up a Grand Cross again including Uranus Pluto squaring Moon and opposing both Jupiter and Mars.

So what does that mean exactly?

It means that on one hand there is incredible tension and a high possibility of stand-offs, disagreements and confrontations,  leading to fights  or even violence,  and at the same  the tension can lead to sudden insights and a deeper grasp of whatever (or whoever)  it is you are grappling with.

Everything right now seems to be stirring the pot. Mercury (thinking, communicating) square Saturn right makes it too easy to see things in a negative light. Beware of those self defeating thoughts, of seeing the cup half empty. Actually, highly creative energy can emerge out of this chaos, which we can use to our advantage.

 The Grand Trine in Water continues to bring fluidity, ease and grace to difficult situations, with a strong emphasis on emotional processing.  Together these  aspects  create a KITE configuration in the sky,  symbolizing the powerful, transformative and very dynamic forces of change.

Much can be accomplished now if you know how to catch the wind.  Don't grip too tight nor too loosely.  Find the middle way.

This weekend the astrology  is like an exaggerated version of the overall forces working on us at the dawn of a new era. There are so many predictions about this time. Some say it will herald a period of heaven on earth, others say everything is about to fall apart and be destroyed (or a combination of the two)  The key is we are at a key juncture in the history of planet earth and those of us who chose to be here at this time came to be a part of the show.

I have been reading Ken Carey's 'The Return of the Birds Tribes, which says that the original beings (the Bird Tribes) have been signalling a time of upheaval and change for some time now, saying that it will get more intense after 2008 when Pluto Squares Saturn and  the monetary system collapses.. That system has not recovered... with more to come as China enters the global crisis) and while some of us seem to be ok, many have suffered greatly, losing jobs and houses and so much of what they have built up over a life time.

 Its not all about doom and gloom... just a  a break down of mistaken identity  (that we are material only) which will benefit us all eventually... (hopefully) through a return to our original nature.

“We inhabit a world far richer and more complex, far more potent and beautiful, than the one superimposed by the interpretations of a species who’s consciousness has yet to catch up with it’s capability.”     Ken Carey 

In other words, if we have been sleep walking through life, now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee!

The purpose of this crash and burn type energy (Uranus/Pluto) is to purge away the underbrush so new growth can occur. This is not easy stuff and  while Mercury squares Saturn over the next few days, we can easily get stuck in mental resistance and try to swim against the flow.

The I Ching advised me today:  'do not waste your time and energy on mistaken resistance'

Perhaps the best way to get through it all is to remember that nothing is what it seems.  That door suddenly closing in your face really could be the signal for a new window to open. Robert Wilkinson over at Aquarius Papers (side bar) coined the term  'The Grand Irrationality'!

If you have a meditation practice or a creative outlet, this is a good time to use it to move with, not against the flow. Dance, sing, find your inner peace and extend it to those around you. We all need peace now more than ever.

If you do feel uptight or aggravated or overwhelmed by someone or something (merely a reflection of yourself) take full responsibility (Saturn in Scorpio) for your own feelings,

And remember, Leo rules the heart.... which always seeks peace even, while as our monkey-mind looks for conflict.  Let many things pass.

Visualize this glowing heart residing inside of you.  Feels its warmth, bask in its glow.

And remember, no one gets out of here alive!

We are all in this together.

Message from Hopi Elders

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Oraibi, ArizonaHopi Nation

Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Moon in Leo. Let it Shine!

The Moon is in its last sliver before it goes dark...then  a few days (Tues) we will have a New Moon.Enjoy the short pause as we let go of the past months energy and prepare for the new cycle. 

This month the New Moon is in Leo, sign of personal sovereignty, of self. Leo represents the heart. 
It is where we shine!

At a New Moon, Sun and Moon combine their energies, though we cannot see the Moon because she is behind the Sun (or in front for an eclipse). This pairing is called the ‘conjunctio’ or ‘sacred conjunction’. It combines yin and yang energies (Moon and Sun) to create a new seed energy. The intention we set at this time can then blossom over the coming month.

This sacred marriage archetype activates the birth of a new emotional process (Moon cycle) filtered through the energy of the sign involved. This energy culminates in at the next Full moon , which then wanes until,,,another New moon, Round and round  the circle goes. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius two weeks ago brought us from the intense emotion of the last New Moon in Cancer  into a more detached and egalitarian sphere of the collective. We needed to step back after so much feeling energy.

Now that we have got a bit of a breather, fire sign Leo brings us back to the personal, to our sense of self:   “to thine own self be true”.   

The less evolved aspects of Leo are pride and self-centeredness; when a Leo enters a room most people notice. Many a drama queen has been born under this sign.  The better  Leos are extremely generous and magnanimous and caring. They are loyal to a fault and always there for the people they love (or rule). Leos are the kings and queens of the world.

True rulership is not just about privilege, though at times it can seem so. Leo’s do like the best of the best, and of course they deserve it! (gold is their metal!!) Yet at their best, Leo's warmth comes from inner confidence and wealth of character. 

As you may have read, the name of this blog 'Aurum' is latin for gold, which represents the Sun, which represents the self, and the Sun is the ruler of the sign Leo. Aurum represents the alchemical process of integrating and claiming our true self.

This sacred marriage as a symbol of alchemy, is about the joining of opposites. The sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, fire and water, represented in the transformation of lead to gold.

A New Moon here focuses us on finding the gold of our true self worth: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.  

Leo also brings out our playful side.  This is where the child in us hangs out.

Interesting that our sovereignty and our innocence are so strongly linked. What is a king or queen without the fool to keep them real? Could that be telling us something? Isn’t there a quote somewhere encouraging us to ‘be as a little child.’

The message is that our innate value is connected to our innocence.  After all, before we had so many layers of ‘stuff’, of ideas, judgements, shame, projections, rules etc etc etc dumped on us…  we were perfectly happy beings.

So if you have felt a bit overwhelmed by the crazy, crazy stuff going on all over the planet, it is important to maintain a strong sense of self, yet at the same time be open and allow trust to guide you.  Depending on where the New moon falls in your chart, you may find increased self belief helps you through the next month.

The challenge to this is that Saturn squares the New Moon, so we wont get away with hubris or grandiosity. Be careful of the negative side of Saturn that can undermine our confidence. Saturn represents the heavy, leaden parts of our psyche that bring us down. Yet Saturn's gravitas also keeps us real and makes us walk our talk.  

The  Grand Sextile/Star of David  I wrote about last week brought us rare image and a  message of hope as two Grand Trines met in the sky. The Earth Trine was there to help ground and contain the powerful presence of so much water (emotion). The two together spoke of the potential to truly manifest our hearts desire and showed us that the universe really is on our side

Ok, sometimes  it may not always seem like it. Things are definitely a bit weird right now. Just look around or watch the news. Yikes!!

The 'grand irrationality' continues as the Pluto Uranus square  shatters and shakes that which we thought was solid (Capricorn). Jupiter and Mars opposite Pluto has been very, very testy and potentially violent or explosive. If handled carefully this is a kind of combustive force that could really drive things forward... in the way an explosive device can clear a road for development. Trick is being able to handle dynamite! I would avoid confrontations at this time. Standing your ground, without igniting strong reactions, its tricky under these influences.

Luckily (Jupiter) brings much ease and grace and the fluidity of  the water trine helps us glide through difficult situations. When you combine the intensity of Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto,  with Jupiter trine Neptune trine Saturn,  in water signs,  you get highly creative, emotionally expressive energy. 

Let it out let it flow. Make music. Make love!! Seek peace not war!

Then, on Tuesday, at the New Moon, set your intention and watch it grow! Set it on fire and watch it glow!

(I will add house meanings in a tab at the top so you can see what area of life the Leo New Moon will light up your life)