Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Moon in Leo. Let it Shine!

The Moon is in its last sliver before it goes dark...then  a few days (Tues) we will have a New Moon.Enjoy the short pause as we let go of the past months energy and prepare for the new cycle. 

This month the New Moon is in Leo, sign of personal sovereignty, of self. Leo represents the heart. 
It is where we shine!

At a New Moon, Sun and Moon combine their energies, though we cannot see the Moon because she is behind the Sun (or in front for an eclipse). This pairing is called the ‘conjunctio’ or ‘sacred conjunction’. It combines yin and yang energies (Moon and Sun) to create a new seed energy. The intention we set at this time can then blossom over the coming month.

This sacred marriage archetype activates the birth of a new emotional process (Moon cycle) filtered through the energy of the sign involved. This energy culminates in at the next Full moon , which then wanes until,,,another New moon, Round and round  the circle goes. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius two weeks ago brought us from the intense emotion of the last New Moon in Cancer  into a more detached and egalitarian sphere of the collective. We needed to step back after so much feeling energy.

Now that we have got a bit of a breather, fire sign Leo brings us back to the personal, to our sense of self:   “to thine own self be true”.   

The less evolved aspects of Leo are pride and self-centeredness; when a Leo enters a room most people notice. Many a drama queen has been born under this sign.  The better  Leos are extremely generous and magnanimous and caring. They are loyal to a fault and always there for the people they love (or rule). Leos are the kings and queens of the world.

True rulership is not just about privilege, though at times it can seem so. Leo’s do like the best of the best, and of course they deserve it! (gold is their metal!!) Yet at their best, Leo's warmth comes from inner confidence and wealth of character. 

As you may have read, the name of this blog 'Aurum' is latin for gold, which represents the Sun, which represents the self, and the Sun is the ruler of the sign Leo. Aurum represents the alchemical process of integrating and claiming our true self.

This sacred marriage as a symbol of alchemy, is about the joining of opposites. The sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, fire and water, represented in the transformation of lead to gold.

A New Moon here focuses us on finding the gold of our true self worth: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.  

Leo also brings out our playful side.  This is where the child in us hangs out.

Interesting that our sovereignty and our innocence are so strongly linked. What is a king or queen without the fool to keep them real? Could that be telling us something? Isn’t there a quote somewhere encouraging us to ‘be as a little child.’

The message is that our innate value is connected to our innocence.  After all, before we had so many layers of ‘stuff’, of ideas, judgements, shame, projections, rules etc etc etc dumped on us…  we were perfectly happy beings.

So if you have felt a bit overwhelmed by the crazy, crazy stuff going on all over the planet, it is important to maintain a strong sense of self, yet at the same time be open and allow trust to guide you.  Depending on where the New moon falls in your chart, you may find increased self belief helps you through the next month.

The challenge to this is that Saturn squares the New Moon, so we wont get away with hubris or grandiosity. Be careful of the negative side of Saturn that can undermine our confidence. Saturn represents the heavy, leaden parts of our psyche that bring us down. Yet Saturn's gravitas also keeps us real and makes us walk our talk.  

The  Grand Sextile/Star of David  I wrote about last week brought us rare image and a  message of hope as two Grand Trines met in the sky. The Earth Trine was there to help ground and contain the powerful presence of so much water (emotion). The two together spoke of the potential to truly manifest our hearts desire and showed us that the universe really is on our side

Ok, sometimes  it may not always seem like it. Things are definitely a bit weird right now. Just look around or watch the news. Yikes!!

The 'grand irrationality' continues as the Pluto Uranus square  shatters and shakes that which we thought was solid (Capricorn). Jupiter and Mars opposite Pluto has been very, very testy and potentially violent or explosive. If handled carefully this is a kind of combustive force that could really drive things forward... in the way an explosive device can clear a road for development. Trick is being able to handle dynamite! I would avoid confrontations at this time. Standing your ground, without igniting strong reactions, its tricky under these influences.

Luckily (Jupiter) brings much ease and grace and the fluidity of  the water trine helps us glide through difficult situations. When you combine the intensity of Mars/Jupiter opposite Pluto,  with Jupiter trine Neptune trine Saturn,  in water signs,  you get highly creative, emotionally expressive energy. 

Let it out let it flow. Make music. Make love!! Seek peace not war!

Then, on Tuesday, at the New Moon, set your intention and watch it grow! Set it on fire and watch it glow!

(I will add house meanings in a tab at the top so you can see what area of life the Leo New Moon will light up your life)

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