Sunday, 25 August 2013

Grand Cross, Grand Sextile. Isn't Life Grand!!

The overall astrology this weekend is again pretty profound, with a continued emphasis on the Grand Cross (four planets all at right angles to each other) I spoke about last week. The Moon now in Aries, opposing Venus in Libra, increases the polarity and tension in relationships, continuing the discussion around commitment and  freedom and how to find the balance (Venus in Libra).

All this powerful transformative energy wants us to really deal with our shit and do it right now. Venus and Juno  (see last post re Juno) are being challenged by tense angles to some heavy hitting outer planets, meaning how we connect and commit to each other is going through a radical shift.

The Sun is now in Virgo, which brings a focus on details, organization and anything related to your health. This is an excellent time to start a new health regime and pay attention to messages from your body. If we succumb to Virgo’s perfectionism the current planetary tensions will get the better of us.

The potential for blowups or reactions means we cannot be lazy or fall into old patterns or habits of relating. It’s a wake up call and is as exciting as it is challenging.

Are we having fun yet!!?

Neptune opposite Sun sets us up to seek the ideal, while it also blurs our ego (sun) enough to allow spiritual forces to teach something about humility.

Plus the  Grand Trine in water signs continues to bring much  healing to our emotional patterns, even as it stirs them up.

Saturn in Scorpio (see tab at top) is pushing us through the doorway into the basement of our unconscious … whatever is buried down there is what is stopping us from feeling fulfilled in the areas ruled by Scorpio in our charts. In general it is in the world of sex, death and taxes(shared resources) .... all the things we are not supposed to discuss. What it does in Scorpio is make us face our shadow... the parts of us we like to avoid.

Maybe its fear, or insecurity, or low self worth.  Saturn makes us deal with these things by creating blockages that force us to stop and smell the coffee. I know, it sounds a bit harsh…  and it is… a bit. Sometimes. Yet it is also liberating to finally get this muck out into the light of day, so we can finally deal with it. (see tab at top for more about Saturn)

 Neptune and Chiron in Pisces continue to provide a healing balm to our tender souls, promising we will come through current changes with a deeper ability to connect and relate,  by calling on our spiritual side to emerge.

Jupiter in Cancer can expand our emotional well-being as well as set off some pretty big confrontations. Its opposition to the planet of destruction and transformation (Pluto) means there is a tendency for things to get blown way out of proportion. If you are in a tense stand off dynamic: Step down. Step back. Let it go. Tomorrow it will look much different (or in a week or two). Let many things pass.

Passion thrives on these intense dynamics, so there is also fun to be had, for those who thrive on a bit of uncertainty. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

And although this is all somewhat challenging stuff, help is on the way.

The Merkaba Star pattern (grand sextile) I posted about two weeks ago is back again. It is made up of two grand trine configurations overlaid on one another, creating a six pointed star, and is considered a magnificent symbol of our ability to transcend and heal despite trying circumstances. Some see its presence now, in the midst of so much turmoil and shakedown, as a sign of grace, a message that all will be well.

However you take that, know that these are indeed interesting time astrologically and they point to a new era and a new earth. How we get there and what we do to get here is all part of the play. The grand sextile shows potential and requires effort for it to manifest. For now, it can ground some of these over the top energies and bring a healing balm to our frazzled psyches.


Our daily lives still go on, these aspects will trigger us, or not, depending on their proximity to our natal planets,.

I have posted a couple of stories in 'Personal Peeks' (tab up top) that show what happens when these things do land on our charts directly. I will add more stories as time allows. And even though I write this stuff, I am still amazed to see when it manifests.   This is powerful stuff kids.

So lets all try to get along and use this dynamic time to learn and grow and see what more there is to know about life, about ourselves, and about each other.

What else are we here for?

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