Saturday, 29 October 2011

Scorpio casts a long shadow...

A heads up as Mercury coming into square with Mars means there may be some terse words exchanged over the next few days. 

Of course not everyone will respond in this manner… though I must admit I already felt myself becoming irritated today in ways I usually don’t. Usually when I feel this way I discover Mars is involved...and sure enough... it is!  It’s those little irritations that can expand into grudges and resentments. Best nip ‘em in the bud. Let many things pass.

Not so easy as Mercury in Scorpio is sharp and wary, and highly distrustful of other’s motives. Plus Mars in Leo can be quite full of himself…. and when opposite Neptune this sense of entitlement can become deceptive and/or passive aggressive.When Mars' fire  feels weakened by Neptune's watery mists... he panics and gets all wily. 

At the same time, Jupiter opposite Sun can big up peoples sense of themselves… not a bad thing entirely if it gives you more confidence… yet you can see how all these factors together could create some difficulty. Ego clashes and arguments can be avoided with a little effort.

Of course not everyone will experience this…if your planets are in early degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, or late degrees of Leo or Aquarius, you will be more likely to step into these roles.

In general I would say be clear in what you want and or say. Speak gently. Be kind. Go the distance to extend yourself to others (Mars opposite Neptune is highly compassionate)… yet don’t overdo it. Martyrdom is not required or recommended.

A  wise teacher I know once said…  ‘You don’t have to love everyone … but you can be kind.’

Oppositions mean energies can polarize and work against each other… or they can meet in the middle to find common ground. In thinking about this, it occurred to me that these oppositions not only manifest as two external forces (or people) coming toward each other; they also often signify opposite aspects within our own psyche.

I have been ruminating on how we all have a shadow side… the more hidden or denied features of our psyche…which are very opposite to the persona we display in public. Sometimes we can be very different people depending on the circumstance. And we are not always aware of some ways these aspects manifest.

For example, a friend of mine just went through a serious health scare, which has left him shaken and vulnerable. I saw a completely different side of his personality this past week; one I always suspected was lurking under his rather gruff and crude everyday manner.

The  sweet almost childlike vulnerability I witnessed was in such sharp contrast to the inscrutable mask he usually wears that I must admit am a bit disappointed it is already disappearing again as he regains his sense of control. Not saying he should always expose this sensitive side of himself. Yet he was more approachable, more human, when his soft side was a little less protected.

Cark Jung calls these hidden parts the Shadow. At this Scorpio time of year … as the sun sits lower in the sky…. it seems we all cast a longer shadow. Yet it is in working with these disparate aspects of our own psyche that we become psychologically healthy.  And if we don’t acknowledge those parts, they often get projected onto others who then  become the ghosts and ghoulies in our lives. 

Oppositions in our charts often show us where that happens.  And even though not all birth charts contain oppositions, there are usually some very distinctly opposite traits contained within one’s chart. We will usually identify with one quality more than another… especially if we have a belief system or set of values that puts some traits above others.

Perhaps one part is just too sensitive or vulnerable to show openly without fear of being hurt, (like my friend) so we develop defense mechanisms to protect our most fragile selves. Or perhaps it is our inner power that we hide in favour of a more placid cover. The variations are many. 

The main point is that if we can see and understand that there are buried treasures in those shadows, we would be richer for them.  

 Mercury in Scorpio can help us see deeper under the surface and can bring us insights into those hidden valleys we rarely venture into. The path of integration takes time and much personal awareness… but the reward is wholeness. It is a journey worth taking.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Scorpio New Moon coming up on Wednesday

The current astrological  energy is slowly shifting into Scorpio... the dreaded sign!  As I said in my last post... that reputation is due to Scorpio's association with the powerful forces of death, sex and regeneration.  There is no doubt about it... Scorpio is definitely intense.

The symbols for Scorpio are the Eagle and the Scorpion... as well as the Pheonix who dives into the ashes and rises again. The Scorpio sting will make itself known if you hurt or cross them... (they don't forget)... and their penetrating, eagle eye makes you feel like they know your innermost secrets (they are excellent psychologists) as they see and feel far below the surface.

Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto... god of the underworld.  In Hindu philosophy the representative of this energy is Shiva the destroyer. Kali is another powerful Scorpio like figure who is seen holding human bones  and wearing a necklace made of skulls.

Life goes in cycles and death and regeneration are a natural part of it. Everything is born; everything dies.  Pruning must happen for the circle of life  to continue. Scorpio's connection to sex and death links it powerfully to both ends of the cycle.

As we head toward the dark months of winter,  outward forces become more internal as we leave behind the bright outward Libran display and move into the darker Scorpio realm.  Even though electricity has us fooled into believing otherwise, we are nonetheless moving into a sacred, inward facing time.

This coming  Wednesday, the New Moon and Sun sit together  at 2 degrees Scorpio. While they merge for a day or so, we won't see the Moon behind the Sun, but it is still there moving tides and sending  lunar vibrations to us down here on earth.

This is the time of the  conjunction... the alchemical merging of Masculine and Feminine archetypes (Brother Sun / Sister Moon). It is a seed time... and whatever we focus on can/will  manifest in the coming month.  Scorpio will bring depth and intensity to what ever we wish for... and challenge us to make it real.

The Moon and Sun are also directly opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.   Jupiter in Taurus wants more and more and more... comfort... food... beautiful things... money...sensual satisfaction.  Sun and Moon in Scorpio want emotional depth,  power... control... sexual satisfaction...  and  creative expression...

Combine these and you get... nuclear fission!!!     Something rich, sensual, sexual, intense, dynamic...

A trine to Neptune and Chiron hanging out on the edge of dreamy ethereal Pisces will bring in a spiritual element, which can be deeply healing to our exposed and vulnerable selves.

And Mars in fiery Leo squared Venus and Mercury in Scorpio promises to add some frisson to the fission!   Maybe all this fiery/watery Scorpio alchemical voodoo can work a little magic on some of the relationship issues brought up by months of heavy Saturn in Libra.  (It's not over till it's over.)

And whether you share this chemistry with another, or use it to explore your own hidden depths... the overall message of Scorpio is  'go deep'.

Find the gold.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sex and Death and all things taboo: Venus in Scorpio

Venus and Mercury are now in hot and sultry Scorpio. ( soon the Sun will follow) Meanwhile, Jupiter and Mars standing opposite or squared the above will exaggerate their ability to get what they want. The focus of that aspect is Mars in Leo, which like Venus in Scorpio, has no problem asking for what he/she believes she deserves.

Hear that Scorpio? … Despite the Saturn Sun conjunction in Libra (relationships) slowing things down…there is still a chance to get laid.

Sorry to sound crude but we all know Scorpio’s reputation.
I recently was on an Astrology forum at ElsaElsa (sidebar) where people were discussing Scorpio’s fine and not so fine qualities. Someone asked why Scopio has such a bad rep (many people are scared of them)

Well duh!… the sign is associated with Death and with Sex… two of the most taboo subjects in our culture. Ok, we all joke about sex and are bombarded with it from every angle in the media… yet when it really comes down to it…(no pun intended) people rarely talk openly about sex. It’s locker room stuff or girly parties where all the dirty details emerge…(see we call it dirty)...  yet in general we are still rather Victorian in our attitudes around sexuality .

And then there is Dr. Death!  Well who wants to sit and discuss that? When someone dies it is often very awkward… people just don’t know what to say. We hide our old and dying … keep them safely away in homes for the aged. Coffins are closed or if open the body is prettied up and preserved to look … ‘not dead’.

Meanwhile  Scorpio gets the stigma that is really is a reflection of a still rather suppressed culture .

Ok, I admit, the Sting of the Scorpio is well known … so perhaps hurt feelings also make people stand back. But I suspect it is due more to the deep dark nature of the Scorpio world that makes some people a bit squirmy. Too deep- too intense- too exposed. (very different from the Light and lovely Libra vibe that precedes it)

Speaking of death….I am reading a book right now about someone who died and came back to describe the experience (Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkly).  There’s also a YouTube video you may have seen… of a young woman who did the same. 

This most profound and striking message seems to be that all that really exists in the end is a healing radiant light and unconditional love so powerful and rich and deep these people are changed forever. And perhaps we don't have to leave our bodies to know that (I'll leave that discussion for another time).

My main point here is that the realm of Scorpio is not something to be feared.   Respected yes.  Feared...well at least not so much to make us avoid it completely. Perhaps these dark depths are not for the faint of heart, but these experiences can change and transform us and bring us to a deeper awareness of life.

 Scorpio's  link to both life and death (pain and pleasure) all wrapped up together… will always have some mystery, some intensity, some taboo quality that we don’t completely understand.

 But just for now… let Venus in Scorpio lead you into the depths of feeling. It is possible that she, like death ... can give you a glimpse  … of the Incredible Lightness of Being.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Showdown coming with Full Moon in Aries

Here comes another Full Moon and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy!  By Tues Oct 11, at EDT, the Moon will be sitting in feisty fiery Aries exactly opposite both  the Sun and Saturn in Libra. And they are all squared Pluto.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

A waxing Moon creates a build up of energy, which peaks as it becomes Full. This current energy is a culmination of what started with the New Moon two weeks ago. If you scroll down to previous posts … I wrote about the balancing act signified by the Autumn Equinox… and the ensuing pressure to maintain that balance that  got rolling with the New Moon in Libra.

The Full Moon with Uranus in Aries could be the tipping point. Just as when Mars moved into position in Cancer this summer and immediately riots and chaos hit the UK, the Full Moon in Mars ruled Aries (the warrior) creates a precarious dynamic. Mars squared Jupiter will add fuel to the fire, and Uranus could be the match to gasoline. I truly hope not. We do not need any more violence.

Thing is, Saturn residing in Libra is pretty immovable in its demands for equality, fairness, clear boundaries and solid commitments. Saturn is connected with time and karmic cycles.  In Libra it is  about standing up for what is right… and also about taking responsibility for each other. Relationship or partnerships that have finished their usefulness may be coming to an end. There is a sense of either closure or a solidifying of what needs to stay.

In my last two posts (scroll down) I wrote of the big issues relating to Saturn in Libra, as well as the dynamic energy being unleashed by the ongoing T-square and sometimes Grand Cross.

Lets just say things are tense and there’s not a lot of room to negotiate.

Or is there?

In the last few days before the Moon becomes full, it has traveled through Aquarius (hitting both Neptune and Chiron) and now has a few days in watery Pisces... before arriving in fiery impatient Aries. This gives us a bit of distraction and a chance to step back a bit before the big stand-off occurs.

This temporary Neptunian softness may inspire people to indulge in some good ol’ escapism in an effort to get a break from the relentless pressure that’s is all around us these days. Or, rather than indulge and escape, the Piscean influence could take us on an inward journey, with  Chiron increasing our compassion and sensitivity.

There is a pervasive vulnerability to Chiron in Pisces, that combined with Saturn’s restricting influence in Libra, can create a sense of deep loneliness… a feeling of being held back from connecting to others.

This weekend’s Chiron/Neptune/Moon conjunction may stir up a deep longing for that very connection we feel is lacking. The trick is whether you expect to fill that need through another, or first seek to discover it in yourself.

This is the dichotomy of the Libra/Aries polarity. First within, then without.

Then, when the Moon enters Aries and hits Uranus  (lightning bolts, electric charges, sudden breakthroughs) suddenly there's an amplified and highly impatient need or demand rising to the surface. Pluto’s influence can stir up hidden desires, obsessions, and passions amidst an intense struggle for control. Power struggles  can and will ensue... and yet transformation is also possible.

Pluto is symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes. Just as you think something is over and done with… there it is again. 

These pressure points will all be triggered as evolution becomes revolution... and there is a call for some kind of  reckoning (either personal or political (or both) 

The personal is political. 

If you haven’t already heard about Occupy Wall St check it out… (see link below) Thousands are gathering in New York City (and now also in other cities across North America)  to protest government abuses and the corporate greed behind the current financial meltdown.

 Eric Francis says of the uprisings: 
“they tend to happen when Uranus and Pluto come into alignment. When the planet of revolution (Uranus) and the one about evolution (Pluto) get together, there is always an international revolt. The alignments spread out over 10 to 12 years, and we are still toward the beginning of this one. Now we are back around to a Uranus-Pluto aspect, which directly recalls the energy of the Sixties. That's because the Sixties happened under a Uranus-Pluto conjunction, and now 45 years later, we have arrived at the first square. This is a major turning point in world history, as we are seeing. The effects go back about three years and will carry us through the end of the decade, and if we use it well, perhaps much longer.

…. there's the awareness that we need to change ourselves and change the world in the same gesture.

With the personal awakening process of Uranus in Aries about to meet up with the changes in society represented by Pluto in Capricorn, there is potential for wide-scale cultural change that starts from the inside out.”                                   
                                                        Eric Francis Planet Waves

So… first… center within. 
Enjoy a mellow, divinely inspired weekend.  

Then, open your eyes and see what is coming toward you. 

Is it the headlights of an oncoming train? or the light of awakening … ?