Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sex and Death and all things taboo: Venus in Scorpio

Venus and Mercury are now in hot and sultry Scorpio. ( soon the Sun will follow) Meanwhile, Jupiter and Mars standing opposite or squared the above will exaggerate their ability to get what they want. The focus of that aspect is Mars in Leo, which like Venus in Scorpio, has no problem asking for what he/she believes she deserves.

Hear that Scorpio? … Despite the Saturn Sun conjunction in Libra (relationships) slowing things down…there is still a chance to get laid.

Sorry to sound crude but we all know Scorpio’s reputation.
I recently was on an Astrology forum at ElsaElsa (sidebar) where people were discussing Scorpio’s fine and not so fine qualities. Someone asked why Scopio has such a bad rep (many people are scared of them)

Well duh!… the sign is associated with Death and with Sex… two of the most taboo subjects in our culture. Ok, we all joke about sex and are bombarded with it from every angle in the media… yet when it really comes down to it…(no pun intended) people rarely talk openly about sex. It’s locker room stuff or girly parties where all the dirty details emerge…(see we call it dirty)...  yet in general we are still rather Victorian in our attitudes around sexuality .

And then there is Dr. Death!  Well who wants to sit and discuss that? When someone dies it is often very awkward… people just don’t know what to say. We hide our old and dying … keep them safely away in homes for the aged. Coffins are closed or if open the body is prettied up and preserved to look … ‘not dead’.

Meanwhile  Scorpio gets the stigma that is really is a reflection of a still rather suppressed culture .

Ok, I admit, the Sting of the Scorpio is well known … so perhaps hurt feelings also make people stand back. But I suspect it is due more to the deep dark nature of the Scorpio world that makes some people a bit squirmy. Too deep- too intense- too exposed. (very different from the Light and lovely Libra vibe that precedes it)

Speaking of death….I am reading a book right now about someone who died and came back to describe the experience (Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkly).  There’s also a YouTube video you may have seen… of a young woman who did the same. 

This most profound and striking message seems to be that all that really exists in the end is a healing radiant light and unconditional love so powerful and rich and deep these people are changed forever. And perhaps we don't have to leave our bodies to know that (I'll leave that discussion for another time).

My main point here is that the realm of Scorpio is not something to be feared.   Respected yes.  Feared...well at least not so much to make us avoid it completely. Perhaps these dark depths are not for the faint of heart, but these experiences can change and transform us and bring us to a deeper awareness of life.

 Scorpio's  link to both life and death (pain and pleasure) all wrapped up together… will always have some mystery, some intensity, some taboo quality that we don’t completely understand.

 But just for now… let Venus in Scorpio lead you into the depths of feeling. It is possible that she, like death ... can give you a glimpse  … of the Incredible Lightness of Being.

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