Saturday, 22 October 2011

Scorpio New Moon coming up on Wednesday

The current astrological  energy is slowly shifting into Scorpio... the dreaded sign!  As I said in my last post... that reputation is due to Scorpio's association with the powerful forces of death, sex and regeneration.  There is no doubt about it... Scorpio is definitely intense.

The symbols for Scorpio are the Eagle and the Scorpion... as well as the Pheonix who dives into the ashes and rises again. The Scorpio sting will make itself known if you hurt or cross them... (they don't forget)... and their penetrating, eagle eye makes you feel like they know your innermost secrets (they are excellent psychologists) as they see and feel far below the surface.

Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto... god of the underworld.  In Hindu philosophy the representative of this energy is Shiva the destroyer. Kali is another powerful Scorpio like figure who is seen holding human bones  and wearing a necklace made of skulls.

Life goes in cycles and death and regeneration are a natural part of it. Everything is born; everything dies.  Pruning must happen for the circle of life  to continue. Scorpio's connection to sex and death links it powerfully to both ends of the cycle.

As we head toward the dark months of winter,  outward forces become more internal as we leave behind the bright outward Libran display and move into the darker Scorpio realm.  Even though electricity has us fooled into believing otherwise, we are nonetheless moving into a sacred, inward facing time.

This coming  Wednesday, the New Moon and Sun sit together  at 2 degrees Scorpio. While they merge for a day or so, we won't see the Moon behind the Sun, but it is still there moving tides and sending  lunar vibrations to us down here on earth.

This is the time of the  conjunction... the alchemical merging of Masculine and Feminine archetypes (Brother Sun / Sister Moon). It is a seed time... and whatever we focus on can/will  manifest in the coming month.  Scorpio will bring depth and intensity to what ever we wish for... and challenge us to make it real.

The Moon and Sun are also directly opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.   Jupiter in Taurus wants more and more and more... comfort... food... beautiful things... money...sensual satisfaction.  Sun and Moon in Scorpio want emotional depth,  power... control... sexual satisfaction...  and  creative expression...

Combine these and you get... nuclear fission!!!     Something rich, sensual, sexual, intense, dynamic...

A trine to Neptune and Chiron hanging out on the edge of dreamy ethereal Pisces will bring in a spiritual element, which can be deeply healing to our exposed and vulnerable selves.

And Mars in fiery Leo squared Venus and Mercury in Scorpio promises to add some frisson to the fission!   Maybe all this fiery/watery Scorpio alchemical voodoo can work a little magic on some of the relationship issues brought up by months of heavy Saturn in Libra.  (It's not over till it's over.)

And whether you share this chemistry with another, or use it to explore your own hidden depths... the overall message of Scorpio is  'go deep'.

Find the gold.


  1. dying to the old ways, yes, my rolfer is helping me uncover the need to be strong, and let it crumble....weakness was never my forte.

  2. Just read a good quote:

    "It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one's most responsive to change."

    Charles Darwin

  3. I just got the Fool card in a reading and it seems very appropriate to this discussion:

    "Don't allow the judgments of others (or self judgement) to inhibit your possibilities.

    The Fool challenges to remain balanced and optimistic during a period of uncertainty. Because you are momentarily free of preordained roles or titles, purposely detach yourself from the desire for them.

    Appreciate a point of view in which all your options are open and you are not limited by predetermined courses of action.

    Just as everything that exists was once a seed in someone's imagination, your future is a seed in your own. What visions would you use to germinate your future? The Fool's bag of tricks contains many powerful dreams.

    Open the bag and look at what you might be carrying in the way of seed ideas."