Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Advance Notice: Partial Solar Eclipse Friday

Tensions will build as we approach the upcoming (partial) Solar Eclipse  at 9 degrees Cancer... The eclipse will be setting off ...yes...here it is..again...the Cardinal Grand Cross.  Actually it is already happening...the Sun is now opposite Pluto and square both Saturn and Uranus. Friday's eclipse will then bring everything to a head and trigger a major shift in consciousness (for those willing or wanting to go deeper into it)  Read the last few posts for insight into this powerful aspect that is currently shaking up our worlds...(both internal and external..)

There's also an excellent article at planet Waves about the Sun's current position  opposite retrograde Pluto in Capricorn,; how retrograde Pluto pulls us inward and brings deep issues up to the surface.   She says it so well.... I figure why not just send you there...go to Eric Francis (Planets Waves) on the sidebar or click here: http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/

More here in a few days...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Venus in Gemini Lots of love

This blog is a labour of love...no money comes from it and I am not trying to compete with other Astrologers. As a matter of fact, I often reference other's work and am happy to direct you to some excellent Astrology sites (see sidebar). A student at heart, I see this blog as a reference and a resource and a teaching tool. Many people I know want to know a bit more about astrology so this is a place to start. I resist doing daily updates and instead try to focus on the big picture. I love getting comments, so if you have a response or like something... do let me hear it.

Meanwhile, it is a very big picture right now with the ongoing T -Square between some heavy hitting planets turning into a Grand Cross while the Sun is  in early degrees Cancer. (read the last post for more on that). The coming eclipse on July 1st will bring even more intensity to an alreay pressured atmosphere...good time to keep your head down, you thoughts clear and your heart still.

That is the challenge with Venus at 19 degrees Gemini today... near the South Node and opposite North Node in Sagittarius.  Both the winter and summer eclipses have been very close to these nodes...and have sent out some powerful messages.  When a travelling planet (transit)  hits a recent hot spot... it triggers the original  pattern; this  Venus will activate that energy field.

Two posts ago (you can scroll down) I wrote about how the eclipse of the Moon and North Node at the Gallactic core in Sagittarius calls to us to know our purpose...know who we are. Venus now  sitting opposite, at the South  Node, wants to distract us with surface pleasures. With the Cardinal Grand Cross bearing down on us, and so mch tension around us and within us, some lightening up may be a good thing. This Venus is  up for the job.

Venus... (how we love and relate) in Gemini is very social and wants lots of contacts; lots of variety and lots of stimulation. Loquacious and flirty, always seeking something or someone new, this chatty Venus is a social butterfly... flitting about from  person to person, party to party.  Having this in my own chart I can assure you it can be most exhausting. But fun.

And right now,  the Sun is sextile the Moon...which is coming from Aries  to hang out with expansive Jupiter in Taurus for a day or two. We  feel generous and playful as we indulge (Jupiter in Taurus) in earlthy delights. A weekend of pleasure to take away the pain. Music,  and mud in Galstonbury Music festival in England could do the trick.

I watched U2 playing there on telly last night as they sang in the rain...'I still havent found what I'm looking for...'      In the after show interview, Bono spoke about his pull to Glastonbry as a pilgrimage to a sacred site. He was visibly moved by the experience of playing there...spoke of special energy everyone seems to feel there...about the ley lines it sits on...the Tor...the myth of Aurthur and Avalon etc etc. And a big huge party  going on in the background as thousands enjoy the great music and amazing vibes without necessarily knowing why they feel so high (well besides the obvious) A perfect metaphor for this discussion.

I wonder if Bono was feeling the  inlfluence from the Sun's sextile to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces ...calling us deeper in the midst of our reveries. Stirring our longing, calling for healing.

http://youtu.be/wdCJRybAtso  (click for U2 song))

Add that  to the Venus activation of  the North Node in Sagittarius...warning us to be cautious of superficiality and remain clear on who we are (on a deeper level) and why we are here. Yes, enjoy the msic enjoy the fun...yet keep your eyes on the road...don't let yourself  get overly distracted...

So...the  planet of Love opposite the North Node galactic core thingy... asksing us to kow what we really need. And we all need love; no doubt about it. Love makes us relax, it expands our awareness, it creates a sense of harmony and well being. It connects us to others.  It nurtures and soothes. Yet, true love is of itself...it doesnt depend on anything outside itself to exhist. We all need it we all seek it and ironically...though we often don't realize it...it  is right here within us.

So be careful of spreading yourself too thin. Stay centered if you can. Let Gemini  entertain  you; enjoy a little play, a bit of flirtation, a bit of music a bit of beauty ... these can be a soothing balm in the midst of the storm.

And, on the inside....Know Who You Are.  Love who you are.  Find the love within.

If you knew yourself for even one moment,
if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face,
maybe you wouldn't slumber so deeply in that house of clay.
Why not move into your house of joy
and shine into every crevice!
For you are the secret Treasure-bearer,
and always have been.
Didn't you know?

-- Rumi

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice Love and Transformation

Today is the Sumer Solstice, the supposed longest day of the year…(the Sun actually 'stands still' for almost three days). According to Jonathan Cainer (sidebar) it does the same at the Winter Solstice, beginning Dec 21. It starts to move on by Dec 25th…when we celebrate Christmas.

Today, as the Sun moves into the Astrological sign of Cancer, summer officially begins. In the Northern hemisphere, the crops that were planted in the spring begin to ripen in the increasing heat; schools take a break, people take vacations, families get together; it’s a time of general expansion.

I like that there is this pause at the beginning of the two opposite seasons…pause for thought and reflection; time to gather ourselves and get our bearings.

The celestial bearings have the Sun sitting at 1 degree Cancer on what’s called the Aries point…it marks the beginning of each season in the cardinal signs and which yet again sets off the Cardinal Grand Cross. Last year we had an eclipse in July in Cancer which did the same…and we will have another partial Solar eclipse July 1st.

When the Sun or Moon hit pre-existing planetary configurations in the sky…key cycles and rhythms are activated. And this one is a biggie.

The Grand Cross has been with us for a couple of years now and it a marker for the tremendous upheaval and change we are experiencing here on planet Earth.

When major planets square off, confusion, upheaval and tension prevails as our secure little worlds toss and tumble in the great wheel of life.

This tension has moved in and out of focus over the last few years. Uranus was exactly opposite Saturn in 2008 when the monetary system first collapsed, and they have been in and out of opposition since then. There is a Pluto square in the mix, and Uranus (the awakener) moving into exact square with Pluto by 2012…with subsequent uprisings, vocano’s, earthquakes, tsunamis etc…)

The four square dynamic of the Grand Cross is a rare and powerful planetary configuration which heralds change on a ‘Grand Scale’

From a previous blog post in April 2010:   “I can state the obvious…that there’s a lot of pressure out there. And if you believe the outer reflects the inner…(and vice versa) then there is a lot of internal pressure as well. I know of a lot of people having breakdowns or break ups. This can be positive, as what needs to go will go, and a breakdown can become a break through."

Remember the Doors song.... “Break on Through to the Other Side.....?”  http://youtu.be/4kRwvdOZC9I

This planetary energy is similar to the 60’s when the same planets were in a similar configuration as well as during the French Revolution, where Pluto Uranus And Saturn were again in hard aspect to each other. Things were then, and definitely are now… in a period of major shake down.

So…this Solstice on the Cardinal Point of Cancer may feel a bit testy and there may even be some outward manifestations of the Grand Cross energy. Mars is just moving from Taurus (laid back easy going) into the Mercury ruled energy of Gemini. Mars (aggression, action, warrior energy) can be sharp and cruel here…so watch what comes out of your mouth. Mercury is part of the Grand Cross as well so this doubles the tension around communication.

Moon square Venus can make us highly sensitive to the edginess that is about. “All we need is love…" lalalalala.                                   Kindness may take effort but helps us all get along.

Mercury also hitting the Grand Cross pressure may manifest as thoughts that want to break free (Uranus) from restricting situations or duties (Saturn) and a crisis (Pluto) may ensue. Sun and Mercury in Cancer are all about empathy, caring and emotion…let the waters of deep feeling sooth those frazzled nerves...of self and other.

The Moon in Pisces emphasises compassion and empathy, and brings us dreams and visions. Pisces ruler Neptune being squared by Mars can trigger defensive instincts and/or a need to fight for the underdog. Neptune squares can weaken or diminish the power of Mars, so maybe not the best time to pick a fight…even if Mars in Gemini or the Grand Cross tension urge you to do so.

Finally, the trine from Neptune and Chiron to Mercury bring more sensitivity and compassion and deep healing to soothe the turmoil of our difficult times. Robert Wilkenson says the Solstice is the most powerful time of year for manifesting 'personal will.' (Sun)

 Whether it be wilfulness (ego) or willingness (heart)  is up to us. A prayer from The Book of Runes:  
                             “I Will to Will Thy Will”

'Thy'  being... our higher selves... a higher power... a greater good… the heart of the universe.

Let it be so.

Click here http://youtu.be/r4p8qxGbpOk 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Eclipse No 2.

Did you ever lie on your back on your lawn as a kid (or as an adult) just watching the stars? I used to love the feeling of endless dark glittering  space stretching out above me… feeling as if I might fall up into it. Even now … a shooting star zipping across the night sky evokes a gasp of wonder. 

It can be hard to imagine that those stars and planets above and around us can have a personal impact on the rhythms of our lives. Not many actually believe that they do.  Yet we only have to see how the tides are influenced by the Moon’s pull to know that these are forces to be reckoned with.

Right now we in the midst of an unusual series of three eclipses (they most often come in two’s). Ancient peoples used to be terrified of these events and attributed all sorts of superstitions and omens to explain them. Imagine their shock and surprise to see the Sun or Moon slowly disappearing, only to see them re-emerge and return to their normal appearance. What wonder, what fear shook them?

These same eclipses continue to give us pause as we attempt to consider forces far beyond our understanding. Yes we know the Earth is coming between the Sun and Moon… casting a shadow on the Moon’s surface…yet it still evokes mystery...it can still beguile.

The details: Two weeks ago, on Wednesday June 1st, we had a partial solar eclipse at 11degrees Gemini. Tomorrow  (Wed June 15th) we will get a complete Lunar Eclipse  in Sagittarius on (opposite Gemini)…then on July1st, another partial solar…this time at early degrees of Cancer.

Several years ago I experienced the total solar eclipse that happened in 1999 in England, and it really was an amazing experience. As the Sun went behind the Moon…every thing went very quiet and there was an eerie kind of coolness that enveloped everything. The shadows of leaves and objects were all doubled and strange and shimmery and there was a special tingle in the air. I was not so absorbed in astrology at that time…I couldn’t even tell you what sign it was in. But the experience was very special and I won’t easily forget it.  I feel strangely bound to the person who watched it with me; we seem connected through a sacred event.  

 There was also a complete lunar eclipse later that year, and it also had a distinct impact…though of a different nature. The Moon was slowly being covered by a dark shape…then it was just a red outline, the center totally in shadow.  I was really struck by the reality of this big chunk of round matter hanging above us… seeming spookily close, yet so far away. Good to have these moments of awe and reflection, whatever meanings you attribute to them.

This week’s eclipse will be viewable around sunset in Europe, mid- afternoon in South America…and at dawn in Australia, and Japan (these are just some of the places).  Unfortunately it won’t be seen in North Americaas it occurs there in the afternoon.

 Remember, this is also a Full Moon, so whatever intention you put out at the New Moon eclipse June 1st will be starting to come to fruition. Eclipses trigger a shift in consciousness and bring in new energy. Mercury’s closeness to the Sun is emphasizing communication… or some kind of message.

Another  key factor about this eclipse in Sagittarius is that it is conjunct both the North Node and the Galactic Core. The Galactic Core is the center of our galaxy and is symbolically associated with a great message… a message echoed by the North Node in Sagittarius.  

It beams out  ‘Know your purpose. Know who you are…”

There is a lot more I could go on about…Saturn trine Venus (bring your love down to earth), Neptune trine Mercury and sextile Jupiter(deeply spiritual levels of thought, intuitive visionary dreams, something expansive/ auspicious) plus the ongoing squares of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus(very tense to say the least). There is also a Chiron/Neptune link... bringing deep healing tp those in need.

I could tell you this is a powerful eclipse and a momentous time...because  it is. Yet the message at the core remains: 

Who am I ? Why am I here?

Perhaps if we can each answer that question… in our own internal way, in our deepest knowing, then we might be able to figure out how to get along with each other… and maybe even take better care our own selves, as well as this amazing planet we live on (before it’s too late).

Just maybe.                               Let it be so.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Moving right along Mercury in Gemini

The length of this post (oops) is evidence that Mercury has just entered Gemini...which is where it is most itself. And Jupiter moves out of Aries into Taurus this weekemd. Whenever a planet crosses the cusp of one sign into another there is a kind of acceleration...as well as a shift of focus, as the new energy begins to be felt. Jupiter in Taurus brings us abundance and plenty, but slows the pace down a notch from fiery Aries.

We also just had a partial solar eclipse on Wednesday at 11 degrees Gemini. I have been travelling and was unable to write on Sunday as planned, but I will give you a quick overview. Eclipses  keep reverberating for months afterward so these effects will  be pertinent for some time.

There was a lot of tension building up to the eclipse. The Moon first hit Mars, Venus then Mercury in Taurus...(all personal planets) and also hit the Cardinal T-square between Pluto Saturn and Uranus which has been the topic for over a year (yikes)...so the energy was pretty charged. A trine from the Moon/Sun to Saturn heped ground the New Moon eclipse energy...as much as it could with slightly schitzoid Gemini being activated.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is all about communication, thought patterns and a need for lots and lots of variety. The symbol for Gemini is the twins....and always represents a pluralality of ways of seeing things. In fact, Geminis thrive on variety. My own Venus in Gemini has been getting a good workout as I visit famiy and freinds on my journey. That, my Mercury conjunct Sun, and the eclipse right on my own South Node and exactly opposite my Moon.... meant I was highly affected by the eclipse...!! Add Mars And Venus in Taurus exactly opposite my Ascendant and I can tell you I was zinging along. Help!!

Now there's an example of how much it helps to understand what the f*** is happening. My nervous system went into overdrive and I was really struggling. A quick look atwhat was happening helped me step back take a deep breath and know it was/is temporary. I also did a lot of Gigong grounding excercises and took all kinds of herbal nervines!!(which really helped) plus a lot of mediation. Whew!
With Mercury conjunct Sun and Venus in Gemini, I am a fairly mercurial person at the best of times...which means I talk a lot, think a lot, move a lot; change is pretty much the one constant in my life. 
Do you know where your Mercury is in your own chart? It will describe how you think and communicate to others as well as any propensity for writing or teaching. Look at both the sign and the house for info on these things manifest. Right now, with Mercury newly in Gemini, there will be a speeding up of information exchanges and a lot of interesting conversations taking place.

The focus is on thought patterns and commincation styles...and lots of socail interaction.

One other key factor  is that this eclipse was conjunct the Moon's South Node. I've just been listening to a pod cast by Eric Francis of Planet Waves (sidebar) who spoke eloquently about the focus on South Node issues. The Nodes of the Moon are about where we have been and where we are going. The South Node represents our past and where we are conditioned.The North Node is where we must develop to progress toward our life purpose.

Now an eclipse is always a shift in itself...it signifies something leaving our lives making room for something new. The New Moon is also about new beginnings...(solar eclipses always happen on a new moon...as that is when the Sun and the Moon are in the same spot)

With an eclipse in Gemini on the South Node then, there may be old patterns of thinking that are holding us back. We all inherit family systems and ways of behaving that can be so unconscious we don't even know they are operating. Look at your chart and see where 11 Degrees Gemini falls and what house it is in. This might tell you where you need to let go of old pardygms of thought and bring in a new approach. The eclipse will highlight this area in your life and push you to let go of outmoded ways of being.

In the past, when I was stuck in a negative belief about something, a good friend of mine used to say 'you are arguing for your limitations'. You know...when we are challenged to see something in a new way, yet cling to our habitual thought patterns that limit us in so many ways.

In his podcast Eric points out that not everything we inherit is inherently bad. Many traditions are passed on from generation to generation that root us to our history and to our culture. Yet it is when those traditions or ways of seeing the world begin to stop us from moving forward that they need to be cleared oout and revamped a bit.

One other thing...as the solar(masculine,ego) energy was eclipsed by the Moon (feminie, intutive)...there is also a focus on feeling versus thinking. So perhaps part of the pattern that needs to shift is our reliance on rationality and thought over feeling and intuition. Do you follow your heart of rely always on your rational mind? Todays Moon in Cancer will bring out our emotions...so thats a start.

Right now the world is undergoing massive change and upheaval as the old world order teeters on the edge of collapse (Saturn Uranus Pluto square). Whether we feel threatened, or excited by these developments, we will all need to find new ways to vision our world, which means letting go of the old familiar ones (male dominant, positivistic, left brained, self centered, arrogant, rapacious, might makes right etc).

With Uranus (invention) in Aries(new energy), Neptune in Pisces (deep spirituality) and Mercury currently in Gemini (quickening)...there are powerful forces available to herald the  new era... a new age not based on division, materialism and greed, but on a deeper sense of our connection to each other and to the Universe.

The next eclipse  in two weeks (lunar ) is in Sagittarius at the Gallactic Core...which is all about the meaning of life and our true purpose. Maybe as this eclipse helps us shed our false beliefs and out of date perceptions, the next one will open the door to our true selves.

One can only hope.