Friday, 3 June 2011

Moving right along Mercury in Gemini

The length of this post (oops) is evidence that Mercury has just entered Gemini...which is where it is most itself. And Jupiter moves out of Aries into Taurus this weekemd. Whenever a planet crosses the cusp of one sign into another there is a kind of well as a shift of focus, as the new energy begins to be felt. Jupiter in Taurus brings us abundance and plenty, but slows the pace down a notch from fiery Aries.

We also just had a partial solar eclipse on Wednesday at 11 degrees Gemini. I have been travelling and was unable to write on Sunday as planned, but I will give you a quick overview. Eclipses  keep reverberating for months afterward so these effects will  be pertinent for some time.

There was a lot of tension building up to the eclipse. The Moon first hit Mars, Venus then Mercury in Taurus...(all personal planets) and also hit the Cardinal T-square between Pluto Saturn and Uranus which has been the topic for over a year (yikes) the energy was pretty charged. A trine from the Moon/Sun to Saturn heped ground the New Moon eclipse much as it could with slightly schitzoid Gemini being activated.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is all about communication, thought patterns and a need for lots and lots of variety. The symbol for Gemini is the twins....and always represents a pluralality of ways of seeing things. In fact, Geminis thrive on variety. My own Venus in Gemini has been getting a good workout as I visit famiy and freinds on my journey. That, my Mercury conjunct Sun, and the eclipse right on my own South Node and exactly opposite my Moon.... meant I was highly affected by the eclipse...!! Add Mars And Venus in Taurus exactly opposite my Ascendant and I can tell you I was zinging along. Help!!

Now there's an example of how much it helps to understand what the f*** is happening. My nervous system went into overdrive and I was really struggling. A quick look atwhat was happening helped me step back take a deep breath and know it was/is temporary. I also did a lot of Gigong grounding excercises and took all kinds of herbal nervines!!(which really helped) plus a lot of mediation. Whew!
With Mercury conjunct Sun and Venus in Gemini, I am a fairly mercurial person at the best of times...which means I talk a lot, think a lot, move a lot; change is pretty much the one constant in my life. 
Do you know where your Mercury is in your own chart? It will describe how you think and communicate to others as well as any propensity for writing or teaching. Look at both the sign and the house for info on these things manifest. Right now, with Mercury newly in Gemini, there will be a speeding up of information exchanges and a lot of interesting conversations taking place.

The focus is on thought patterns and commincation styles...and lots of socail interaction.

One other key factor  is that this eclipse was conjunct the Moon's South Node. I've just been listening to a pod cast by Eric Francis of Planet Waves (sidebar) who spoke eloquently about the focus on South Node issues. The Nodes of the Moon are about where we have been and where we are going. The South Node represents our past and where we are conditioned.The North Node is where we must develop to progress toward our life purpose.

Now an eclipse is always a shift in signifies something leaving our lives making room for something new. The New Moon is also about new beginnings...(solar eclipses always happen on a new that is when the Sun and the Moon are in the same spot)

With an eclipse in Gemini on the South Node then, there may be old patterns of thinking that are holding us back. We all inherit family systems and ways of behaving that can be so unconscious we don't even know they are operating. Look at your chart and see where 11 Degrees Gemini falls and what house it is in. This might tell you where you need to let go of old pardygms of thought and bring in a new approach. The eclipse will highlight this area in your life and push you to let go of outmoded ways of being.

In the past, when I was stuck in a negative belief about something, a good friend of mine used to say 'you are arguing for your limitations'. You know...when we are challenged to see something in a new way, yet cling to our habitual thought patterns that limit us in so many ways.

In his podcast Eric points out that not everything we inherit is inherently bad. Many traditions are passed on from generation to generation that root us to our history and to our culture. Yet it is when those traditions or ways of seeing the world begin to stop us from moving forward that they need to be cleared oout and revamped a bit.

One other the solar(masculine,ego) energy was eclipsed by the Moon (feminie, intutive)...there is also a focus on feeling versus thinking. So perhaps part of the pattern that needs to shift is our reliance on rationality and thought over feeling and intuition. Do you follow your heart of rely always on your rational mind? Todays Moon in Cancer will bring out our thats a start.

Right now the world is undergoing massive change and upheaval as the old world order teeters on the edge of collapse (Saturn Uranus Pluto square). Whether we feel threatened, or excited by these developments, we will all need to find new ways to vision our world, which means letting go of the old familiar ones (male dominant, positivistic, left brained, self centered, arrogant, rapacious, might makes right etc).

With Uranus (invention) in Aries(new energy), Neptune in Pisces (deep spirituality) and Mercury currently in Gemini (quickening)...there are powerful forces available to herald the  new era... a new age not based on division, materialism and greed, but on a deeper sense of our connection to each other and to the Universe.

The next eclipse  in two weeks (lunar ) is in Sagittarius at the Gallactic Core...which is all about the meaning of life and our true purpose. Maybe as this eclipse helps us shed our false beliefs and out of date perceptions, the next one will open the door to our true selves.

One can only hope.


  1. Love it!!! And I must say, my little Mercury lightbulb that went off today said to me "Hoping and wishing will only get you so far. BELIEVING is the rocket launcher that will get you through to the other side. So, dig a little deeper past the hope and put everything you have into Belief and your miracle will manifest! Love, your Plutonian friend.

  2. Thanks Mandy. Nice to hear from you.
    Yes first Hope... becomes Belief...which leads to Trust... which becomes Experience, which solidifies into Knowing. Let it be so xx