Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice Love and Transformation

Today is the Sumer Solstice, the supposed longest day of the year…(the Sun actually 'stands still' for almost three days). According to Jonathan Cainer (sidebar) it does the same at the Winter Solstice, beginning Dec 21. It starts to move on by Dec 25th…when we celebrate Christmas.

Today, as the Sun moves into the Astrological sign of Cancer, summer officially begins. In the Northern hemisphere, the crops that were planted in the spring begin to ripen in the increasing heat; schools take a break, people take vacations, families get together; it’s a time of general expansion.

I like that there is this pause at the beginning of the two opposite seasons…pause for thought and reflection; time to gather ourselves and get our bearings.

The celestial bearings have the Sun sitting at 1 degree Cancer on what’s called the Aries point…it marks the beginning of each season in the cardinal signs and which yet again sets off the Cardinal Grand Cross. Last year we had an eclipse in July in Cancer which did the same…and we will have another partial Solar eclipse July 1st.

When the Sun or Moon hit pre-existing planetary configurations in the sky…key cycles and rhythms are activated. And this one is a biggie.

The Grand Cross has been with us for a couple of years now and it a marker for the tremendous upheaval and change we are experiencing here on planet Earth.

When major planets square off, confusion, upheaval and tension prevails as our secure little worlds toss and tumble in the great wheel of life.

This tension has moved in and out of focus over the last few years. Uranus was exactly opposite Saturn in 2008 when the monetary system first collapsed, and they have been in and out of opposition since then. There is a Pluto square in the mix, and Uranus (the awakener) moving into exact square with Pluto by 2012…with subsequent uprisings, vocano’s, earthquakes, tsunamis etc…)

The four square dynamic of the Grand Cross is a rare and powerful planetary configuration which heralds change on a ‘Grand Scale’

From a previous blog post in April 2010:   “I can state the obvious…that there’s a lot of pressure out there. And if you believe the outer reflects the inner…(and vice versa) then there is a lot of internal pressure as well. I know of a lot of people having breakdowns or break ups. This can be positive, as what needs to go will go, and a breakdown can become a break through."

Remember the Doors song.... “Break on Through to the Other Side.....?”  http://youtu.be/4kRwvdOZC9I

This planetary energy is similar to the 60’s when the same planets were in a similar configuration as well as during the French Revolution, where Pluto Uranus And Saturn were again in hard aspect to each other. Things were then, and definitely are now… in a period of major shake down.

So…this Solstice on the Cardinal Point of Cancer may feel a bit testy and there may even be some outward manifestations of the Grand Cross energy. Mars is just moving from Taurus (laid back easy going) into the Mercury ruled energy of Gemini. Mars (aggression, action, warrior energy) can be sharp and cruel here…so watch what comes out of your mouth. Mercury is part of the Grand Cross as well so this doubles the tension around communication.

Moon square Venus can make us highly sensitive to the edginess that is about. “All we need is love…" lalalalala.                                   Kindness may take effort but helps us all get along.

Mercury also hitting the Grand Cross pressure may manifest as thoughts that want to break free (Uranus) from restricting situations or duties (Saturn) and a crisis (Pluto) may ensue. Sun and Mercury in Cancer are all about empathy, caring and emotion…let the waters of deep feeling sooth those frazzled nerves...of self and other.

The Moon in Pisces emphasises compassion and empathy, and brings us dreams and visions. Pisces ruler Neptune being squared by Mars can trigger defensive instincts and/or a need to fight for the underdog. Neptune squares can weaken or diminish the power of Mars, so maybe not the best time to pick a fight…even if Mars in Gemini or the Grand Cross tension urge you to do so.

Finally, the trine from Neptune and Chiron to Mercury bring more sensitivity and compassion and deep healing to soothe the turmoil of our difficult times. Robert Wilkenson says the Solstice is the most powerful time of year for manifesting 'personal will.' (Sun)

 Whether it be wilfulness (ego) or willingness (heart)  is up to us. A prayer from The Book of Runes:  
                             “I Will to Will Thy Will”

'Thy'  being... our higher selves... a higher power... a greater good… the heart of the universe.

Let it be so.

Click here http://youtu.be/r4p8qxGbpOk 


  1. great picture, nice blog Sue
    you tie it all in nicely, even if I get lost in the technical astrologer lingo sometimes, I get the gist.
    happy solstice

  2. Well Happy Summer Solstice first of all to everyone...!! Sun has entered Cancer, Eclipse on the way etc., apart from this many things are happening simultaneously with Cancerians, i just things get positive now. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post on Summer Solstice love and transformations. Nice one..!!

  3. Thank you for your comments everyone. I do try to include some tecnical stuff for Astro learners...though try to keep it simple so it doesnt become too much of a barrier. Always more to learn...xx