Saturday, 20 November 2010

Howling at the Taurus Full Moon

When the Sun and the Moon aspect each other in a big way (New and Full Moons) they set the tone for the coming weeks. Whatever else is going on, this Sun-Moon meeting will usually highlight the rest of the skye (literally). 

Last few weeks, the Scorpio New Moon, combined with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, gave us some juicy, if somewhat inward focused love energy, and a chance to redress unfinished issues in the areas described (sexuality, financial partnerships, control issues) (see last blog entry).

Now the Sun is in a critical degree at the end of Scorpio, opposite the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a destabilizing aspect, bringing tension and a double emphasis on the Full Moon. To have a look at where this lies in your own chart, go to and create a chart)

The Moon will then be quickly moving into Gemini and opposite the Mercury Mars combo in Sagittarius that may already have gotten a few people into trouble lately with its aggressive, no holds barred expression. With a Gemini Moon opposite the planet of communication and the planet of war, be careful with how you approach others. Diplomacy and humour will help.

 Before we get into that fight on Sunday night, we can lie in and let the Taurus Full Moon indulge us in sensual and earthly delights. Or those famous Taurian insecurities could make us seek some kind of comfort to keep away the cold.  Breakfast in bed (with someone to cuddle up to)? Or perhaps, later, curling up in front of a cozy fire (by yourself is fine)…. after a leisurely walk outside, with a bowl of hot yummy soup.  Thing is,  the Scorpio Sun combined with this sensual Moon may have us howling for a bit of sexual satisfaction.  And Venus, as Jupiter, going direct, means we are more likely to go after what we want.

It’s like a curtain has been lifted and we can start to manifest those wishes we put out on the New Moon. Jupiter and Uranus are in harmony with the Sun, so  this is the perfect time to create your  vision.

Just be aware that Venus Trine Neptune may blur that vision a little (with a little help from some Neptunian indulgence i.e. spirits..of whatever kind) and perhaps create a fantasy instead. So while Venus and Neptune can bring us closer to our deepest soul and self, be prepared, if you have directed that dreamy energy to a human being,  for the rude awakening the Gemini Moon opposite Merc/Mars could bring. 

 Thats because the Moon is also square Chiron and Neptune, meaning our emotional vulnerabilities and deepest hurts can either bring us down to that painful eye opening, or we can heal those broken dreams for once and for all.

Wow, this is sounding like a column for the Lovelorn.  Looks like there are a variety of factors that can create a wish come true, or deeply disappoint our expectations. Perhaps the key is to stay in the moment and let the light of the Full Moon illuminate our heart and fill it with love. Period. That is all we really need. Blessings on this weekend.

"Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."
- Rumi

Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Moon in Scorpio.

The New Moon occurred round midnight last if you are sending out a wish or intention you have till the same time tonight for its effect to be optimized. The New Moon wish carries through the next month. With the Scorpio New Moon, whatever we wish for will have an intensity and depth to it owing to the transformative power of Scorpio energy.

And with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, I suspect there will be some who are wishing whatever drama is going on will go away. I wrote before about Venus retrograde drawing us inward, as well as bringing us back over issues that need to be revisited. 

With Venus in Scorpio, we could be dealing with sexual issues, jealousy, or other kinds of experiences that bring up a need to feel in control. We could be holding onto money in some way...especially in regard to someone perhaps holding back an unpaid dept, or there nay be some hurts that need to be addressed. Scorpios can stew for a long time, and old grudges could come up as Venus is calling us to release the old before she turns direct in a few days.

According to Astrologer  Eric Francis,

"This weekend is the helical rise of Venus....the pivotal moment of the retrograde cycle, signifying a revelation of some kind, or of many kinds .....Venus is the planet of emotional intelligence. Scorpio is one of the most emotionally driven signs, yet has a wide spectrum that reaches into the most sublime levels of soul consciousness."

So this may be a time of deep healing or release from what Venus may have brought up in the last week or so of its backward motion. As the planet of love...Venus is always a symbol for that deepest longing in every human be be ok. That there is a love that pervades all existenc,e I know intuitively, yet I sometimes feel separate, and perceive myself as being alone. Even though I know that is an illusion, I can forget to stop and feel the subtle yet powerful presence that so sublimely carries me through every day of my life.

So my own New Moon wish is that the combination of  inner love and inner depth  that Venus in Scorpio brings will carry me past my fear and resistance into the abundant love I know exists all around me and in me.

 Let it be so.


New Moon in Scorpio.

to be continued.....

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


"Traditionally, Samhain marked the end of the bright, bountiful summer season and the beginning of the dark, difficult winter season. (The ancient Celtic year was split into two seasons.)

On Samhain, Celts would often feast on weak livestock or set this meat aside for later meals, since these animals weren’t expected to live through the winter. Death became associated with the festival, and perhaps most important, Celts believed that the “wall” between the world of the living and the world of the dead thinned on Samhain, so the spirits of the dead roamed streets and homes. Some Celts would dress in costume to scare or appease the spirits; others would leave out food; and still others would carve faces into turnips to ward off evil spirits.

Today, some Wiccans still invite the spirits of the dead to attend festivities, taking the time to honor ancestors and those who have passed on. The traditional colors of orange, black and silver are worn by many Pagans and Wiccans, and feasts of pork, gourds, apples and mulled wines fill devotees’ tables."
In Catholic countries its 'All Saints Day'... and 'All Souls Day' ...honouring dead martyrs, and the departed, respectively,  and in Mexico its a full blown 'Day of the Dead' with parades and ceremonies full of skeletons and ghosts and offerings of food meant to remember those who have passed.
All over the world there are also festivals of light at this time of year. From Michaelmas in late September, where lamps are carried in procession to call in Archangel Michael to protect us from the  dark forces, to the bonfires of Samhain (which has transposed into bonfire night in the UK) , the lights and fires (and fireworks) are there to ward off the approaching darkness. The  colder, shorter days can bring deep melancholy and inwardness, and it is natural that as everything dies off, we remember those who have passed on. Creating your own ritual or ceremony may be helpful as  way to acknowledge this time of year. Make a toast the those who have passed on.
With Venus (our way of relating) retrograde in Scorpio (pychological depth, life and death), inwardness is emphasized even more strongly, so its a good time to retreat in some way to process any old issues that may be coming to the surface. We all have inner demons or shadows or unfinished business with others, whether we acknowledge them or not...and some introspection and inner work may be fruitful now at this juncture of light and dark. I love the dressing up.... as demons...and monsters... witches.... (I saw a lot of vampires and zombies) as we externalize those aspects of our psyche. Whether it is to scare off real spirits or to exorcize our own hidden aspects, its deeply symbolic of a need to face the dark. And don't worry... down the road, spring will come again as the cycle of life is repeated.
So while all is dying, there is hope. Rudolf Steiner, a spiritual scientist, and founder of Anthroposophy,  said that, although in winter everything is outwardly dying and seemingly inactive, on a deep level the underground life forces are doing their most intense work as they build up the energies that will later burst force as new life in the spring.   We can take this symbolism personally, to know that whatever is finishing in our life, something new will arise out of the ashes. The Phoenix, symbol of Scorpio, the current sign, rises again and again. 
So as we enter this time of transition to winter, take the time to slow down and look within. You never know what treasures you may find there.