Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Rainbow after the Storm

Are you caught up in the 'Mercury Storm'? On Monday Mercury  started moving forward again, and its contact with Pluto is bringing extra intensity to this weeks communication. There is an opportunity for deep insights and profound shifts at this time but we need to tread carefully. I spoke about this last week but I thought I should remind you. What was brought to a head by last Sunday's Full Moon is now ready to shift in a powerful way.

Extreme caution required!

If you find yourself at cross purposes with someone or something this week, take a step back and get some distance  from the storm.  As I said last week, if you were able to take advantage of the recent  Mercury Retrograde to review and reflect, there is a good chance this temporary static can result in a positive outcome. Sometimes ya gotta breakdown to breakthrough!! But there will be a rainbow after the storm.

 Till then, just  remember:  This too shall pass!

 Pluto's involvement means powerful forces are at work here; destruction of the old makes way for something new. Pluto's not called 'The Destroyer' for nothing!  Remember that what is truly yours can never be lost.

Personally, I have just had a moment of insight that clarifies an underlying issue I have been dealing with for sometime now. I feel a huge sigh of relief  even though nothing has changed on the outside (yet); at least I now understand what I am dealing with. I love seeing astrology in action.

If you have been operating in the fog for too long, trust that the insights will come and the necessary changes will definitely arise out of this.   If we use this energy wisely and not get tangled up in the reactive atmosphere, there is much to be gained.  Change can be challenging, but at least the writing is on the wall. No more acting in the dark.

On Sunday 31st,  Mercury squares Uranus (The Awakener) and the energy will suddenly shift into clarity.

 As the penny drops, sudden insights into what is really going on will allow us to make clearer choices. As far as that goes, the shift can happen any time this week, as it did me, and  hopefully by Sunday you will have gained the information necessary to move forward. Meanwhile, revelations that arise out of this 'storm' can help us understand what has been going on under the surface.  There's a saying in Jungian Psychology about 'finding the gold in the shadow'. The shadow of this storm is part of the rainbow...  and Uranus says there is gold at the end of the rainbow.

 Till then... keep your integrity intact during all communications,  and don't take anything personally.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Leo Full Moon:'Roar like a Lion' (The Truth will Out!)

Tomorrow (Sunday January 24) is a Moon to be aware (beware?)of. A Full Moon is when energies come to a head, and it looks like this one will fulfill that expectation. 

There's an intensity brewing that has the capacity to become verbally explosive. Mercury (planet of communication) is about to turn direct on Monday.  This means it traveled  backward into Capricorn, crossed over Pluto, then will turn around and cross back again over Pluto's position as it retraces its steps. This will intensify the Pluto effect on our thoughts and communications. Pluto is deep!

Pluto is also nicknamed 'The Destroyer'
as it acts as a catalyst for change, death and transformation.  Due to its power and intensity, this so called 'minor' planet can activate our survival energies and trigger a side of us that is compulsive and controlling, or at the least, intensely probing. 

There may be something from the past that needs revealing, facing, expressing. Now is the time!

As Mercury changes direction within this Plutonian field, things are going to be stirred up as the urge to express secrets or previously hidden (or forbidden) information increases. Or there could be a sudden eruption of withheld feelings (Moon = emotions) that have long been left unspoken. 

If there is something you have needed to say but have been holding it inside, you may find yourself blurting out the truth over the next few days.

The effect of our expressing long withheld feelings can have a clearing effect and can be ultimately positive, making way for new energy to enter.

But if you are in a situation where you need to be more circumspect about what you say or do not say, as in perhaps a legal situation, or dealing with someone who is highly reactive, do tread carefully. 

Leo is a highly dramatic sign. During a Leo Full Moon everything is amped up and on display. Leo is, after all, the king of the jungle. 

 Leo's crave the limelight and love attention, and the king or queen n us will brook no fools who try and block our light! And rightly so! There is also a very loving, playful side to this majestic persona, and as long as their pride is not challenged, those ruled by Leo will be your loyal friend forever.

What all this is saying is that under this Leo Full Moon, emotional hubris could get some of us in trouble if we feel our ego needs are not being met. With the controlling aspect of Pluto at play, those ego conflicts could trigger explosive reactions and set simmering emotions into flames.

Saturn squaring the Moon's nodes says there is something important to be worked out, yet our core beliefs may be challenged in the process (Saturn in Sagittarius) ; 'You said'... ,  'You were supposed to'... ,  'I thought' ...!
(Yes you did)

Yet despite this intense dynamic, Jupiter on the North Nodes can open a portal or gateway out of where we have been feeling stuck. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and  in the process,  we may expand right out of the old situation completely. Suddenly we realize the old container no longer fits! Seems more than a few lately have taken that opportunity to leave the planet entirely. May their journey be smooth an clear! 

Meanwhile, if your own situation or relationship is at a turning point, the next few days could be critical in terms of communication. Now is the time to speak up and let the chips falls where they may. Let the truth be told. 

Hopefully you have used the Mercury Retrograde to review and reflect, so that current changes won't take you by surprise.

The light touch of Sun in Aquarius can help us stay objective and help mitigate the effect of Pluto on our interactions. If there's something important that needs to be said, do try and do it with kindness and care. Leo rules the heart!

We 'reap what we sow ' is the message at this time.  Breakdown becomes breakthrough! 

Love IS the answer! (even if it's tough love)

Happy Full Moon!

Friday, 8 January 2016

New Moment! New choice! New Moon!

Welcome to 2016!!

This weekend is a New Moon in Capricorn… the perfect time to set your intentions and visions for the New Year. A New Moon intention carries forward for weeks, sometimes months, and this one will resonate all year.

Capricorn is telling us there is a task at hand; a job to be done, a commitment to be made. The sign of the mountain goat is all about claiming our personal authority. It thrives on words like ‘success’, ‘achievement’, ‘challenge’.

This is where the pedal hits the metal!

But don't expect everything to proceed in a straightforward manner! Three steps forward, two steps back is just the way it goes sometimes. 

Pluto brings an element of tansformation and  change to this New Moon. Sometimes that means endings, often new beginnings. If things aren’t going your way, maybe you need to switch directions. Capricorn is all about taking responsibility, so there’s no use blaming others. Its all up to you!

Speaking of… have you noticed that the last few weeks have been a bit fraught? That has been due to Mars squaring Uranus. This has created an antagonistic, impatient and highly reactive period for those whose charts have been crossed by these aspects.

Now Mercury is being hit by Mars is warrior energy, causing tension with the planet of communication. Under this influence it’s easy to say or do the wrong thing. Or even if you didn’t, someone will perceive that you did, or you them. If Mars Uranus recently brought sudden shocks, unexpected events or accidents, now we get to argue about who’s fault it was!!

Diplomacy is a challenge under this kind of sky. As is staying calm.

Mercury began its retrograde motion (Jan 5th), just after Mars made stressful contact (square) so over the next few weeks some of us will be reflecting on the angry words we said or someone said to us. Or we imagined they did. There is a higher than average chance of missed or understood communications, so please take care to dot your I’s etc.

It is often said that a Mercury retrograde is not the best time to sign contracts, but the whole world cannot stop for three weeks, so just be very, very scrutinizing and don’t forget to read the fine print.

So,  as the  Sun Moon and Pluto meet up in Capricorn, they set the stage for deep personal growth which includes a kind of self scrutiny.

In 12 step work, ‘step four’ is about undertaking a ‘fearless and searching moral inventory’. This is a list drawn up which is then shared with a neutral person…  as a way to get more real with our self. Doing so allows a person to purge bad habits in which we are holding ourselves back.

It sounds daunting but it’s actually very freeing to finally face ourselves head on and look at our foibles. We are already judging ourselves in our heads, so when we put it out there (on paper or to someone) we might even see things are not as bad as we thought. Plus a moral inventory includes the good stuff as well. We can celebrate our strengths as well as admit our weaknesses. This is how we claim our power. 

Wherever the New Moon falls in your chart is where you are being asked to step up to the plate. See Houses above  for descriptions of each area, and ifyou don’t have a chart go to

So, even though we may be bursting to get moving right now, the next three weeks are better spent in a bit more preparation. If you are starting a big project, this time of  reflection means going back over details. It will be time well spent. A stitch in time saves nine etc.

Also: A very positive connection between the New Moon and Jupiter brings a feeling of joy despite the seriousness of the moment.  This is lined up with our collective Destiny (North Node in Virgo at the moment).  Jupiter’s positive presence linking up to the New Moon tells us that whatever we do now has deep significance and will  impact not only our own lives but those around us.  It says choose joy!  Our thoughts have power!

Few last points: 

With Venus squared Neptune some people are going to have some financial challenges as jobs or money disappear, or relationships will be challenging. Venus Neptune is highly idealistic to the point of delusional.

Venus with Saturn will bring us back to earth. It may also bring us down period. Don’t let fear and doubt cloud your vision.

Let this New Moon propell you forward as it takes away anything holding you back.
Set your intention and let it be so.

From  Doreen Virtues Tarot reading for the New Year:  

“It's a time for  moving forward fearlessly, and letting go of former fears. Previous worries about lack are replaced with your clear decision to go for it. Major life changes for you are on the horizon this week.

In some cases, you may move forward because life pushes you that way, or because you have no other choice. You're going through an energy reassignment, where you are shifting where you live and work, so that situations are a better match for you.

As we enter the New Year, the cards show that you'll be deciding to make big life changes for yourself personally. You will be more excited about these changes, rather than nervous about change.

Expect energy reassignments as the overall energies shift things don’t ‘fit’ anymore Relationships, jobs, home. A sense of impending shift/change