Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Rainbow after the Storm

Are you caught up in the 'Mercury Storm'? On Monday Mercury  started moving forward again, and its contact with Pluto is bringing extra intensity to this weeks communication. There is an opportunity for deep insights and profound shifts at this time but we need to tread carefully. I spoke about this last week but I thought I should remind you. What was brought to a head by last Sunday's Full Moon is now ready to shift in a powerful way.

Extreme caution required!

If you find yourself at cross purposes with someone or something this week, take a step back and get some distance  from the storm.  As I said last week, if you were able to take advantage of the recent  Mercury Retrograde to review and reflect, there is a good chance this temporary static can result in a positive outcome. Sometimes ya gotta breakdown to breakthrough!! But there will be a rainbow after the storm.

 Till then, just  remember:  This too shall pass!

 Pluto's involvement means powerful forces are at work here; destruction of the old makes way for something new. Pluto's not called 'The Destroyer' for nothing!  Remember that what is truly yours can never be lost.

Personally, I have just had a moment of insight that clarifies an underlying issue I have been dealing with for sometime now. I feel a huge sigh of relief  even though nothing has changed on the outside (yet); at least I now understand what I am dealing with. I love seeing astrology in action.

If you have been operating in the fog for too long, trust that the insights will come and the necessary changes will definitely arise out of this.   If we use this energy wisely and not get tangled up in the reactive atmosphere, there is much to be gained.  Change can be challenging, but at least the writing is on the wall. No more acting in the dark.

On Sunday 31st,  Mercury squares Uranus (The Awakener) and the energy will suddenly shift into clarity.

 As the penny drops, sudden insights into what is really going on will allow us to make clearer choices. As far as that goes, the shift can happen any time this week, as it did me, and  hopefully by Sunday you will have gained the information necessary to move forward. Meanwhile, revelations that arise out of this 'storm' can help us understand what has been going on under the surface.  There's a saying in Jungian Psychology about 'finding the gold in the shadow'. The shadow of this storm is part of the rainbow...  and Uranus says there is gold at the end of the rainbow.

 Till then... keep your integrity intact during all communications,  and don't take anything personally.

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