Monday, 28 April 2014

Planting Seeds of Abundance and Love: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The New Moon- Solar Eclipse in Venus ruled Taurus is about finding a more balanced relationship with matter--which includes our bodies,  our possessions, and  the environment we live in.   It means learning how to nurture ourself and others, and staying grounded in the midst of the ongoing chaos and upheaval of these challenging times.

When the two 'lights' conjoin at a New Moon, they create an alchemical  merger that activates a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine energies. At the time of the eclipse, the feminine Moon will temporarily block out the light of the  masculine Sun,  eclipsing logic in favour of a more intuitive internal experience. 
This is the age of the return of the feminine, and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus continues the theme.

As the Cardinal Grand Cross energy deconstructs the old paradigm,   eclipses usher in new energy. 

“The Sun entered the sign of Taurus on April 19th,  just hours before the Grand Cardinal Cross began to perfect.  On Easter Sunday, April 20th, Jupiter in Cancer aligned with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. 
 On Monday, April 21st, Uranus and Pluto perfected their 5th square.  On Tuesday, April 22nd--Earth Day, Mars retrograde in Libra aligned with Jupiter and on Wednesday, April 23rd, Mars connected with Uranus and Pluto.     Click, click, click, click. 

This womb of transformative energies locked into form a matrix, which can energize a new sense of Self-hood within each of us as well as a strong vision for a new society. The new story has to be about our relationship with the Earth and each other.  The feminine values of relationship, connection and union are the foundation of this new society and new sense of Self.”     Cathy-Lynn-Pagano

April is turning out to be a most powerful month indeed! The current Grand Cross pressure will continue into the summer, although right now in this month of opening, everything has been coming to a head.

Venus is the planet of LOVE and rules both Taurus and Libra. In Taurus, Venus represents the more physical, sensual and material manifestations of love, while in Libra we connect  to our more romantic ideals and seek to find ways of balancing polarities. 

The New Moon Eclipse also connects to  Mars as it moves through Libra, linking us to Cardinal Grand Cross formation, and highlighting the very intense push-pull polarities and  conflicts that have been challenging our ability to find middle ground. 

The Solar eclipse in earthy Taurus can help us get clear by stirring up  and then removing whatever blocks us from to being able to deal with those we love (or hate), by getting us to "stand at our core".  It may mean doing some truth telling (to yourself) or being willing to let go of old grudges, resentments etc.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi 

Blocks and barriers showing up now could include survival fears, competition over scarce resources (based on poverty mentality) attachment to creature comforts,  inability to let go of relationships that are not working, inability to recognize relationships that are worth saving. This includes claiming our sexual authenticity, and dealing with self worth issues etc. as we face the supreme challenge of learning to stand our ground while allowing others do the same.

Taurus is a fixed sign and an earth element that can stabilize and ground us.  It is about what we nurture in ourself and others, and what brings us security and surety… things that are sometimes hard to locate when we are pressured, angry or stressed.

The message right now is to get out of our heads and into our bodies. This is an excellent time to stabilize ourself by placing our bare feet onto  mother earth. Feel her embrace. Breath into the root of our being.  Feel it go deep… down  into the core. Mother earth is there to nurture and sustain us, offering wealth and health and abundance. This is our birthright.  If we have come a far distance from her , this is a moment to begin the journey back. Then ask what you can give to her.

The ruler of Taurus and of this eclipse also provides spiritual support.  Currently travelling through  the watery, spiritual sign of Pisces, Venus sits in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron, bringing a message of peace and redemption in the midst of so much tension. Forgiveness and healing are in the air,  helping clear the way for new beginnings. 

"Venus with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to bring us into direct contact with divine love and infinite mercy. As Chiron activates feelings of vulnerability around our deep longing for love (Venus in Pisces) Neptune draws us deep into our soul self where love reigns eternal.  Both bring the message that, even in the midst of chaos and confusion and even great darkness, there is always hope. There is always light." (from last blog post)

The message of Pisces is trust. It is faith... in something bigger than us.  So while questions around whether we are really, truly loveable may be stirred up by the eclipse, or whether it is possible to love or live with others in peace, answers can and will also be provided (if we listen closely).

All in all, this solar eclipse is definitely an extra powerful New Moon. If we plant our seeds of 'intention' with 'attention' and care, there is fertile  ground to receive and nurture our wishes, which includes the  opportunity (or some might say imperative)  to release the past, and to start anew. 

If you want to see where this may specifically applies to  you,  see tab at top re houses.

Remember, this Solar eclipse is as much  about  clearing away the emotional debris … as it is  about planting seeds of change.  First remove any remaining blockages to love and abundance (Solar Eclipse),  then plant your intention for a new stage of manifestation (New Moon) in the fertile ground of self knowledge and self love.

May you walk in beauty. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Weekend with Uranus and Pluto

This weekend the Sun has entered the earthy sign of Taurus. Taurus represents the great mother; her arms spread wide to nurture and ground us in sensual delights. This is a perfect segue into Easter … also said to be originally a goddess centered celebration. Rabbits and eggs are both symbols of fertility, and are likely a holdover from ancient spring festivals. And chocolate is about as Taurean as anything can get.

Many  early religions were goddess centered, and most cultures and religions have stories about people (or gods) dying and coming back to life; the ancient Egyptian story of Osiris being one of many; of course the Christ story is what we commonly associate with Easter.

Easter falls upon the first Sunday after first Full Moon to occur on or after the Vernal Equinox, which some say links into the old Anglo-Saxon lunar calendar, and thus means that the date of Easter is derived from paganism.  Another source insists that the date of Passover was 'basically the first full moon of Spring', and the basis for Easter is derived from the Hebrew lunar calendar, rather than an Anglo -Saxon one.

The meaning of the word Easter/Eostre/Ostara is 'opening buds'; also, and April has been linked to "apere" (open) in Latin, so it makes sense that, whatever the origins,  this would be ‘opening-month.’

 Many celebrations in April are connected to the resurgence of life that happens in spring, Christianity included, and even if it is a bit hard to pinpoint an exact genealogy  to what we now call Easter, there is a consistent thread that runs throughout the varied mythologies. They all contain a profound message of hope and renewal. It is time to begin anew!

Which brings us to our current astrological forecast.

This is the weekend of the fourth exact Pluto Uranus Square. I have written a lot about this powerful aspect that defines these crazy times. If you scroll down over the last few posts you will get a good idea of the energies involved.

The New Moon in Aries a few weeks ago began an important opening in the ongoing pressure chamber we call the Cardinal Grand Cross. Pluto and Uranus, the main protagonists, have been at right angles to each other for a couple of years now. The last time these two movers were in such a powerful contact was the sixties; a time of profound personal, cultural and political change and unrest.

Now they are back to complete what they began at that time.

On Tuesday April 15th we had a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Libra, exactly conjunct the North Node of the Moon (destiny point). This provided another  moment of awakening,  helping out the Grand Cross formation as it began  to remove some of the old energies that are holding us back (see last post). There are two more eclipses to come, which means there will be more to release.

Everything is speeding up, and though the pressure is intense, there are indeed signs of hope … and renewal. 

Venus with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to bring us into direct contact with divine love and infinite mercy. Chiron activates feelings of vulnerability around our deep longing for love (Venus in Pisces) and Neptune draws us deep into our soul self where love reigns eternal.  Both bring the message that, even in the midst of chaos and confusion and even great darkness, there is always hope. There is always light.

“Even at your darkest hour, I will not abandon you.”
                    Krisna to Arjuna: Bhagavad Gita

These archetypal gods and goddess are all reflections of the power of the infinite which resides inside of us. We are all sparks of the divine… and  co-creators in this amazing life.

The 'Grand Cross' has been called the most significant astrological influence of our time. Although daunting and unsettling, this powerful astrology represents a gateway moment where we have the chance to rewrite the script of our life. As the crack in the cosmic egg widens and grows, anything and everything can happen. Count on it!

Happy Easter!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Out with the Old. In with the New: Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

An eclipse is a time of death and rebirth as we release parts of ourself that we have outgrown  and begin to enter into something new.

At around 2 am EDT/ 7 am GMT April 15th,  as the earth comes between it and the Sun,  the Moon will gradually disappear until all that remains is a glowing red ball hanging in the sky. This is a moment of profound pause as the Moon  gets transformed before our eyes. The remaining red orb  is akin to the glowing embers of a fire; something will be changed or removed from our life forever.

An eclipse in Libra brings a chance to offload some of the emotional baggage we have been dragging into our relationships for far too long. If we need to walk away from something that is not working, this is a good time to do so. The Full Moon will amplify and bring to a peak whatever going on beneath the surface till now. And the eclipse will then clear way whatever it is that needs releasing.

Some relationships will end under this influence.  Yet, though sometimes we do need to cut our losses and walk away,  the real issue often lies deep  inside of us, and any conflict is merely a reflection of our inner state.  

Mars, masculine planet of initiative and assertion,  has been moving through Libra for a couple of months now, making  relationships a tad bit testy to say the least. At this time of intense polarization, even casual everyday encounters can be fractious , leaving us bewildered, frustrated or  feeling very alone. It is too easy to project any pain and loss we feel inside onto the people in our lives. 

This is why we need to examine our relationship patterns as part of  a more fundamental issue.

We are so conditioned by our upbringing, our culture, our environment, our past experiences etc, that it never occurs to us to question the identity we have taken on, or the possibility of something more.  It is so easy to be so caught up in day to day survival that we never get round to asking:

 Who am I? Why am I here?

  I recently wrote about how the New Moon in Aries two weeks ago started a crack in the facade we hide behind. This fissure will continue to widen until can no longer tolerate any discrepancies or lack of congruence between our true identity and  the old, inherited false values.  There will be many 'fork in the road' moments where we will have to choose who we want to be. Today's eclipse is one of them.

As the Moon becomes dark for a few hours tonight, a small dwarf planet will come to the fore beside her. Ceres (also known as Demeter in earlier Greek mythology),  is the archetype of the  earth Earth Mother. She lost her daughter Persephone when Pluto abducted her into the underground. As she wept and grieved there was no grain and no harvest... because no spring came. After a year of winter the inhabitants of earth petitioned the gods to intervene, which they did by granting Persephone(the daughter) release from Pluto’s imprisonment.

But there was a stipulation; because Pluto had fed her pomegranate seeds(symbols of fecundity and sexuality) she had to return to the underground for half the year. When she goes back underground, Demeter Ceres grieves, and it is winter until she returns. When she rises,  spring returns once again.

There are many layers and meaning in this story. The main one today is around Ceres/Demeter , who symbolizes life cycles of the earth itself, and the process of death and rebirth.

“Ceres is not only representative of the life and death cycle, she protects it. In the myth she could not stop Pluto or the Underworld taking her progeny for a while, BUT she did influence Proserpine`s return.”

 If you like to work with symbols or rituals, this is a time to call on Demeter/Ceres to aid you in any process of  any release you may be undergoing.  She can hep us call up lost or fragmented parts of ourself that have been lost in the depths;  this archetypal mother energy (in us) can help nurture the fragile self that has been in the dark for so long...

Part of the lesson here is to claim our power to do so. During/after an eclipse we have the opportunity to break out of one more layer of our conditioning and step more fully into our authentic self. At this time of renewal and release, and  spring ( in the northern hemisphere),  everything is blossoming and flowering. It is time to plant seeds and water them so they will grow. 

Ceres presence at this eclipse is part of the greater 'wake-up 'that is occurring on our planet and in our innermost beings. If we have become disconnected from our original innocence,  and lost in the shadows for too long, this is a chance  to rise again.

Look at the tabs labeled ‘houses’ at the top of this blog to see the arena in which this shift wants to occur. If you do not know your chart, you can go to (you will need date, time and place of birth) or contact me for an astrology session(see sidebar).

Meanwhile, allow the mirror of relationship, reflected in any current discord, to guide you to what patterns you are repeating. Let the Full Moon Eclipse  activate the release you so desire as you walk away from anything that is not serving your best interests.  Use this energy to invoke the mother (Ceres/Demeter)  to help you grieve your losses, and to embrace your inner self as s/he returns to you. All is not lost. There is always hope.

 'Out with the old, in with the new,' ... the journey continues.

Eastern Daylight Time ( I will let you figure out your own time zone)
Moon enters penumbra: 2014 Apr 14 23:51:46
Moon enters umbra: 2014 Apr 15 00:57:45
Start of totality: 2014 Apr 15 02:06:08 <—
Maximum eclipse: 2014 Apr 15 02:45:25 <—
End of totality: 2014 Apr 15 03:24:44 <—
Moon leaves umbra: 2014 Apr 15 04:33:08
Moon leaves penumbra: 2014 Apr 15 05:38:57