Monday, 28 April 2014

Planting Seeds of Abundance and Love: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The New Moon- Solar Eclipse in Venus ruled Taurus is about finding a more balanced relationship with matter--which includes our bodies,  our possessions, and  the environment we live in.   It means learning how to nurture ourself and others, and staying grounded in the midst of the ongoing chaos and upheaval of these challenging times.

When the two 'lights' conjoin at a New Moon, they create an alchemical  merger that activates a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine energies. At the time of the eclipse, the feminine Moon will temporarily block out the light of the  masculine Sun,  eclipsing logic in favour of a more intuitive internal experience. 
This is the age of the return of the feminine, and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus continues the theme.

As the Cardinal Grand Cross energy deconstructs the old paradigm,   eclipses usher in new energy. 

“The Sun entered the sign of Taurus on April 19th,  just hours before the Grand Cardinal Cross began to perfect.  On Easter Sunday, April 20th, Jupiter in Cancer aligned with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. 
 On Monday, April 21st, Uranus and Pluto perfected their 5th square.  On Tuesday, April 22nd--Earth Day, Mars retrograde in Libra aligned with Jupiter and on Wednesday, April 23rd, Mars connected with Uranus and Pluto.     Click, click, click, click. 

This womb of transformative energies locked into form a matrix, which can energize a new sense of Self-hood within each of us as well as a strong vision for a new society. The new story has to be about our relationship with the Earth and each other.  The feminine values of relationship, connection and union are the foundation of this new society and new sense of Self.”     Cathy-Lynn-Pagano

April is turning out to be a most powerful month indeed! The current Grand Cross pressure will continue into the summer, although right now in this month of opening, everything has been coming to a head.

Venus is the planet of LOVE and rules both Taurus and Libra. In Taurus, Venus represents the more physical, sensual and material manifestations of love, while in Libra we connect  to our more romantic ideals and seek to find ways of balancing polarities. 

The New Moon Eclipse also connects to  Mars as it moves through Libra, linking us to Cardinal Grand Cross formation, and highlighting the very intense push-pull polarities and  conflicts that have been challenging our ability to find middle ground. 

The Solar eclipse in earthy Taurus can help us get clear by stirring up  and then removing whatever blocks us from to being able to deal with those we love (or hate), by getting us to "stand at our core".  It may mean doing some truth telling (to yourself) or being willing to let go of old grudges, resentments etc.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi 

Blocks and barriers showing up now could include survival fears, competition over scarce resources (based on poverty mentality) attachment to creature comforts,  inability to let go of relationships that are not working, inability to recognize relationships that are worth saving. This includes claiming our sexual authenticity, and dealing with self worth issues etc. as we face the supreme challenge of learning to stand our ground while allowing others do the same.

Taurus is a fixed sign and an earth element that can stabilize and ground us.  It is about what we nurture in ourself and others, and what brings us security and surety… things that are sometimes hard to locate when we are pressured, angry or stressed.

The message right now is to get out of our heads and into our bodies. This is an excellent time to stabilize ourself by placing our bare feet onto  mother earth. Feel her embrace. Breath into the root of our being.  Feel it go deep… down  into the core. Mother earth is there to nurture and sustain us, offering wealth and health and abundance. This is our birthright.  If we have come a far distance from her , this is a moment to begin the journey back. Then ask what you can give to her.

The ruler of Taurus and of this eclipse also provides spiritual support.  Currently travelling through  the watery, spiritual sign of Pisces, Venus sits in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron, bringing a message of peace and redemption in the midst of so much tension. Forgiveness and healing are in the air,  helping clear the way for new beginnings. 

"Venus with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to bring us into direct contact with divine love and infinite mercy. As Chiron activates feelings of vulnerability around our deep longing for love (Venus in Pisces) Neptune draws us deep into our soul self where love reigns eternal.  Both bring the message that, even in the midst of chaos and confusion and even great darkness, there is always hope. There is always light." (from last blog post)

The message of Pisces is trust. It is faith... in something bigger than us.  So while questions around whether we are really, truly loveable may be stirred up by the eclipse, or whether it is possible to love or live with others in peace, answers can and will also be provided (if we listen closely).

All in all, this solar eclipse is definitely an extra powerful New Moon. If we plant our seeds of 'intention' with 'attention' and care, there is fertile  ground to receive and nurture our wishes, which includes the  opportunity (or some might say imperative)  to release the past, and to start anew. 

If you want to see where this may specifically applies to  you,  see tab at top re houses.

Remember, this Solar eclipse is as much  about  clearing away the emotional debris … as it is  about planting seeds of change.  First remove any remaining blockages to love and abundance (Solar Eclipse),  then plant your intention for a new stage of manifestation (New Moon) in the fertile ground of self knowledge and self love.

May you walk in beauty. 

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