New Moon in Cancer: There’s still time me to Press the Emotional Reset Button

On Friday July 5th the Sun and Moon joined together in the gentle loving sign of Cancer ~ bringing  a reminder to “shower the people you love with love ~ show them the way that you feel.” 🎶
 (James Taylor) 

The symbol for the sign of Cancer ♋️ represents the breasts ~ Cancer links to mothering, nurturing, our roots and our family. This is the time of year when we get together for family vacations, barbecues, gatherings. Family dynamics are not always easy…and  Cancarians themselves are famous for being highly emotional. With Sun and Moon together, all of us will be feeling that way to some degree. 

So be gentle, be kind.

The New Moon in Cancer is a perfect time for an emotional reset. This is a day to set your intention for the coming month. What you focus on grows!

Friday’s New Moon represented  an emotional rebirth ~ with both Sun and Moon in Cancer (mother, childhood) on what is called ‘the turning’ (a right angle square to the nodal axis). 

These  ‘Collective Destiny Points’ are considered key markers of our karmc direction at this time.

When planets are squared to these points ~ they are called a “skipped step” ~ ie something that must be faced and integrated before we can move fully forward.

Sun and Moon in Cancer are all about nurturing ourself and each  other and these patterns are rooted in our childhood. Are you pouring from an empty cup? Or are you taking more than you are giving?

When Sun and Moon enter this sacred marriage (conjunctio ) it signifies a new beginning. 

This is about healing the childhood wounds and traumas that may be interfering with our ability to give and receive love. We are rebirthing our inner child on an emotional level ~  and opening the door to a new direction; no need to keep repeating the same old patterns in the same old way. 

The eclipse energy is still rippling out from a few months ago ~ around our ability to step forward into the world (Aries). Turns out our ability to do that in a healthy way requires that we heal old relationship wounds and codependance  (Libra) so we can step more fully into our sovereign self. 

So ~ this New Moon being right angles to those eclipse points may stir up any unfinished business and that regard. At this time of global awakening we are clearing ancestral rauma and karma ~ there are so many patterns and behaviors that we inherited down the family line, in relation relation to the sign of Cancer  ~ from the mother.

Now I know mothers get blamed for everything, yet the truth is ~ they are the first influence; we are carried in our mothers belly and  absorb all her fears, her intentions, her attitude towards the world etc ~ which she got from her mother who got it from her mother, etc.

I had a sort of vision/insight where I saw this line of women going far into the past ~ and when I asked what it was that I was clearing ~ it was about women not being valued, not feeling good enough (patriarchy). 

The feminine has been devalued for a very long time and now she is rising. Not to have power over, but to work side-by-side with the masculine energies to bring harmony and balance into this world.

This New Moon is yet another reminder that it’s time to press the emotional reset button. Just ask yourself: Am I being true to my own essential nature? Do I even know what that is?

We all need to let love in ~ to nourish our inner core. To thine own self be true . You know you want to! 💕

Ps I am away and using a crappy app that doesn’t let me post pics unfortunately (one of my favorite parts about blogging) so hopefully the words will do!