Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Moon in Leo: Let yer Light Shine!

  • I'm having formatting issues again - using new app on phone due to being away for a few weeks. Please bear with me!   (for example - why are these bullet points on here lol ???) Uranus is currently at a 90 degree angle to my Sun Metcury Uranus combo - and Neptune is also aspecting my chart -  so  it's  kind of like being in an ongoing Mercury retrograde! 
  • Anyway - sigh -  today (Sunday)  the Sun - who  just moved in Leo   - is joined by the Moon in a  fiery and creative merger that includes Mars - planet of desire- action - and will. 
  • When a New Moon has this much fire - it means a lot of creative energy. All New Moons contain initiating energy. This one says it's time to get moving! 
  • It also wants us to have fun. Leo activates the child in us and encourages creativity and play.        
  • Leo is generous- playful - high drama. Its ruler - the Sun - is the center of the universe after all!                                 
  • Sun / Moon / Mars : Actions speak louder than words.  In Leo : Let your light shine. Step onto centre stage. Open your heart (Leo rules the heart)

    This is an excellent time to start something new and dynamic that brings these energies into your life. 

    All the world's  a stage - and you the actor in it!   'Do your best'  is the key to fulfilling the Leo mandate. Just watch out for the shadow side of Sun/Mars in Leo : Pride. Arrogance. Impatience. Overweaning ambition. Try to  be expansive without being over the top.

    On the other hand - Venus opp Saturn might try to convince you of scarce resources -  the cup half empty etc.  Although there may be some truth to this - so don't spend money you haven't got - don't forget -  perception is everything!

    Despite our  trepidation, this is not the time for self-limiting beliefs. Sky's the limit! 


    Do  take a peek outside your current reality - expand your view - learn to spell 'magnificence!'

    This  very expansive and enthusiastic energy comes at a perfect time for sowing seeds of intention - with an aim toward manifesting in a concrete way- those hopes and dreams just waiting to become reality. 

    It's  a time to be  magnanimous - the more you give - the more you will get. Not via  martyrdom- or self sacrifice (that's Neptune's territory) but through sheer freedom and exuberance ! 


     Fill your cup and it will overflow automatically onto others. Give from a place of gratitude and your cup will overflow. Shine your light and brighten up someone's day. 

    You know you want to!!


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