Sunday, 18 June 2017

Solstice - New Moon Healing

The Summer Solstice is on Tues - June 20th - then there's a New Moon two days later on Thurs June 22nd. 

New Beginnings. Forks in the road. Powerful transformation. Everything - and nothing. 

Everything - if you can tap into Saturn's presence at the Galactic Core. That is all about finding and claiming our soul purpose. Time to step up! Get grounded. Be present. Get real!

Nothing - if you let yourself get tangled up in control dramas.  Right now there's a deep tension and disruption (Moon in a  'Grand Square' with Mars Jupiter Pluto) - tempers can flare - and there's a potential for violence (Mars/Pluto) Moon in Aries is aggressive and impatient.

Count to ten and 


Now take another!  That's better :)

A Grand Cross (four planets all at right angles to each other) is like a diamond - intense pressure builds up and triggers some kind of transformation - especially with Pluto involved. If you can harness this energy you can accomplish a lot. 

Once the Moon moves on tomorrow it will be less contained - less internal - yet potentially more reactive as the Moon bumps into Uranus and Eris. 

Once again - 


Luckily- there are beneficicient energies operating behind the scenes - Venus in Taurus brings patience and forebearance and can smooth out potential disruptions. Or grab onto the positive flow of Venus /Jupiter (open heart/big love/unexpected gains)  to help you move around challenging scenarios. An unexpected meeting might bring a smile to your face.

The Solstice us a time for release - find a ritual to help you articulate/express what is changing  in your life - and what new energy you want to invite in. Writing it on paper and burning it in a Solstice fire is one example. Some go to sacred sites to line up with the earth meridians (pulse points)

The New Moon on Thurs will be in Cancer, sign of emotional nurturing. Our inner child/family issues become the arena for new beginnings. Old wounds can now be healed and transformed. We are more powerful than we know!


The focus is on taking care of ourselves and each other - as we go through these intense changes.

I watched a video this morning of all the donations of clothing and food people were bringing to the site of the apartment building fire in London. A very sad and heartbreaking occurrence, yet  beautiful to see how people in the community stepped up.

Sometimes the worst things bring out the best in us.  We are learning to be strong and gentle at the same time! 


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