Sunday, 28 May 2017

One step at a time!

The Moon has been  in the homey sign of Cancer over the weekend - emphasizing  feelings and family - and today tension with Pluto is likely activating some of our deepest  emotional triggers. 


It's easy to feel small in the midst of intense emotions- especially in the midst of so much global upheaval and change. We easily forget that we live in an awesome - (if somewhat overwhelming)  universe. It's hard to see the forest for the trees!


Attachments/loss/self defensiveness/ abandonment issues/control issues etc. can make us more emotionally reactive than usual. 

This points to a need to change something about the way we respond to emotional triggers. 


Relationship tensions and patterns (Venus/Pluto) can be traced back to childhood  conditioning (love - or lack of)  It is said that by the time we are five - most of our self concept has been etched into our psyche. 

We now have the ability to understand and transform those patterns - so we can begin moving toward the life/love we want to have.



The New Moon in Gemini on Wed. brought an opportunity to reset our thinking patterns - and a high percentage of those unconscious attitudes likely arose out of our early conditioning (racism/ sexism/protectionism/ fear/cultural bias/addictions/compulsions etc) 

Although it may not happen all at once - a quantum shift is now possible as we get shaken out of our complacency. Part of this means questioning our assumptions.

When we start asking questions / instead of trying to have all the answers about how life works - we really can expand our reality exponentially. 

It may not be easy but it is necessary. 

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Let the adventure begin!


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Scorpio Full Moon: Feeling Swamped?

Tonight's Full Moon in Scorpio brings us deeper into a process of an inner and outer transformation that sees us shifting from old to new (age). Although it seems things usually gets worse before they get better - darker before the dawn? - there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel that can shine our way forward (if we can avoid being blinded by its intensity). 

Scorpio provides the shades we need to see our way forward😎

This Scorpio Full Moon reminds us that the wheel of fortune is forever turning - and how we situate ourself is key to our success.

Scorpio can represent death and loss - as well as rebirth. Both Taurus (Sun) and Moon (Scorpio) are telling us we need to build our inner resources to fortify ourselves against unexpected events and things that seem out of our control. The sign of the Phoenix/ Eagle/ Scorpion  is a survivor, and  triggers our survival instincts to get us through what may seem like surmountable obstacles. 

Some consider Scorpio the most powerful sign in the zodiac because it rules sex and death. When  we risk the safety and security of Sun in Taurus (opposite) to join up with others in some way, there's an edginess that comes with stepping outside our private world. Sexuality is where we explore and risk all -  although there are many ways our trust in other people gets tested now - such as business partnerships, family resources etc


In order to risk rejection, loss or failure (Scorpio)  we must have healthy boundaries and feel somewhat secure in our own self (Taurus). Many hedge their bets by only risking so much - layers of protection must be peeled away before we can experience authentic intimacy. That's the transformation that Scorpio can bring about.

Life and death matters may come to the foreground now, or events that trigger life or death - fight, flight or freeze symptoms. 

There's a tendency to feel more  paranoid or self protective than usual -  our spidey sense go into high gear as things change and morph  in ways we cannot control.


Serious flooding is occurring where I am visiting family -  people are losing their homes and sometimes even their lives. It's sad and tragic and also part of the natural order of life and death. Easy to say when it's not me trying to save my home or property.  Yet at some time or another, everyone will have their own personal brush with things we cannot control. As much as we want only the 'nice' stuff in life, Scorpio tells us we have to face the shadows as well. Scorpio can help us do that. 

The irony is that - on one hand - Scorpio is all about risk - yet on the other - it's about  fear and control. I guess they are flip sides of the same coin. And due to Scorpio's fixity as a sign - and the perceived cost of risking it all - we fiercely resist when pushed us into areas we  do not want to go. 

So there's a push- pull element to this sign - and to this Full Moon - as we feel propelled toward people and situations that edge us out of our comfort zone - pushing our buttons or testing our boundaries. 


Overall - Full Moons always have intensity - due to the polarity of Sun and Moon pulling at us from opposite directions. Add Scorpio and whatever is coming to a head now will show us where our edges are, where we don't like to be pushed (or we crave being pushed). There's a compulsive energy to all this so watch out for extreme reactions. 

 The intensity should start to shift over the next few days, although the long term picture is - wait for it - more upheaval and change !  Remember - creativity thrives in chaos - so we have an opportunity to create something out of the ashes. Like the Phoenix we can rise again. 
Mercury's exact conjunction to Uranus  fires up  our brains and our nervous system - bringing flashes of brilliance and insight and putting us on edge. Have you noticed how reactive people are (yes more than usual) ?  There's a lot of electricity in the air!

If  you can find a way to harness that electricity - you can accomplish  a LOT.  A very positive, grounding  link to Pluto in Capricorn (get 'er done) brings concrete manifestation to the feeling that anything is possible.  

The trick is grounding and stabilizing this powerful Full Moon energy. If we can use the brilliance of Mercury Uranus combined with the ability to push through obstacles (Pluto Capricorn) we can do anything!  

Yet, even when  feeling this incredible impetus to move forward, it can still feel like there's a brick wall in our way.

There is so much potential in the air - just be aware that it may be two steps forward and one step back!

That's where Mercury comes in. Joined with the lightning bolt planet (Uranus)  it can provide  the ability to think outside the box and see beyond or around whatever obstacle you are encountering. Keep you antennae raised and your mind open. Syncronicities abound! 

Yet - again - Patience (Sun in Taurus) required. Rome wasn't built in a day (yadayadayada).

If its a relationship issue or a project you are trying to get going, we can use this Scorpio energy to push through obstacles and Mercury/ Uranus to expand our vision. .  Add both together we get laser beam  vision - like a heat seeking missile seeking out its target. 

Just remember  your thoughts are powerful, and our ability to manifest under this Full Moon energy is very strong. We are planting seeds for the future.

Be careful what you wish for!

"Whatever you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably  right!" (Henry Ford)

One more thing : Feminine power (Eris/Lilith) is on the rise - after a long period of oppression/suppression. It's wild, its rich and highly creative - and - it's potentially destructive when not used consciously.  

Stay in integrity - keep your mind open and alert for signals - and stay in touch with your heart - even as you step up and step forward.

You know you want to.