Sunday, 2 April 2017

Unconditional Love and Finding our Way Home (Venus heads into Pisces)

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Venus (love,relating) is still retrograde and about to slip back into cosmic, dreamy Pisces.  Searching for love in all the wrong places? 
or -  discovering that the love you've been seeking - was already inside of you.

Once in Pisces, Venus will meet up again with Chiron, the wounded Healer.

Chiron was a centaur in Greek mythology who was famous as a mentor/teacher for the Greek heroes like Hercules, Achilles etc. and  known for his knowledge and skill with medicine, as well as his intelligence and peaceful nature (compared to the other, generally wild centaurs). Chiron  was accidentally wounded and spent his life seeking a cure for the poison that was killing him. In the end, in an act of sacrifice, and to escape his endless suffering, Chiron exchanged his immortality for the life of Prometheus, who had been chained to a rock and left to die for stealing fire from the gods.

Chiron represents sacred justice and the healing of our  hidden vulnerabilities and wounds, many of which were accumulated in childhood.  In Pisces, Chiron points to a deep sense of loss and separation, from others, from source energy, from ourselves.

In association with Venus, Chiron represents an endless seeking for love, and the ensuing pain and disappointment that comes from seeking it in an imperfect world. Many would say - just accept the imperfections and get on with living -  and in many ways that is good advice. Yet inside of us the longing remains.

Venus/Chiron in Pisces represents unconditional love, and points to our deep need for connection, and an ever present hope that it will be met somehow, someday.  Saturn's shadow falling on on this dynamic can trigger negative expectations, a fear of of failure, bringing up disappointments, depression or  false conclusions that "nothing will ever work out. "

Although Saturn can be a downer, it also points to the  solution.

As Saturn (cause and effect)   turns backward  exactly on the Galactic Core (centre of our galaxy), it asks us to take responsibility for the life we lead and the love that we seek.  Saturn in this sacred location is asking us to look into our very core for the answers.  Again and again the message is given: 'Everything you are looking for is inside of you. ' 'Know thyself.'  'To thine own self be true.' 

Look at a little child and tell me they don't innately embody pure love. Everyone is magnetically drawn to their innocence and purity ('yet ye be as little children...'). That used to be us!  So how did we get so far away from that?

 This is a golden opportunity to  open our hearts and let love in.  Venus and Chiron aligning together in Pisces can help us release the painful past so we can move toward a more fulfilling future. Perhaps that will come as an aha moment , or a turning point in a relationship. Some of us  are learning to gracefully let go and move on, while others are moving  into more authentic connections with others.

  The key message is that we must first turn within to find the love we seek,  and  it is actually part of our life purpose to do so.

 'As within so without'. Once we have filled our own cup, we will begin to find love everywhere we turn. And in fact the biggest blessing may be to discover that we are already blessed.

Venus in Pisces  says that our inherent value is linked to a connection with something larger. Chiron  brings healing to the parts of us that believe we are separate, or that we don't deserve love.  Venus in Aries,  which begins and ends this particular Venus cycle, tells us that finding a true self love is the beginning and the end of the story.

'Wherever I go, there I am.'

Venus in Aries can be very self centered, yet that in itself is not true self love. Narcissism  is merely a mask and a charade to cover up deep feelings of low self worth. 

Venus backward journey can represent a descent into the shadows, bringing us face to face with our pain and suffering as an important step in moving beyond old wounds. This is not always an easy journey, and there is a danger of getting stuck there. Don't despair. When Venus resurfaces on the other side of the Sun as the Morning Star, it  represents a new start, where we get to discover, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, that we had the solution all along.

 Home (and love)  is where the heart is, and the heart is inside of us.

Just click your heels and say after me:

"There's no place like home 
 There's no place like home.
    There's no place like home..."

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