Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New Moon in Taurus

Today's New Moon in Taurus is all about planting seeds of intention in fertile soil.The fire and initiative  of Aries has warmed the earth for planting - now we get to make a fresh start. 


Taurus - an earth sign - can help to feel more solid, grounded and connected to our senses that link us to each other, to what we value - to Mother Earth  - and -  most importantly -  to our own self worth. 

It's time to focus on what we want to see grow and flourish in our lives.


For some, this New Moon brings a  feeling of personal redemption and healing - after a dark night of the soul moment (or a few of them ) resulting from Venus recent meetup with Chiron (see last few posts) 

The  planet of love, and ruler of this New Moon, is now in the last degrees of Pisces - and after a long downward journey into some dark places, she is reemerging into the light, and bringing us with her.

If you have been suffering through weeks of gut wrenching emotions - (Venus/Chiron/Saturn in Pisces) - hopefully this will mark a turning point. 


Around a year ago we entered a series of eclipses in Pisces and Virgo - which began a long process of death/endings/release - and that particular cycle is finally winding down. 

I just watched the film 'Arrival' -  and had a powerful healing epiphany around love, loss and letting go. 


The basic message I took from it : Nothing really ends - because everything just 'is' . 

This message underlies all of our current astrology - and that inner knowing - and a feeling of trust in the universe - in spite of evidence to the contrary - might just get us through these tough times.

As Venus gradually moves out of the heavy influence of Saturn, we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully it's not an oncoming train) 


Hehe - these days you just never know. 

The usual hijinks of trickster Mercury in retrograde motion have been even more disruptive than usual,  as the planet of communication bumps into Uranus and Eris - the unsettling duo responsible for a lot of the crazy that's going on right now.

It is highly prudent to take advantage of this grounding moment to bend down and kiss the earth - and make a promise - an intention - to not only love yourself more than you ever have - but to love each other, and to love this earth. She needs it, we need it. I need it . You need it! 


You know you want to!

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