Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Full Moon in Libra. Chaos, Love, Balance and Healing.

Yesterday 's powerful Full Moon in Libra is still rippling out into the stratosphere, bringing a sense of urgency and expansion to an  already loaded atmosphere. Despite a strong pressure to act/react, we are being pushed back in on ourselves by several retrograde planets. They're saying that before we can change the world, we have to change ourselves (hmm where have we heard that before?).  It's  time for an Inner Revolution. 

Libra's ruling planet (Venus) has traveled back into peace loving Pisces, where it now joins Chiron the wounded healer. The message is that Love really IS the answer. 

I thought I'd use some recently made SoulCollage® tarot cards (part of Stephanie Anderson Ladd's online FB course "SoulCollage® Tarot Journey') to illustrate the energies involved. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We begin with wild, radical, freedom seeking warrior energy (Sun Uranus Eris in Aries).

We must face our fears (Saturn/Chiron) so we can move forward with courage ('cour' = heart)

In this era of upheaval and change, constant shocks and unexpected events are keeping us destabilized (Sun, Uranus Eris, Jupiter, Pluto, )

As the wheel keeps on turning -  where it stops no body knows - we must find allies and ways to remain centered in the midst of the increasing chaos.   

Wheel of Fortune: (Leo (Lion)- Courage, Scorpio (Eagle)depth of Vision, Mountain Goat (Capricorn) Perseverance.

Thankfully, its not all bad news. Moon/Jupiter in Libra is FULL of joy and positive emotions. Just beware of  the tendency to go to extremes which will throw you off balance. The huge need for integration and harmony is not easily realized when opposed by a fierce warrior goddess.

The pressure is on - to balance (Libra) our knee jerk reactions (Aries) with conscious awareness (Sun, Uranus - Moon) and love (Venus) , or we will suffer the consequences (Saturn).

That will require strength and forbearance (Sun in Aries, Saturn trine Sun),  and the ability to deal with the powerful emotional  reactions  going on all around us (and in us). Emotional intelligence required (Vesta in cancer).

The answer to every challenge does not have to be aggression and war (Aries). We can tame those wild, out of control instincts (ego) once we learn to access the receptive feminine energy of love - Venus - yin/inner calm.

Letting go is part of the Healing. It can be difficult or easy depending on how we approach things. There is wisdom (Jupiter) inside us if we know how to access it. An Attitude of Gratitude helps.

Hanged One

Meanwhile, Venus and Chiron weep for the lonely, the abandoned, the lost - the broken-hearted. Its time to heal those inner wounds and step out of victim-hood.

Sometimes the letting go is hard - and  takes time to process -  yet the energy is calling us forward now - we cannot stay locked up in the past forever.

A part of us resists endings and fears death, even though we know they are both necessary parts of life.  Pluto and Uranus are shaking things up to make way for something  newer and better -  deep down we know that something has to give, we have to surrender . (Pluto = Death/Transformation Neptune in Pisces = Surrender.)


 Libra and Venus are about love, beauty, harmony.  Healing  our soul wounds is a priority right now (Venus/Chiron/ Pisces) - and even as Chiron brings up our pain and vulnerability, Venus is there to heal our broken heart.

Venus also represents the divine feminine, the sacred soul of humanity,  and Pisces is eternal source energy. The joining of the two is highly significant,  and can mark a turning point in your life for the better.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.” Kalhil Gibran, The Prophet

 Mercury retrograde in Taurus turns our attention inward and  teaches us to listen to our truest gut instincts - it will help us find ways to ground and nourish both our inner and outer self. This period of contemplation and inner reflection can aid us in getting in touch with our true worth, and lead to a future flowering. A pause is as good as a rest.

  It certainly can't hurt to step away from the madness now and then.

Allow the healing energies of Venus/Chiron to sooth you and heal you and help you let go of the past.

While the Full Moon in Libra seeks harmony and balance, Sun/Uranus stir things up, bringing in highly innovative, creative energy that can reveal new ways around old problems. We are all magicians if we can think outside the box and let some love and  magic into our lives.

Who knows what possibilities lay in store for us?


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  1. what a great use of your cards from the Tarot Journey. They fit perfectly with the text. bravo

  2. Thanks . It was really fun! This Full Moon had so many facets I had lots to work with. And I find using imagery really helps zero in on the key energies. Glad you enjoyed!