Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Venus / New Moon in Aries : Let Love Win.

We are still in the energy field of Monday's New Moon in Aries. There's a volatility in the air that can take us way off course if we're not careful. This powerful energy can be highly productive but needs to be consciously harnessed to be of use. Prudence is advised. Set your intentions wisely.

A New Moon in Aries means New Beginnings. New initiatives. New ideas. This  warrior energy is  all about taking courageous action!  After  much back-and-forthing, we now have a chance to press the restart button for the whole year.  Set your intention. Let it be so.

There is a need for caution. What we put into motion now will ripple out for some time to come.  In this highly reactive and impatient  atmosphere,  we must take care to see our way clearly and not get sidetracked by our impatience to get going. Go we must, but in the right way , and at the right time.

Slow and steady wins the race (Mars in Taurus).

I am doing an course in the Tarot where we are using Soul Collage (see link at top) to make our own Tarot cards. There seems to be a synchronicity between the images I am making each week and the current astrology.

The Chariot card (above) expresses the intensity and drive that Aries brings to the table.  Boadicea, warrior priestess of the Celts, represents the fiery passion that dominates at this New Moon. Boadicea  fought and almost won the battle of the Celts against the invading Romans in early Briton... after  being driven into a rage by the rape of her daughters. As the story goes, blood-lust and greed and the glory of the battle sidetracked the Celts and gave the Romans time to regroup, which led to the downfall of the Iceni tribe.

Right now, that which has been led back for so long may be bursting at the seams right now ... and we must be careful what we do with this powerful yet somewhat unstable energy.

The Strength card in the tarot represents  the necessity of harnessing this primal force. In the image, the wild, instinctual energy is being tamed by the heart centred, feminine principle.

Venus presence in this New Moon adds a yin, receptive element to the  more  yang action orientated Aries energy.  Venus represents peace and love and beauty...  qualities that can offset the aggression and fear that often get us into trouble.

There's always a the price to pay for our actions (karma?) so choose wisely.

'Justice' by Stephanie Anderson Ladd
All in all, with Venus retrograde, and Jupiter also retrograde in Libra (ruled by Venus) our relationships are under quite a bit of pressure, as we continue to change and morph in ways that make the old dynamics impossible.  Radical change is in the air, and we must find a way to be true to ourselves while finding a way to live in harmony with those around us.

Venus Retrograde wants us to reflect on how we exchange energy with others, starting with our own self worth.  It wants us to recognize the beauty in our lives and in ourselves. If our cup is full we can more easily love another. This Venus retrograde, as well as the New Moon, are presenting an opportunity to start fresh.

New moment, new choice.

It's time to grow up and let go of the fantasies and fictions we often get lost in (Pisces). The Nodes of the Moon (Destiny Points) are now on the very cusp of Pisces/Virgo and about to shift into Leo/Aquarius, bringing even more focus onto our relation to self/other. Aquarius is our sense of community,  and Leo is where we shine and claim our magnificence. Venus is preparing us for that shift as we speak.

We  are being asked to rise above our petty ego drives and find a higher aspect of love, one that includes  and recognizes that we all are one.

This New Moon promises more fiery times ahead, so if you find yourself in a battle, let love win!

You know you want to!

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