Sunday, 12 March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo: Health and Healing

The Full Moon at 22 ° Virgo today sits opposite several planets in Pisces, accelerating the intense feelings of polarization that often occur at a Full Moon.

 Virgo is about purification, and perfection: it rules our health, and  brings a focus on organization and details. It also activates a strong urge to be of service to others.

There is a lot of healing energy coming  via Chiron (the wounded-healer) the Sun (essence, vitality) and Mercury (mind) all together in Pisces. The presence of Chiron  could bring up our vulnerabilities, particular around communication and ‘speaking our truth’.

Sometimes we don't know for sure what our truth is...

The other challenge is that our 'truth' may not be the same as another's 'truth';  part of the test will be how  to  hear each other, while also getting heard. Perhaps you will find a way to help someone speak up about something that has been bothering them, and in so doing, fulfill your own need to be of service. Or someone might do that for you. Being in service means putting ones ego aside for a moment.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and often feels misunderstood because as they adapt and morph to fit the energy around them, they can easily lose their own sense of self. This gives Pisceans a reputation of being wishy -washy or undependable.They are also known for their compassion and kindness.

Virgos are fastidious in their attention to detail. Where Pisces avoids - Virgo focuses even closer.  This can come out as criticism or nit picking, which although meant to be helpful, Pisces hates.

Full Moons tend to amplify these sorts of polarities, so its good to be conscious of the pressure right now around how we are communicating. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing up our fears and blockages about expressing our vulnerability (Chiron in Pisces), so much so that the slightest hint of not being heard can shut us down.  Situations may come up that require a sensitive negotiation of boundaries and space. 

Underneath  of all those insecurities and vulnerabilities lay our deepest questions (Mercury)  around who we are and why are we here  (Saturn in Sagittarius) . Deep down inside we all crave  a sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

And yet - another part of us  would rather be floating down a river in a blissful fog (Neptune Pisces) than face up to such big life questions.

Although the  heightened sense of uncertainty we all feel right now may be making some of us uneasy, something positive can emerge from ambiguity; creativity often arises out of chaos.  Many a genius idea comes emerges from  random, unfocused moments. 

Still, discipline (Saturn) will be required to bring our creative vision into fruition. 

This wont be easy. Mercury (thinking) in Pisces is not  known for clarity. Or honesty.  It prefers the beautiful dream to  harsh realities. Obfuscation abounds!

And at the same time, Virgo wants to nail everything down to a schedule. There could be feelings of panic if things are not occurring in an orderly fashion. 

Overall, the key is focus and communication. And getting out of your ego. There's a pressure to stay present, stay in our bodies, deal with the here and now, even though we would rather drift off. 

Virgo deals with health and healthy habits, so one way to use this energy is to focus on physical self improvement. Virgo is an earth sign. Spring cleaning or a spring fast is perfect at this time of year.

Today I got down into  lower cupboards that are easy to ignore, took out everything, scrubbed the shelves, reorganized etc. I also made some really healthy food and did chi gong exercises … seems this Virgo energy got a hold of me.   

There will be those will rebel against this of course, and want to do the opposite.

Keep in mind  that this Full Moon may be bringing up issues that began over a year ago (Feb/Mar 2016). A  lot of changes  were set in motion at that time, and as we come back round the wheel, we may   be due for an emotional spring cleaning.

The  series of Virgo/Pisces eclipses - linked with the Nodes of the Moon -(as they do) opened up a portal of energy that propelled us into situations we could never have seen coming.

That cycle is now completing as a new nodal cycle begins (Leo/Aquarius). There's just a few threads left to unwind.

Anyone with key planets in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius will know what I mean.   I think we have all had quite a year,  but the mutable sings definitely got the worst of it (or the best of it). Donald Trump as a Gemini with his Moon in Sagittarius is flying high! (one man's gain is another one's pain ). 

 One thing we can all agree upon,  the world has shifted in inexplicable ways and there is no turning back.

If you made some big changes around this time last year, you may come back face to face with choices you made.

 Venus (love, relating) will retrograding back into Pisces later in March to give us one last look at the past. There she will activate Chiron (our vulnerability) with a kiss of forgiveness, before moving forward again as the morning star (she can now seen in the evening).

This symbolizes new beginnings , fresh starts, new love etc.

If you have suffered losses, a sense of redemption and blessing are on their way to you. New energies are flooding in to help us maneuver through these  powerful changes.

This Full Moon in Virgo may demand a lot of us, but it has much to offer.

Remember: Communication (Mercury) and compassion (Pisces) are the  key.  Pay attention. Listen. Feel.  
Use your empathy (Pisces).

You know you want to.

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  1. Thank you so much for your column Raven. It is one I look forward to every time. I also love the pictures you choose with your words - they lighten things up. I especially loved the la-la-la monkey this time ;)

    Thanks again Raven.

    Luna Joy

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I love hearing from readers. And I do really enjoy choosing pics to highlight the themes.

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