Thursday, 9 March 2017

Floating away in PIsces

Have you been feeling a bit spacey and un-grounded this week? Have you been feeling extra sensitive for no obvious reason? Is the urge to escape it all even stronger than usual? Maybe your dreams are extra vivid.


The Sun in Pisces is currently linking Mercury (thinking/communicating/mind) with Neptune (imagination/intuition/compassion).

Now's a good time to tap into our interior, non-linear spaces. Intuition is strong and leads us to deeper  experiences arising out of the inner psyche. Our creativity lives here. Let your imagination fly.


Chiron close by can trigger our vulnerability, with the potential of healing old wounds. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to that soft yet insistent  inner voice. Creative therapy can help us access these inner realms. Click on top link to 'Art n Soul' Collage for some simple ideas.

Pisces can activate our innate compassion and caring,  as well as feed our ability to create and dream.  Warning: there is also the added possibility of delusion and denial. Please don't drink /drug and drive.  Your imagination can be a help or a hindrance. Fact check!

As long as you are careful, this is an excellent time to dive deep into these rich waters - let your imagination expand and fill you with wonder!

You know you want to...

A powerful Full Moon this Sunday in Virgo. Stay tuned for more details.
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