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SOlar Eclipse in PIsces: FInding it in your Chart

The New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse (try saying that three times)  is on Sunday (or early Monday for UK/Europe etc).  Annular means there will be a ring of fire around the edges.  An eclipse is a symbol for  bringing new energy in,  while at the same time asking  letting go of something.

My last post listed the key elements involved. Here is some info re accessing that info in your own chart.  Tomorrow I will be back to wrap it all up with some insights into the deeper meaning.

There is always a lot of hype around these things. Although eclipses are not rare events, there is definitely something sacred and awe inspiring about them. There are usually two sets of eclipses each year, and some rare years have three. The sets are generally in two opposite signs (the North Node of the Moon moves slowly backward through the zodiac wheel. The North Node is the sign the Moon  in that lies between  the  Earth and the Sun. An eclipse is when the Moon Earth and Sun line up exactly, blocking light from either the Moon (by the earth) or the Sun (by the Moon)

The Moon at far side of earth at the South Node

 So,  eclipses are somewhat regular occurrences that mark shifts and changes,  just as seasons do. We are part of nature, always growing, morphing, changing,  so this is not unusual, although each eclipse is said to bring us into new levels and new awareness. The sign they occur in and the planets that are linked  by similar degree show us the added influences to take into account.

The essential message of any  eclipse: Something is leaving (being eclipsed) and something new is arriving.  We need to make room for what is coming in. To do that requires a letting go or release.

And that requires Trust (especially in Pisces)

At this Solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are together  in Pisces (a New Moon)  so both whats coming and whats leaving will have a Pisces feel. (see last post for key words). .. with the focus on bringing in new energy.  Look to where 8° Pisces is in your chart to see where you need to make a shift.

A New Moon is called the 'Conjunctio' -  'Sacred Union' of Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine; a very creative, fertile time. 

It is a seed time where we can set intentions and focus on what we want to create over the next month. An eclipse at this time adds the element of something passing away (being eclipsed).

We also some some powerful fiery energy in the background (see last post re Aries) - promising this to be a significant event. It is also the last of three eclipses that began last spring in the Pisces/Virgo axis -  so whatever has been shifting, morphing, changing in the Pisces or Virgo  area of your chart is now at its final stage. Sagittarius and Gemini are at right angles so also highly impacted.

Check the 'Meaning of Houses' link  above (on website) to see where the event is occurring in your own life. If you don't know how to access that info, the easiest way is to find a free chart offer (try googling that) to get a pic of your chart. The best site I know is They wont send you tons of spam; you just join and then input your Date Place and Time of birth. This is an awesome website with tons of free stuff and lots of educational material. When you have your chart image you can right click to save onto your desktop or work directly from the site.

 If you don't have a time of birth , you can instead use your Sun Sign as the First House (Also knows as Rising sign or Ascendant)  - then go from there. So for an Aries,  the eclipse would be in their 12th house...(all the way around the circle).Just count from the sign your Sun is in.

Houses are areas of focus ... and when planets are moving through those areas they light up those issues.

Once you have your Birth Chart,  find the symbol for Pisces then look for 8°
Pisces Symbol

I'll be back tomorrow for more on the significance of this eclipse. Meanwhile, we are now in the energy field of this event, and if you are feeling a bit spacey or discombobulated, that could be why. Pisces links to the deep unconscious and to 'all that is'. This is not logical, linear energy.

Watch your dreams, take time to draw or paint or write...  sit and meditate, walk in nature...   feel your way through to any messages it may have for you.

You know you want to ...

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