Sunday, 26 February 2017

Shift or Get off the Pot!

You could take that title in oh so many ways. I'll leave it up to your imagination!

The New Moon Annular Solar eclipse begins in a few hours: early this morning in NA (7ish EST) and mid-afternoon in Uk/Europe. Only visible from south of the equator... but maybe you feel the waves of Pisces energy washing over you.

I am writing this in the very early morning where i live and am extremely sleep deprived so I hope this will make some sense. If it doesn't, it will be in keeping with the sense of unreality that comes with an eclipse with Neptune in Pisces - hehe.   The Sun, representing our conscious awareness, will be, well - eclipsed! -  allowing usually hidden, more subconscious elements to come to the fore. Something  may be revealed or released.  Big shifts are possible. A new cycle is about to begin.

Watch your dreams : Meditate, write, paint, tune into music, or wander in nature, especially by water if you can - whatever puts you in touch with your feeling self, your inner muse.  This is a potent moment. Ask for a message. See what comes up for healing.
And do be careful: there are some very volatile energies in the background (Mars Eris Uranus sq Pluto - and Jupiter exaggerating it all) ) - The psychic vibrations are amped up to a high frequency- as are the  kinetic ones.  Sudden insights can occur like lightning flashes in a storm.  

You may find yourself asking: Is this a dream or a nightmare?  So hard to say these days. Yet, despite the potential volatility, and insanity,  today's eclipse  contains  blessing and magic. Whatever is revealed today, another layer can be removed, of that thing we need rid of,  of those old programs,   moving us into a quantum shift.

This will be a year of surprises, and of acceleration. We are already adjusting to so many changes, and we're only in February. 

The  Pisces /Virgo eclipses that began last year around the time of the Spring equinox, are coming to completion.  At that time last year  we seemed to enter a very strange and unusual energy field.  It was quite a year! This is now the last eclipse of that series, an end to whatever began last year, or to be more accurate, an end to one stage of a larger cycle of radical change.  The effects of this eclipse will still ripple out for months ...  then in  August the next eclipse will be in Leo/Aquarius.

The Nodes of the Moon are about to shift into Leo and Aquarius, and the focus will be around self/other, ideals/social justice/self sovereignty, things I wrote about two weeks ago at he lunar eclipse. 

And so it goes... round and round we go on the carousel of time.
"We cant get off , we can only look behind from where we came, and go round and round and round in the circle game..."

 Or maybe we can!

Anything is possible. A New Moon is  a time of manifestation: so we might be able to channel  this impulsive, wild energy to our advantage.  Not saying it will be easy, but it could be very fruitful.
Or - it could ruin your day.

Be careful what you wish for.

Mercury (thinking, communicating) is in the mix with Neptune (misty fog): that combo could indicate  more lies, more fake news, more confabulations and distortions. Advice: Don't believe everything you read. You shouldn't anyway - and by now you probably don't -  but this energy could turn out to be particularly sketchy/dodgy.  I would extend that warning to signing documents etc. Wait a week, and/or go over everything several times.

 Neptune can make us delusional,  our judgement/discernment  is likely to be impaired, and that on top of all that volatility, so do be careful. Accidents happen when we go too fast or don't pay attention. Please don't drink and drive. Stay home and enjoy the buzz.

You know you want to.

These times are UTC

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