Friday, 10 February 2017

Leo Full Moon: Hear me Roar


Today's Full Moon at 22 degrees Leo occurs late  Friday Feb 10th in NA and early morning in UK/Europe.It will also be a subtle eclipse, subtle (called ‘pre-numbral) because it  won't be very visible; the Moon just barely passes thru the earths shadow- ’.

This Leo Full Moon is nonetheless a powerful Full Moon that carries the same sense of shift/release  associated with any eclipse - signaling  a potential healing crisis as we let go of another layer  of whatever emotional baggage  has been holding us back. Any issues that have risen to the surface over the last few days will give you some indication of what needs accepting/forgiving/releasing, particularly around self esteem and our willingness to step into the light (so to speak).   

Note: Click the tab at top of this webpage called 'Houses' to see the area where  release/healing could occur. It could for instance be about shining in your work environment (6 or 10th houses), allowing yourself to be seen and valued in your relationship (7th)  or healing old wounds around feeling invisible as a child(4th house) etc

If your birthday is a few days before or after Feb 10th, you can expect this to be a magnificent year with many positive changes  in store for you.  This really is a time that you can make your dreams come true, if you are willing to let go and forgive the past to make way for a brilliant future. It is also a year to expect the unexpected as new and exciting changes shake you out of your complacency.

Leo is about how we shine in the world and it prompts us to take our place on the stage of life.  Leo is a noble, generous, heart centered sign, inviting us to claim our personal sovereignty and recognize own our true magnificence.


At the same time this Full Moon eclipse  reminds us to remain humble and  in harmony with the needs of others (Aquarius); our moment in the spotlight should not be at others expense. 

Overall today's Moon amplifies the  inspiring and expanding sense of possibility that I've been writing about (Jupiter/Uranus), combined with providing grounding and stabilizing support  to help us  'concretize'  our recently acquired visions (Saturn). It provides   inspiration as well as the drive and persistence to forge new pathways in the world and in our own lives. 

There will likely  be some discomfort as we experience the growing pains of waking up from a  long sleep (Chiron in Pisces). This stirring up of deep collective wounds  requires vigilance, patience, persistence  - a continuing commitment to the awakening process.  There is clearly a call to all of us to walk our talk.

The Sun opposite in Aquarius reminds us that we are all in this together. Aquarius is the sign of our  collective unity, the need to balance our egos with our humanity. Aquarius is also the sign of the freedom fighter who cares about people and about  social justice.

The crazy maverick energy of Eris/Uranus has been shaking our foundations and stirring up massive social movements all over the globe; it often takes a crisis to get human beings up and moving.  Whatever it takes.

If not us who?
If not now, when?
 JF Kennedy.

This Moon seems to be saying- stand up and keep standing up. Let your light shine. The only way to get rid of darkness is to bring in more light. The Full Moon configuration also something called a 'Mystic Rectangle' -   indicating a sense of protection and  showering of blessings and grace to get us through difficult times.

I hear a beautiful quote this weekend... "The Sun is always rising  somewhere on this earth". 

A simple yet profound  reminder that, even if everything around us seems to be falling apart,  the world keeps on turning and  the Moon and Sun keep on shining. We have a part to play and, whatever it is, know that you can do it.

So, don't hide your light under a bush...
Let it shine. Let it shine Let it shine.

You know you want to.

More to come: There is  another (Solar) eclipse in two weeks, so stay tuned for more info.  If you want to be emailed when there's a new post, leave your info at link on top right of webpage. Or  'like' Aurum Astrology on Facebook (link further down on right) to get short daily quotes/updates.

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