Saturday, 18 February 2017

'Keep the faith baby.'

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We are at the halfway point between eclipses. Eclipses always mark key shifts and indicate areas in need of change. The in-between time is particularly potent, as we hold the tension between what is dissolving and what is coming into being.  This process will come to a turning point at the New Moon Solar eclipse on Feb 26th.

Meanwhile, the Sun has moved into Pisces and the Moon is currently in freedom loving Sagittarius, and in a 90 ° angle to where the next eclipse will be. That angle creates a tension and an urge to act or react to the planets involved.  Both now and at the eclipse, the Moon will be linking with Neptune in Pisces, which signifies the dreamer (or escapist) in us all.

 Pisces points to our soul journey on planet earth. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are considered to be the two ‘spiritual’ signs of the zodiac (understanding that 'spirit' is in everything and every sign) ... in that they point to our deep longing to connect to all that is.

Sagittarius is a more conscious knowing as it directs us to our higher self, and to higher learning. It represents both codified belief systems and the universal meaning that lies at the heart of all religion. The meaning of Sagittarius thus stretches our core beliefs to become deeper knowing itself,  urging us forward on a quest for meaning and adventure. Sagittarius  has a fiery drive to be always expanding, learning, traveling, exploring. 

Pisces, on the other hand,  floats in an eternal mist, representing the elemental of water that surrounds the embryo. In Pisces we may be dreaming we are in a body yet ultimately and forever connected to  universal life force energy.   Where Sagittarius links us to conscious knowing, Pisces brings us to into the deep unconscious, and represents a primal longing for blissful melting into the cosmic ocean.  

When we are most conscious in Pisces, we feel the oneness that connects all life. At our most unconscious here, we are lost in a sea of forgetting. 

Today's Moon in Sagittarius wants us to pay attention to what is calling us from those depths. It wants us to know in a conscious way what our soul knows and dreams of.  That 'becoming conscious' part  is very important right now, as the world seems to slip further and further down the rabbit hole.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are asking us to 'Keep the faith baby" even as everything gets turned upside down as Neptune and Pisces dissolve what we think is solid or concrete. The South Node of the Moon (where the next eclipse is) is about what we are letting go of. 

“Between now and the solar eclipse, you're being asked to give up something that does not work. It's amazing how reluctant we can be to give something up even when we know it's not working for us. Human beings take great comfort in the familiar, often to our own detriment. Yet you may be able to make this process less of a resistance-trigger for yourself. \Sagittarius Moons are known for a love of freedom; last quarter Moons are known to be helpful in moving things toward completion. Tapping into one or both of those energies consciously -- really let yourself imagine the ease you might feel -- could grease the wheels a little."

A Sagittarius  Moon also just wants to have fun... so let your hair down this weekend and get in touch with your ability to expand beyond current dramas.  

You know you want to! 

There is a blessing and a gift in this coming eclipse, as we continue to navigate through radical shifts and challenging times. More on that later in the week. Till then, keep on dancing!


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