Saturday, 28 January 2017

Seize the Day! 

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We are still in the energy field of yesterday's  New Moon in Aquarius, which  highlights community as well as individuality. We are who we are and we are all in this together!

A New Moon is the time to set intentions!

Aquarius indicates  how we can move forward in our own unique way, while recognizing our connection to each other. Its a quirky, intelligent, and unusual sign that wants us to think outside the box.  Aquarius is not a rule follower, although it represents co operation within the collective force of humanity.  This is about freedom within unity.

Saturn and Uranus are the planetary rulers  active in this New Moon energy field. Uranus is combining with Jupiter to bring fantastic new possibilities into our lives. They may do so by disrupting our patterns and habits to shake us out of our stuck places.

Saturn  reflects our lessons, restrictions, limitations. Now in contact with both Venus (feminine receptivity), Mars (masculine drive) and Chiron (wounded healer),   putting us in touch with our inescapable flaws and where we feel unfairly wounded by life. The current focus  on male/female relationships comes with a particular emphasis on healing the feminine and dealing with the wounds inflicted by the patriarchy (power over, might is right, suppression, oppression etc).  Father issues, authority issues, old angers, buried rage, deep resentments are up for healing.

Saturn is throwing up checks and stops  as we face some difficult aspects of new growth. Saturn can be the repressive energy that wants to keep you down. With Venus it tells you that you are not worthy of love. Do not listen!!  And remember, it's always  darkest just before the dawn! As we  face and heal old ancient pain...  we make way for a new healthier way of being.  A New era is dawning.

Aquarius enlivens our rebellious spirit and brings out the maverick in all of us. Just be sure that you are not rebelling just for the sake of it. Patience and persistence required (Saturn), plus a healthy dose of discernment (North Node in Virgo). Rome wasn't built in a day.  Keep on keeping on!

As the shadow reveals itself we must not be daunted. Now is not the time to give up.  And beware of becoming  polarized as everyone gets caught up in hyper-reactivity. Shock waves are reverberating around the world as the USA, a supposedly progressive modern country,  elects a narcissistic madman who has already begun to strike down human rights, eco-protections  and particularly, women's rights that were years in the making. He wants to grab us all by the pussy!

Let him try!

Yet it's also important to remember that when one projects hatred onto another, it bounces back onto us. This is just a very old shadow coming into full focus due to the increasing of the light. The edges are getting sharper. It's up to us to own our dark places ... even as we bring in the light.

"Its time to rebalance the feminine/masculine dynamic in each of us and between each of us as we find our way into a new level of consciousness..." (Astrograph Astrolology)

The feminine has many faces. Fierce and wild, nurturing and loving, sexual and willful, soft and sweet.

The current focus  is on Eris - a small female warrior planet  (sister of Aries god of war)-  that is powerfully active at this New Moon and for the coming year. As the goddess of discord,  she disrupts, distracts, disentangles us from the false narratives of patriarchy (power over). She is combining her energies with Uranus to wake us up and shake us up.  The feminine has been held down for too long. She is is rising!

Millions of women all over the world marched together  last Saturday to express their solidarity and protest the new regime.…/21/wo…/womens-march-pictures.html…

There was never a more appropriate time for visioning a new way forward, for both men and women (and anyone in-between). Remember the Aquarian theme:  'We are all in this together. ' The feminine presents our intuitive, receptive, inward feeling self that can guide our way forward. Listen to her voice...

As things accelerate, she can help us to stay centered and grounded.   Mars (action, aggression) has just moved into its own sign of fiery Aries;urging us to Go, Go, Go. All planets are now moving in direct motion (no retrogrades). Mercury has retraced its steps and is now moving full forward. Its full steam ahead!

And...  the Chinese New Year starts this weekend in the Sign of the Rooster.  What does a Rooster do?   It wakes us up!!  

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