Saturday, 21 January 2017

Patience, Creativity, Redemption

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 Moving right along ....

We began 2017 with an invitation to explore our creativity, imagination and power of manifestation, courtesy of the very electric, high vibration energy of Uranus and Jupiter.  A sense of excitement and trepidation fill the air.

As you know, when we set out on any adventure,  there will inevitably be many challenges to overcome and hurdles to cross. Chances are,  the road ahead will probably not be a straight one. And how boring it would be if it was! What grand adventure  or mythic tale doesn't have a giant or a wizard or a sleeping dragon to get past before the hero/ine gets to the desired goal?

It's all part of the adventure, and we will have to keep our wits about us. We may even eventually thank the obstacles in our way for what they have to teach us about ourselves, such as our ability to find creative ways to get around, over or through whatever appears to be impeding us.

The first test came this past week with a rather tense angle from Saturn to Mars putting the brakes on our  forward action. Mars  is not currently feeling  particularly driven (Pisces), so you may not mind too much being slowed down to a snail's pace. If however, you got excited and amped up about by the  possibilities offered by Jupiter/Uranus, you may be may be  minding very much. 

Patience required. 

With such a feeling of possibility in the air, it's easy to get discouraged at the first sign of trouble.  Don't worry, the Jupiter/Uranus configuration is going to be active all year, and it is also the Year of the Rooster. Later in the year there will also be a shift of the North Node Destiny Point into Leo (where we shine) ...  confirming  that 2017 is definitely a Year to Crow Loudly. This is our time to Awaken and Shine.

If you are feeling (temporarily) stymied by Saturn's slowing down effect, know that this too shall pass; in fact its effects are already fading.  In the meantime, Saturn/Mars in combination can be harsh or cruel,  so please go easy on yourself as well as on people around you. It's easy to snap at others when we feel frustrated. Despite Saturn's propensity to shame and blame... there's a chance its nobody's fault. Sometimes shit just happens. 

For those who might be developing a martyr complex  (Mars in Pisces) … please give yourself a break. Throwing a pity party isn't going to get you out of the stuck place you are in.  Yes, Saturn  is making things harder than usual… he wants us to take responsibility for whatever tangles we've got ourselves into.

If  things are not going the way you planned, this is an excellent opportunity to turn instead to your inner world, courtesy of four planets in Pisces (Venus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron). This is the realm of intuition and imagination  where we dream big and access our creative muse.

Venus in Pisces can bring us the harmony we really need and seek. The planet of love in the sign of compassion and creativity is the one of most absolutely lovely combinations there are. This is a pure and elevated love, a poetic artistic beauty, the sweet inner longing to connect to the universe... which is  inside of us and all around us, even when we cant see or feel it  (like when Saturn is breathing down our neck).

Pisces is the sign of redemption.

It's also very prone to escapism. Beware of negative voices in your head. We all have a melancholy side...  a part of us that thinks 'nobody loves me'.  If you're feeling lonely, Jupiter in Libra says reach out and find a friend. Or two. Or three.

 The Sun in Aquarius emphasizes groups and connecting to our community. Try meetups to find like minded others. Today women around the world are joining the Women's March. Whatever helps you feel connected.

Or... another option: Mars /Venus together in Pisces can be sweet and sexy. Today's Moon  in sultry sexy Scorpio adds sizzle and passion  to get us out of the dumps. Getting u close and personal with your main squeeze  might be just the medicine you need.

The key is to remember that there's always more than one way to approach/overcome  an obstacle:  Uranus /Jupiter represents a multiplicity of outcomes.

I hope you enjoy  your potent imagination today as you  dive into magical  realms through the  rich world of touching, painting, meditating ...   or reflecting … on what makes the world go round.

Could it be love?

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