Thursday, 12 January 2017

Full Moon in Cancer: Mother Yourself.

The  Moon is Full  in the early hours today in its home sign of Cancer, which  governs our emotions.

This is the realm of family, of mother, our emotional sensitivity, our home life. Its about emotional integration, feeling our feelings, about memories, the past, our childhood issues etc. All these will be in heightened focus over the next twenty four hours.

A powerful Grand Cross formation promises the possibility of  intense emotional transformation and deep changes at the core of our being... brought to us by Pluto/Uranus (one corner of the cross). Some deep emotional patterns have the capacity to  shift over the next few days.

Jupiter at another corner  adds blessings of positive joy and expansion,  while it also amplifies the intensity of the other planets. Our feelings and emotional reactions will be hugely expanded (i.e. over the top) right now.

Uranus, along with dwarf planet Eris, guarantee more exciting and potentially disruptive changes as we continue to expect the unexpected! The extra sensitive energy of Cancer will be exaggerated big time by so many powerful planets all in tension with each other.   Whatever has been peculating over the  last few weeks will feel like its  coming to a head. 

This will help us sweep the slate clean and truly face forward into 2017.

So much has been let go of, shaken up and changed. Now, as we begin to take steps in a new direction, doubts and fears can arise. The intensity will  push us to get in touch with our unconscious stuff (blocks,fears etc) .  It's time to stop looking backward and allow the powerful energy thrust to move us into fast forward motion.  If you have any  hesitations this Full Moon will stir them up and also help clear them out. Sudden emotional outbursts are possible. 

You may want to to take some time out for yourself.

 Do it! Let yourself FEEL! This is a good  time to focus on what nurtures you.

The part of us that wants comfort and cuddles and hot chocolate can now be heard  loud and clear. Listen to that prompting.  Stop thinking for just a moment and get in touch with what's really going on inside of you.  Your inner child may need some attention as old unresolved issues come to the surface.

Inside each of us is a tender need for love... and the ability to both give and receive it. Now's a good time to honour that need in ourself and in each other. Ask for what you need. Go ahead and mother yourself a little.

You know you want to!

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