Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year's Day - Super Full Moon Love is in the Air

Bring me a higher love oh yeah!

Tomorrow is New Years Day - Super Full Moon - Full Wolf Moon - in the watery sign of Cancer. It brings a message of deep spiritual healing as it calls us to walk forward into 2018 with integrity and love (Saturn and Venus). Deep emotional transformation is possible now .

A second Full Moon (making it a Blue Moon) rises on the 31st, and brings the year’s only eclipse for North America just before dawn.
What a way to start the year!

The sign of the Cancer crab represents the deep emotional patterns that are rooted in our childhood. The Full Cancer Moon symbolizes the Mother – and the Capricorn Sun opposite - is the Father. Pluto and Venus are also sitting opposite the Moon - pointing the need for -  and possibility of -   deep emotional healing and transformation around our need for love (Venus). 

A beautiful Grand Trine (easy flow) between the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter offers blessings galore – showering us in a mystical aura of healing and connection to universal love.

As Saturn settles into its home sign of Capricorn- it brings both grounding and gravitas, and a sense of reckoning.  Something is pulling us toward our higher purpose. Time to walk our talk and get really real. Uranus - sitting at a critical/ last degree of Aries (it slips into Taurus on Tuesday)  – is sending high frequency electrical sparks  toward Mercury (thinking, communicating) now moving  forward through Sagittarius. 

When the higher mind links up with the cosmic adventurer, anything is possible.

There are more details to come re this New Years Day - Full Moon Astrology - but this is the basic message. 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Everything you are looking for is already inside of you!”

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” 

Happy New Year! 
Wishing you all the best in 2018.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Winter Solstice: Return of the Light

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Happy  Winter  Solstice! - which  literally means ‘Sun stands still’ - exact today - December 21st at 11:27am EST - at 0 degrees Capricorn. 

Jupiter and Mars bring a blast of energy to get us through the longest night. Mercury Retrograde is slowing down and getting ready to turn direct tomorrow. In Sagittarius, Mercury activates the higher mind. 

And Saturn - ruler of Capricorn -  is here to make it real!  Luckily - Venus is nearby – reminding us keep our hearts open - even as we face the lessons of Saturn.  In this pregnant pause,  which actually lasts four days -  we can take a moment to breathe in deeply - and feel our  connection  - to the earth and Sun and the stars - and  to the core of our being - as we celebrate the Return of the Light. 

As the Sun enters Capricorn- it joins Saturn at the very beginning its journey through Capricorn - its home sign  - completing a 29-year Saturn cycle. Saturn’s special significant at this Solstice, and also with the New Moon in Sagittarius just a few days ago, sets the tone that will carry us across the threshold of  2017 into the beginning of 2018.  

Saturn is called The Lord of Karma - and its prominence at the turn of the year seems to indicate that some kind of reckoning is at hand. As we celebrate the Return of the Light- hurray - we may also find it illuminating what has been hiding in the shadows. 

Saturn has been powerfully linked to the Galactic Core all year (see past posts), which is the centre of our galaxy and highly significant as a marker of human destiny. Saturn’s central position at last weekend’s New Moon – and on the GC – then here again on the Solstice – indicates we could benefit from understanding a bit more about this fated and sometimes dreaded planet.

I have written several times recently about the Galactic Centre or Core – the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is said that when planets align with the Galactic Core – they receive regular energy pulses, stimulating change in the whole galaxy, and bringing things to a new level.  The result - an increased vibrational frequency - means a higher state of consciousness and an era of spiritual illumination. This is obviously an esoteric understanding, rather than a purely scientific one. Science doesn't really ‘get’ astrology anyway (yet).  Perhaps sometime in the future, the effects of the planets on us will be more understood.  That would certainly require exactly the kind of paradigm shift in consciousness that our current astrology is all about. Saturn’s presence at this key point adds gravitas to the Galactic Core’s message – telling us its time to awaken. 

The message (if you choose to accept it) is that - as of 2012 - we have been undergoing a quantum shift to help us evolve to a new level.  Part of that process is to step from left brain mode (masc) into right brain intuitive knowing (fem)  - thus stepping beyond limiting mental constructs that stop us from seeing the bigger picture.  This is about the rise of the feminine- in all of us.

In this latest 26,000 year cycle, the Earth has travelled to the farthest point from the centre of the galaxy. These cycles are called ‘yugas’ in Indian mythology – and this current period has been called ‘Kali Yuga' – the Darkest Age  - as we are as distant from the Divine Light/Source (GC) as we can get (a kind of spiritual winter). The idea is that the Galactic Alignment of 2012 signalled the beginning of a Galactic Spring, where we will enter (or return to) a new golden age of humanity.  That is going to be a  longggg process; the galactic core is in fact a very large area taking years to cross-  and at the moment we are still just at the very cusp of the New Age. The darkness (ignorance, violence, hatred) is still very dominant, and in some ways seem to be getting worse.

Now that Saturn  has passed through Sagittarius (higher mind) - it lands squarely in the sign that rules cultural and societal systems. As things tumble and fall around us (Pluto in Capricorn) – we get to rebuild and restructure the framework of our world. And that starts with accountability. 

Facing up to ourselves, and what we are doing with our lives is at the core  (pun intended) of Saturn in Capricorn. Its time to walk our talk. That can mean different things to different people.

 "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do! " Rumi

Saturn (the grand taskmaster)  wants us to make our life and our love real. That can seem a bit scary – but it is not so  bad. We just need to begin to take responsibility for our life, one step at a time. This is only painful when re resist. Ironically – Saturn will show exactly where we will tend to resist. (Saturn is also the master of irony).

Where it sits in our personal chart indicates where our biggest challenges lie – where we must face limitations or lessons that are guaranteed to make us grow. It may feel like punishment- but it’s really  there to help us get stronger. 

Think of it like lifting weights. When you do – the muscle fibres get broken down – then the body is forced to repair itself -  and your muscles get stronger. That's kind of what Saturn does. The weights (inner or outer) we carry – duties- responsibilities- limitations -  can certainly wear us down - or - they can increase our fortitude . What doesn't kill us makes us stronger! 

And right now the thing we may be resisting the most is change.
Yet change we must if the planet - and the human race- is going to survive.

Although the dominance of Saturn now points to universal lessons, as always - some will feel this energy more than others.  How Saturn is placed in your chart will show how you respond to challenging events.   

Half full or half empty?

Look to see what house it is in your chart right now (see tab above for houses) to see where you will be working hard to build something – and where there may be some challenges ahead). Saturn return is when Saturn returns to its original position in our chart- around age 28-29 – then again at 57-8. These are times that we come face to face with ourselves to see if we have learned our lessons well.

I don't want to scare you - just giving you a heads up.  There are many positive attributes that Saturn brings. In the midst of some much uncertainty – it can help ground and protect us. Saturn also  represents time- authority- father energy. Those all can work in our benefit if we learn to work with rather than against the pressure.

I know its seems like an oxymoron - but there can be freedom in limitations; if everything was completely open-ended, nothing would ever get done. The Moon in Aquarius today will help  us think outside the box.  Interestingly - Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn - haha - we just can't escape it.
With Saturn so dominant- there is work ahead. We can expect to be pushed harder - get further - grow more- over the next 2- 3 years. There will be a focus on accountability – and perhaps some sort of limitations or boundaries  that need to be set in place. 

Although Saturn transits can be tough- they are the very stuff of what makes things work. Saturn rules the bones- it is our back bone – our structures- our systems. Pluto in Capricorn has been shaking up and breaking down those systems. Uranus in tension with Pluto has been the element of future shock – designed to wake us up and bring in new – potentially revolutionary energy. 

The pressure of radical change has triggered the old guard to resist with all its might; we are seeing the last  gasps of the old system in its death throes. Saturn in Capricorn may bring even more resistance - at first- while eventually (hopefully) bringing some justice to those who have misused their power (Pluto).

Things often seem to get worse before they get better. For example -  I have heard warnings about the financial system going through some blips. Yet,  as the old order breaks down - we have the chance  to build something new and better. 

The transition part (where we are now) is very uncertain and definitely challenging. But the gift in it is – we are now seeing the shadows more clearly defined. As  Jupiter in Scorpio continues to stir up secrets and lies over the coming year -  we will need to face the reality (Saturn) or our situations – both personal and global. Gulp.

It is time to cast off the shackles of our past conditioning and become the author of our own destiny. Saturn is about growing up. Perhaps its time!
Time to turn on the light! 

 One last thing- the other planet that has been playing with our heads all year is Neptune – the polar opposite of Saturn. Where earthy Saturn rules the physical, concrete world of authority and structures - - watery Neptune rules universal oneness and the urge to merge into unity consciousness. 

Neptune calls us to the depths of our being and inspires great creativity and imagination. It can also space us out-  big time- leading us into a fantasy world of illusion and delusion. 

While Saturn urges us to face reality through dealing with our  limitations– Neptune tends to blur the boundaries and invites escapism and denial. Drink/drugs/ addictions are all part of Neptune's illusive charm. As is art/ creativity/music/meditation. It's a thin line between genius and insanity.
Neptune will link to Mercury as it turns direct tomorrow -  bringing in more weird sense of unreality and fake news. Expect more evasions and lies -   even as Saturn (the judge) tries to bring in some accountability. 

Information often comes to light when Mercury changes direction. Wonder what it will be this time?

 Saturn without Neptune is harsh - Neptune without Saturn is lost. The best combination of these two opposites is  combining creativity (Neptune)  with  form (Saturn).  Making our dreams reality will take some doing, but there are ample opportunities now to create something fantastic. Creativity thrives in chaos after all.

So don't despair. Celebrate. Even in your greatest darkness- there is always light.  We can join the reemerging  light of the Sun (c0onsciousness) to help dispel the darkness; each one of us can be a light in the world to help dispel the darkness.

A Winter Solstice ritual:  Light a candle- or fire.  Write down what you are ready  to release. On another piece of paper – write what new energy you want to bring in. Remember Saturn- Make it real. One at a time -  take each piece of paper -  Bless it – Give it to the fire/light. With gratitude. With humility. With love.

Let it be so.  

Monday, 18 December 2017

New Moon Adventure!

Warning - formatting issues again. Read at your own risk!

Today's New Moon sets a tone that takes us through the approaching  solstice and New Year. The Winter Solstice is  an important yearly marker celebrated all over the world. As the Sun reaches  its lowest  point in the ecliptic - it appears to stand still for four days (20- 24th) -  before the days begin  to lenghten again.  

We all  breath a collective sigh of relief and perhaps join in one of many  different cultural festivals celebrating the return of the light. 

Just before that occurs - this potent  New Moon (late Sunday/early Monday - depending on where you live) is in the expansive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius.This cosmic adventure is beckoning. 

A New Moon is a chance to press the reset button and begin again. As the last New Moon of the year- this one is particularly significant. Before we can focus on what we want to manifest in 2018, we get to review the year gone past. And what a year it's been!

Thanks to Neptune's influence (amongst others) there have been  many unusual and confusing aspects to life here on planet earth. The current Mercury retrograde may be  inclining some of us to  reflect on important life questions. Whether we are ready -  or willing - to hear the answers - is the million dollar question! 

"And you may find yourself - Living in a broken down shack 
And you may find yourself - In another part of the world

And you may find yourself - Behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down...
Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. 

And you may ask yourself - How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself - Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself - This is not my beautiful house.
And you may tell yourself - This is not my beautiful wife!"

We've got to stay grounded as Neptune continues to confuse and beguile.At this moment of creative manifestation - do you want to manifest your delusions and illusions - or do you want to come from a place of integrity? You'd think that was an obvious choice - but watching the news today tells me it isn't! 

Sagittarius is the truth teller. Does that mean the truth will out?  Maybe when Saturn enters Capricorn. 

A LOT is about to shift - bigly - when Saturn moves into its home  sign  on Tuesday. Saturns presence at this New Moon says that what we focus our attention - and intention on - has the possibility of becoming concrete reality in the future. The clarity coming from our Mercury retrograde reflections is thus all the more important at this time.

Saturn is the planet of karmic lessons -teaching us through challenges, restrictions and responsibilities.  Sitting at a critical degree at the very end of Sagittarius - we get one last chance to fine tune our thinking before the lord of karma heads into Capricorn.  Let's just say things are about to get real. 

Saturn in Sagittarius has been trying to get us to develop discernment by examining our unconscious - and dearly held - core beliefs.

Then Jupiter entered Scorpio - and  the game of truth or lies took on a sexual nature. As Jupiter continues to bring hidden issues to the surface,  Saturn in Capricorn will add accountability into the mix. 

With Saturn hovering at the Galactic Core in the sign of higher truth - there has been a strong imperative to align ourselves with our higher our purpose. 

(Funny - auto correct just tried to turn that into 'Galactic Court' - rather appro- pro to this discussion. Saturn is  the 'judge' - and Sagittarius links to justice)

The mirror of Saturn always  judges us according to our beliefs - just as we judge others. Enough with all this judging. Who told you that you have to judge everything?  Who gets to cast the first stone?

Part of Saturn's lesson in Sagittarius ( belief systems) is to teach us to distinguish between believing and knowing.  

How much of what you think is true- how much of what you believe -  is just because you've had it dropped into your brain all your life. 

The point of Saturn in Sagittarious is to really examine the idea of truth. Truth is more than so called  facts - which can be twisted and turned in also many ways. 

This New Moon  is asking us one last time to set our intention on seeking the truth - and to really examine the filters through which we see the world. It's time to get real. Its time to wake up. So much is possible when we step outside the boxes that define us. Let the adventure begin! 

You know you want to!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Full Moon in Gemini - part 2- Finding the Essential

There was a weird glitch in the last post - Quoted material brought a bunch of stuff/links with it - apologies. Mercury retrograde in action. 

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We just had a powerful Full Moon in Gemini. Gemini is about the mind - our thoughts - our communication. It's about the multiplicity of viewpoints and ideas that our heads are usually filled with. Sagittarius opposite (Sun) is more about the bigger picture - the broader view, the grander vista.  If Gemini is the stories we tell ourselves - Sagittarius is the book of life.

Today the Moon has already moved on into the sign of Cancer, and now sits in a lovely fluid connection with Neptune and Jupiter. This wonderful energy  is full of inspiring, expansive emotions.  Feel your spirit soar! Reach for the stars!

And what a story the stars have to tell.   Sun - Moon- Venus and Mercury are all now in Sagittarius. This is the sign of the cosmic traveller - the adventurer- the seeker of meaning. The Sun here expands us –and prods us to seek new horizons and a broader experience of life.  Things should start to feel a bit more positive and upbeat now –  with so many planets in the sign of the archer - and some of us will be heading off for some kind of grand adventure.

Saturn (the taskmaster) however – lurks nearby – insisting we check the tires – get some gas - check the oil etc. before we take off.  This really is a great time to have some fun and explore new territory - as long as you include on your checklist - a reality check!

If you space out (Neptune) or ignore Saturn’s warning - that reality check could come via unexpected or possibly jarring events (Mars Uranus) . Don’t let Saturn’s tendency to fret and worry stop your expansion - let it temper it. Boundaries and limitations can be frustrating but they are also useful.Use them to your advantage.

With  Jupiter in Scorpio is stirring up strong undercurrents and pushing all sorts of unconscious motivations, drives, and desires up to the surface for us to grapple with, paying attention has never been so important.  Makes me think of the Lord of the Rings - when Frodo is heading out and the shadowy dark riders are in pursuit. The ring that makes him disappear is like Neptune - blurring reality. It is helpful - and also dangerous. 

As our own shadow figures arise from the unconscious – they can derail even the best laid plans. The more alert and awake we are the better prepared for any eventuality.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury - which links us to the rational mind. Uranus, on the other hand, represents the higher mind, intuition and flashes of insight.  Both are very active right now and working to elevate our state of awareness. A quickening is occurring. The alchemy is exciting and also requires our attention. As the trickster planet  travels back through Sagittarius - our beliefs could be  turned inside out and upside down.

As new information comes to light , we may find out something we hadn't considered before - or discover what we thought was true - isn't. There will definitely be plenty of  chances to examine  our assumptions  from a different point of view, as old ways of thinking and communicating  come under scrutiny.

(this could include new political intrigues - or new information breaking open old stories)

Mercury wants us to question everything.  Review - reflect- renegotiate those deeply held assumptions – whatever they are. They may be limiting you in ways you don't even realize -  or - giving you a false sense of security.

With out thinking (Mercury) pointed toward the lessons, challenges, and karma (Saturn) of the Galactic Core (centre of our galaxy) - our assumptions about who we are come under the microscope.  Who are we and why are we here?

A nurse working in a hospice asked people what they most regretted. No one wished they had worked more.

If we are not what we do - then who are we? Before you were the You that You think You are -  who were You?

  What is so essential - that you could not live without it?

These are not easy times. yet the most difficult situations can become a doorway into yourself.

 I  have dealt with some health challenges over the years. Every time I would crash - and be unable to function - my whole sense of self would be challenged. I was always a doer – an achiever. Super busy. I like to be good at stuff. When at some points  I couldn't do anything at all, I felt so defeated. Sacred. Lost.  Yet that downward journey  became my biggest gift -  forcing me to slow down and reconnect - with me. Every time I got stripped down like that - I'd rant and rail and resist – then – eventually -  when I would finally surrender – and start to let go- my suffering would lessen.   Sitting still -   breathing into a quiet  place inside me – I would often find peace and even joy – even in the midst of physical discomfort.

 In these distressing times – it becomes imperative that we find a balancing point  within ourselves so we can stay strong, even  while everything is whirling around us. Saturn's message is  that our point of reference must be central, intrinsic; just as the Galactic Core sits at the centre of our galaxy,  so too must we orient to our own centre.  This is not  narcissistic - but holistic - as the universe (one verse) is. Everything is inter-connected.

The only limit is in your mind!