Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"Out with the Old, In with the New" : Winter Solstice Dec 21st 10:44 am UT

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Today is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest in the Southern, as we enter a moment of pause between the year gone by, and the year to come.

 This year's Winter Solstice occurs as Jupiter  (joy, generosity and expansion) opposes Uranus (awakening, innovation and surprise). This brings an atmosphere of synchronicity, prosperity and new possibilities; a welcome blessing at the end of what has been for many a very challenging year.  

What those possibilities are, and how to tap into them is up to us.

 Pluto/Mercury, Jupiter/Uranus, Neptune/Moon, Venus/Jupiter, Saturn/Sun ... so many powerful alignments are showing us that we have many choices, both positive and powerful.  There are forces at work here we may not understand, yet they are there to help us create the life we want. With power comes responsibility!

Please pause for a message from our sponsor: The Galactic Core

The Sun has just crossed opposite the centre of our galaxy. When the Sun links up with the Galactic Core  (27 degrees Sagittarius) it activates a deep inner longing to know our true destiny and purpose.  To get in touch with that core, we need to first let go of the false programing that erased our memory of who we really are and why we are here.

There has been much said in the past year about the need to examine our core beliefs.  Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us to really look at what we think and believe vs what we really know. A lot of stripping down has occurred requiring a willingness to become empty and still.

Which leads us to the Winter Solstice,  known as 'The Day the Sun Stands Still'.   This is a perfect time to empty ourselves and wait in the darkness to be filled. 

 The longest night of the year actually stays about the same until Dec 25th and then hurray! -  the days will ever so subtly begin to lengthen. Perhaps that is why we more commonly celebrate Christmas (the Return of the Light) on December 25th.  

Yet long before Christianity put its mark on this celebration,  cultures all over the world (in the Northern Hemisphere) marked the Winter Solstice as the turning point, a moment to celebrate our planet's yearly journey around the Sun. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. As above, so below. Over the next four days,  as we hover in-between, it's good to take time to sit still and ponder our place in the universe.  

And this year we have something extra special being added to the celebration. Jupiter and Uranus add  sparkle and synchronicity and a sense of unlimited possibilities.

 “Due to this VERY favorable configuration involving the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus, unique interactive benefits ... will bless those with planets anywhere near :
29 Sagittarius/Gemini through 1-5 Capricorn/Cancer, 7-11 Aquarius/Leo, 13-17 Pisces/Virgo, 19-23 Aries/Libra, and 25-29 Taurus/Scorpio.”           (

All of us will feel this accelerated energy field in some way or another.  These powerful planetary lineups are pushing us to step outside our comfort zones like never before. Jupiter and Uranus are working synchronistically  to wake us up. Together they can trigger positive events as well as unexpected and sometimes disconcerting outcomes. This energy magnifies whatever it comes into contact with The ‘unexpected’ factor (Uranus plus Eris) has been throwing us for a loop all year,  and I suspect we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Yet despite some seemingly unwelcome outcomes we re seeing, it remains an exciting time of change and manifestation. What we focus on grows.

The key thing to remember is that what we align ourselves to, through what we focus on,  is what we will manifest. It's also good to remember that 90 % of our 'thinking' is unconscious. We may have to do some investigating to uncover the roots of our discontent. Pluto's current link to Mercury will help us dig deep as we reflect on the past year to understand what we are creating in our lives.

If you have had a brilliant year, you get to celebrate that! If you didn't, just more to learn. 

A Solstice Ceremony: Make two lists: 1. Things you’d like to release from your life and 2. What you’d like to manifest. Light a candle or a fire.  Take a moment to feel gratitude for both, and for the universal life force energy that makes all things possible.  Then
bless each and  give  both to the fire.

As we begin to shift into a new perceptual dimension … where we are no longer limited by narrow belief systems and negative mental or emotional programs,  the purging and letting go will seem worth it.  
And once we are clear, we need no longer be distracted by others confusion. 

A lot of the crap that is coming to the surface right now and creating a majour backlash is just the old order fighting to maintain supremacy (either in ourself ... or in the world). If we cling to the old familiar programs,  as the polarity increases, whatever is not in harmony with the new energies will be brought out into the open more and more.

It’s not a pretty picture.

Yet we can choose what we focus on. 

“The best way to get rid of evil is the make energetic progress in the good” (I Ching) 

2017 will continue to amplify our awakening and force us to confront our thoughts and beliefs (good and bad), in order to help us to vision a new future.

2016 is definitely going out with a bang!   

 Take this  Solstice  moment to be still and to reflect on where you have been and where you are going.  Let Retrograde Mercury, ruler of our thoughts,  help you to reflect, review, rethink.. and renew. 

You know you want to!

Solstice Blessings be upon you.


  1. Well Raven...did you write this just for me? Lol! Thank you for this beautiful blog..I appreciate your work very much. Happy Solstice!

  2. Hi Irene. I'm happy it resonates with you. .. kind of wrote itself! Wishing you light and love and all things bright and good!