Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Moon Capricorn: Walk Your Talk

It's New Moon time again... a time to focus our way forward, set intentions, reflect on where we are and where we are going. The New Moon intentions we put out now will ripple out into the  new year. This is the time of New Year resolutions, which I don't generally ascribe to. .. but I do believe in setting intentions and visioning one's way forward.  Its time to think about what we want to manifest in 2017.

There is some seriously exciting  and unusual energy blasting at us at the time (see last post). Our imagination and vision can be tapped into in a big way.

Capricorn itself  is a more serious sign focused on achievement and concrete results.  Add Pluto nearby brings  to the New Moon and the result is intensity, power and magic. There is tension in the air via  Uranus Eris. .. discord dances with discontent.  All of this unsettling and destabilizing energy is linked to Mercury, planet of communication,  bringing unexpected and unusual thought processes into our sleep brains. Some  are seeing through the cracks of our lives, or of 'the system '... and considering leaps of faith (or leaps of destruction). Our thoughts can get out of control as this accelerating vibrational force pushes our mental boundaries to the breaking point. Some of it makes sense and some of it is pure paranoia .

Luckily Mercury is Retrograde,  slowing us down  a little so we can take stock before we jump forward. Pluto has us reflecting  on the past year with more insight and scrutiny than usual. How did we get here anyway? And why are we still here (while so many are leaving)? It's been such a strange and upsetting year and there's a lot to think about. Much has changed in rather drastic ways.

As our very thought processes become the subject of our inquiry,   we must begin to scrutinize  belief systems in general and ours in particular. We've got to find out what we really know (vs what we believe) if we are going to be able to navigate these crazy times. (such as: do I believe in my government? My job? My marriage? My friends? Am I settling for less? Do I fit in with consensus reality (what everybody says is true) ? Do I think the system is working? My relationship? My habits?  If not, what would I replace them with and how would I do that ? if not, why not? Leaving a situation  can happen too easily right now ...  then suddenly you are on your own and wondering what to do now.

I'm not saying you should go back to the status quo: in fact, I know you can't. Things have shifted too much. The recent past seems a long long way back.  The future is so uncertain so its one step ahead of the other.  That said, there is the possibility of a quantum leap. I'm not even sure what that looks like. I just know its there by the planets involved (Jupiter Uranus)

I do know there are truly exciting as well as disruptive energies about, and its not  always about peace and love.

 So, as we enter 2017, shell shocked and weary, and  knowing there is a LOT going on, what will you hold in your  vision  that can manifest in a concrete way to help shift things in a more positive direction?

I am not trying to tell you what to think... I'm just describing the astrology of the moment. And  that's exactly the point. This lesson is about learning to think for yourself, getting clear, and not just regurgitating something you heard on BBC or CNN.  Or on some blog. This is a time of awakening. Time to BE the change you want to see in the world.I know thats become cliche',  but damn, its the truth.

So welcome this New Moon as the perfect  time to press the reset button. If something about this past year has not been working for you, you can now tap into the tremendous energy pouring down on us  to make a new start.

New Moment, New Choice.

You know you want to.

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