Monday, 12 December 2016

Full Moon in Gemini: Quantum Leap!

Full Moon in Gemini : Tues/Wed, Dec 13/14 

The Moon is already looking pretty full tonight. It's in the category of 'Super Moon' ... closer proximity to the earth makes it look larger and brighter - although to be honest there seem to be so many super moons - that title is starting to lose its impact.   And actually, that's an important point. Information is blasted at us 24-7.   Some of it is true, and lots of it is false, and the stuff in between is just so much trivia. How do we know the difference?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which rules the mind. How we think and communicate, as well as how we filter information,  is up for transformation. Our emotions affect what we let in, our biases influence our perception. This  last Full Moon of the year brings with it the possibility of a quantum shift. 

A  much needed  blast of super charged positive energy   is headed our way thanks to the powerful Grand Trine - positive flow - between Moon, Jupiter and Uranus.  We can get distracted oh so easily. It's time to decide what we give our energy to.  This  Full Moon offers us a highly creative, deeply life affirming mental reboot.

As you think, so you sow. It's manifestation time! 

We may  be hearing some new  information shortly that  increases our understanding of something important. We will have to decide if it is true or false.

At first, it might not feel so positive.  Saturn’s presence close to the Sun  hangs like a heavy blanket in the background;  fear, doubt, and negativity can keep us feeling down or defeated.  Neptune adds a layer of disillusionment and uncertainty. Chiron  brings deep vulnerability. No one trusts anyone anymore. Confusion abounds.  Yet these challenges force us to grow and therefore also bring the possibility of real change, which can be turned into untold possibilities.

At any Full Moon, relationships of all kinds are in focus. Its important to  recognize there is a  tension between the need for freedom and independence, and the equal urge to connect and merge with others. The yin/yang of the Full Moon will amp up that tension and then open the door to a third option.  Not 'either-or'…  but ...  'both-and'. No need to get caught up in polarizing dynamics. We are all in this together.  

"Are we seeing ourselves in the mirror and not recognizing ourselves? 
When we kill each other are we not killing ourselves?  
When we rob each other do we not rob ourself?
... because you and you are you are my reflection." Prem Rawat

This  is the wake up necessary to get us to see more clearly.  Uranus/Eris continues to keep us on our toes via unsettling events, discord, surprises, unusual outcomes. With Jupiter involved, disappointments, conflicts, stand offs (Saturn opp Moon) can evolve unexpectedly into heart felt connections that bring remarkable breakthroughs (in that order). Of course, how you position yourself is what makes all the difference.

Jupiter and  Uranus  bring sudden and unexpected rewards. Yet the biggest reward may be to open our minds to new possibilities. Things don't have to go the way they have always gone.  The Moon is about emotions.  Powerful emotional adjustments ...  can lead to cognitive shifts ...  can lead to stepping out of the box... can lead to great good fortune. This Full Moon in  Gemini could turn our brains inside out (in a good way). Let it open the doors of perception.

It’s time for a quantum leap. 

You know you want to!

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