Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind.

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Over the past weekend, the Sun squared the Moon in Leo (tension) and both were interacting with the natal Pluto of anyone born mid to late 50's. This on top of Jupiter's aspects with Pluto/Uranus are amplifying global upheaval and change.

That gave many of us an extra  round of hyper-reactivity as we continue to grapple with the current crazy upheaval and world gone mad. These intense dynamics continue to  create internal/ external challenges and conflict,  and Sun/Pluto  adds obsessive compulsive tendencies to the mix (along with a tendency to resist to change).

"Be careful of indulging in extreme behavior right now. Issues of control can provoke conflicts with other people, or just difficulties in accepting some reality you may be resisting. "


Neptune in Pisces fills our dreams with sweet longings as the Moon sits opposite on the Collective Destiny Point (North Node) in Virgo. This triggers our deep need for meaning in a world gone mad, and an ache to find our way home.

There's a whisper of something forgotten, something lost, which is wistfully tugging at our hearts.
Yet this pull is actually coming from where? (hint: look inside)  'Home' may not be so far away. 

"Home us where the heart is. "


This Moon says listen to the call, but be careful not to get sidetracked by distractions or the urge to escape. There's really no where to go. Virgo adds discernment so we don't lose our way in the fog.  It also reminds us that 'to serve is to rule.'
Despite the doom and gloom atmosphere, these creative tensions can bring rich rewards if we can direct them from a clear place. This takes effort...  it may be a bit like trying to steer a runaway train, but it can be done. We just need to 'own it'! Our intense reactions show a deep need/desire to find a way to cut through the BS.  And chances are good that need for self-transformation and regeneration is being shoved in your face right now, trying to get your  conscious attention.

"The true meaning of these events lies in their significance for your inner life. These events help you to understand and actualize something about your 'will to power' which is really about your desire to transform yourself to get nearer to your true spiritual path. "    Time Passages for Nov 21, 2016 

Because this awakening  process may be a relatively unconscious desire on our part, the wake up call can be all the more difficult. Be careful what you wish for!

Or be more specific!
(we get what we ask for)   Discernment required!

We need to balance our dreaming and longing (Pisces) with our logic (Virgo).   On one side of the sky,  Neptune in Pisces fills our dreams with murmurings and  whispers. Something is calling us... pulling us. But there is doubt, hesitation. Are these voices to be trusted?

 Illusions and delusions are rife. Planets like Moon or Neptune on the nodes can be portals/open gateways into new realms, new ideas, new ways of seeing/being.  Do you want to step through the looking glass?

So, to recap: the Moon on the North Node (direction society is heading)  stirs up our emotional need for purpose and meaning.  Emotional purification (Moon in Virgo) helps bring the  discernment we will need to move forward in the right direction. We may have a lot of 'stuff' that is polluting our hearts and minds; inherited prejudices, fears, preconceptions, assumptions. So much of what we think or feel has been fed to us.

Neptune on the South Node (what is passing away) in Pisces seems to be dissolving the very ground beneath our feet. Nothing feels real anymore amidst so much confusion and obfuscation. The more private  dissolving asks us to let go of anything (people, places, ideas)  that aren't really ours. So how do we know what to keep and what to let go of?  Virgo is helping us sort through the myriad layers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Determining  what we are really feeling ... vs how we are reacting takes 'presence'. There's a difference between 'feeling' and 'reacting'. One is extrinsic (triggered by something outside of us) and one is intrinsic (our inner authentic self).   In the current charged atmosphere its easy to get them mixed up.  We get so easily manipulated ... by others, by the media, by our own inherited belief systems. We all think we 'know'!  Have you noticed how impossible it is to have an open discussion around politics these days. Everyone is so polarized and no one is listening to each other.
Maybe that's the best astrological advice for today: Listen!
Be still.  Clarify. Listen to your heart.

Listen to each other. Listen to nature.

 "The answer is blowing in the wind.

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