Saturday, 5 November 2016

FInding our Magnificence in the midst of the Madness!

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This weekend things could get  intense for some people  (like they've been so light and breezy lol). We could get a LOT done... or ...  get into a lot of trouble if we don't watch our reactions.

Mars, Pluto, Moon are in big time tension with Jupiter and Uranus... the latter tend to expand and exaggerate whatever they come into contact with. Uranus is like a lightning bolt and Jupiter is bigger than big!

 Mars is aggression, Pluto is power control and crisis, and Moon is our emotions.

Some people will encounter, or become....
'Obsessive Compulsive  Control Freaks' ...
triggering in others a...
'Sudden Break for Freedom'!

Need I say more? Don't try to force anyone this weekend (if you can help it) or your relationship could end up becoming  a battleground. This over the top energy is already playing out in world news. Yikes! There's enough crazy in the world... we don't need to add to it.   I have had enough of it all...  am avoiding media for a few days due to majour overload!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the outer intensity, or your own inner 'stuff'... or if you've recently made some big choices or changes,  you may suddenly have an insane urge to turn back.  This tendency to buckle under pressure is in direct tension/opposition  with the equally strong compulsion to break free and go our own way. If you're feeling you just cant do either,  'holding the tension' means seeing both sides of things without giving in either.

You've come such a long way, through many twists and turns,  and although this bit of bother could be bit daunting,  its nothing you can't handle. Onward and upward.

Or...  inward.

Retreat is always a good option. If you want to avoid getting baited,  or challenged, or doing the same to others,  just step back. Take a time out.   Sometimes you've  got to lose the battle to win the war. There's no point  trying to argue with others right now anyway; everybody knows they are right! And so many people are highly polarized and itching for a fight. 

If you are in this kind of push pull dynamic in a relationship, or obsessing about someone or something, and you find yourself trying to force them to deal with you,  or 'get' your point of view... I suggest you PAUSE. If others are resisting or avoiding... let them!  

Take a chill pill, take some space, take a big breath and wait it out. And if you are the one avoiding or breaking away... try to be gentle. Just walk away. You don't have to shove.

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio can feed these obsessive compulsive tendencies, and make us a bit wary or suspicious of others motives.

 That's not such a bad thing. It's been so hard to get to the truth lately... so much fog... we need our night vision. Neptune in Pisces adds intuition. Use your spidey sense to suss out what is really going on. Don't rely on or push others to work things out.  Let many things pass.

 We need to take responsibility for our own feelings (Saturn) and examine our assumptions and beliefs. When under pressure we can slip into default mode and go into reaction. The tendency to project right now is very strong.  If you cannot get traction or are hitting a wall, you could try tunneling underground ...

Or deep sea diving! This inner process can be scary; as we enter the depths of our own being, monsters arise, shadows appear, who knows what is around the ext corner? Yet, if we can muster the courage to consider venturing down into our inner psyche,there are treasures to be found. There is so much to uncover of our own 'stuff'...  before we go around challenging others.

This is  a  'moment of truth' that will  help us face the reality of where we are and what we are really dealing with. There has been so much obfuscation and even downright lies going around,  maybe it's time for a line to be drawn in the sand. The s#*t stops here!

So we have lines in the sand and we have push-pull polarity and we have the need for clarity in the midst of total confusion. Aiyaiyai!   Good thing we are creative beings. There is  a lot of  creativity in chaos ... which we can use to find our way through. This is a great time to access your inner artist, poet, musician... dancer!

I am using  Collage  (cut up pics from magazines) to create images of my own inner process. Some of the images on this post are examples. Try it out... its a simple and fun way to get in touch with part of yourself.  See  'Art and Soul Collage ' link at top of webpage for more details (not visible on phone apps or on emails).

These are powerful and challenging times, the dawn of an new era, a time of a rebirth! Our planet, and it seems our very souls, are under majour reconstruction and we are being challenged to strip away the masks, the old conditioned self, to get down to the nitty-gritty of who we really are. 

'Cause who we are is Magnificent!!!

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