Monday, 10 October 2016

The Urge to Dream

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It is Thanskgiving Weekend here in Canada, appropriately begun under  Friday's Jupiter  square  Moon, representing abundance, gratitude and appreciation. At this time of year we  give thanks for the bounty of the harvest as we begin to prepare for winter.   Bizarrely, we've had an early snow here in Alberta ... I'm sure  (I hope) it won't stay long, but it's a taste of things to come. The change of seasons reminds me of the cyclical nature of life, and gives pause to reflect on times past and future.

We've arrived at the first quarter Moon, the half way point between last week's New Moon, and next week's Full Moon.  It's funny that it called first quarter, but when you look out at the Moon, it looks half full.

Despite these confusing terms, the point is that each month the Moon cycles through these phases as it moves through the zodiac, bringing a focus on each successive sign as it does so. We just had a New Moon in Libra on Sept 30th, and we will have a Full Moon in Aries (opposite sign) next Sunday Oct 16th.

This halfway point is considered a tension point as the energy begins to build toward the Full Moon. That tension is accentuated by several pressurized dynamics that will be building to a peak next week.

In the meantime,  Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Libra, bringing a focus on our interpersonal relationships. Venus in Scorpio adds passion and spice to that focus, while  Mars in Capricorn amps up our drive to 'get er done'.

Sun in Libra is concerned with harmony and balance. There is a focus on diplomacy, politeness, beauty and grace. Ironically sometimes Libra can appear to be argumentative because of their  need to always create balance. if you are very strong in a certain opinion for instance, a Libra will feel compelled to offer the opposite point of view. Nonetheless, Libra is generally a very sociable and even tempered sign that values relationships and harmony over winning or competing. 

Sun Square Pluto brings out the shadow side of relationships. There's an obsessive/ compulsive side to this aspect that belies the light hearted-ness of Libra. Watch out for power struggles and  be careful not to push anyone into a corner, as people are likely to lash out under pressure.

Mercury in Libra brings a more rational approach to one-to-one relationships.We can make us of this more objective approach to help us deal with stressful situation and  accommodate differing points of view. Libra seeks harmony above all else, and will do much to keep the peace. Our thoughts drift to art, beauty and love under this gentle influence.

Mercury with Jupiter fill us our thoughts with optimism and gets us to think BiG! This expansive attitude helps get us through difficulties, and feeds a benign,  philosophical atmosphere. Some will take this over the top... Jupiter Mercury can be all-knowing. Use some Libra diplomacy to listen as well as speak.

Jupiter brings a positive mood wherever it touches, which in Libra affects our relationships.  The irony is that with this influence we can  end up expanding (Jupiter) beyond the parameters of the relationships we are in.  The recent eclipses have totally changed the emotional landscape, and now Jupiter's movement though Libra could activate the need to grow into new territory. This bodes well for positive change, although it may come in unexpected ways.

Because Jupiter tends to exaggerate whatever it makes contact with; the recent  square between Mars (aggression) and Jupiter may  have triggered a few tempers last weak.  Things could get even more challenging as Mars moves toward a confrontation with Pluto. Mars (action) Pluto (intensity, power)  is a highly charged combo with potentially violent effects,  creating  confrontations and push-pull power dynamics between people. When I find this in someone's chart I suggest martial arts or some similar type of intense physical exercise as a way to channel this strong energy.

Neptune square Saturn in Sagittarius continues to push  us to examine our belief systems  as we struggle to figure out what is true and what is false in an increasingly foggy landscape.  Neptune may try to delude us, while Saturn makes us face hard cold facts. This pairing demands we walk our talk and pushes us to ground and commit to our dreams, or those dreams may turn out to be total illusions. It's a tricky time as some of us are forced to prune our expectations.

Saturn /Neptune is a  combination of  deliberate, persistent action with creative intuitive, and inspiration. The results could be stunning, if we can get the balance right. Be careful when you feel fear or doubt not to project  those feelings onto others, or  try to impose your beliefs onto them.  If you are feeling a bit dreamy or spacey lately you probably are being affected by Neptune. It's easy to mistake shapes in the mist for solid objects, then run headlong into something you didn't foresee. 

Overall, we can expect the coming week to involve some pressure, some stress, and some unexpected occurrences, amidst many lovely, joyful exchanges. It's a good time to develop your inner 'spidey sense' to help you  feel your way through as you focus on finding a balance between your pragmatic side and the urge to dream. Don't let the serious stuff get in the way of your imagination; just remember to stay grounded. 

You know you want to ;)


  1. half of the front half of the moon is a quarter of the whole