Saturday, 1 October 2016

New Moon New Energy New Choice

Yesterday's New Moon in Libra set a new emotional cycle and brings new energy to our relationships. It can feel like we are free falling as re continue to move through radical shifts.

 Recent eclipses have triggered big changes for some of us , especially Virgos, Sagittarius, Pices and Gemini, or those with key planets in those signs. 

Some doors have  closed, never to be opened again, yet many new gateways are also appearing. We have passed through a portal recently, and as we enter new uncharted territory,  the vibrational  shift is asking a lot of us. Know that it will give much back in return

Time to welcome the New Day!

Speaking of today, the Moon in Libra is currently in a tense angle with Pluto. Pluto's presence is telling us that change right now involves some sort of emotional transformation, and its possible that some of us will resist the changes that are occurring. It's easy to obsess when Pluto is involved. Watch your emotional reactions today and use Mecury in Virgo to help you discern what is real and what is fantasy.

There a tendency now  to hold onto dreams and fantasies, even as they are dissolving.  Neptune on the south node of the Moon (past) describes the letting go necessary to allow the new energies in. It is time to let go and trust and stop trying to control outcomes. Things might not have turned out as expected,  yet somewhere down the road you will thank the heavens for pushing you in this new direction.

There is still much uncertainty around us but the new frequencies will help us find our way through the maze. We just need to learn to tune in!

Life is a circle. Everything comes back around again, yet it is never static. We continually are evolving to new levels, even if we don't realize it.  If you are hoping to maintain a sense of security from everything in your life remaining the same, you are living in the wrong era! I know it takes courage to move forward when so much is uncertain, believe me I know. I also know that we can do it!

There's so much positive support right now to help us keep moving forward.  Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon expands our hearts and fills us with courage, hope and joy. 

Nothing is impossible, as long as what we are wishing for is in line with our true purpose (North Node of Moon).  That's the key. Line yourself up with your truest, highest self, set your intention, and start walking!

'The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!'

And don't forget to have fun along the way! 
You know you want to.


  1. Nice, uplifting post, thank you.

    1. Glad to hear it. We've got Jupiter to thank!