Monday, 26 September 2016

Karmic Reckoning. A Turning Point.

Recent eclipses have sent waves of accelerated change into the stratosphere. Things continue to feel a bit surreal but new positive energy is beginning to smooth out the wrinkles. 

At every turning point in time, at every fork in the road, at every ending, the seed of the new is being planted. Even though a door maybe closing, a window is openning to let new light in. 

Be patient. 
Soon a new opportunity will present itself. 

Some recent posts from Aurum Astrology on FB:

SUN (radiant self) JUPITER (expansive Joy) in LIBRA (harmony and balance)

Mercury is slowly accelerating as it moves back through the sign of Virgo. If you've been going back over an old issue or idea ... (or relationship)... it's third strike and your out. Or maybe third time lucky!

Time to get it right or change the story!

Saturn (karmic lessons) is exactly square (tension) the nodes of the Moon (Collective Destiny Point)  Squares create tension that forces us to act. 

 Facing our past?  A karmic reckoning? A turning point?

"If all roads appear to be dead ends, life will show you the secret path - no one will comprehend" Rumi

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