Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Full Moon Eclipse Pisces

"Between the Retro Mercury/Virgo, Eclipses in Virgo/Pisces and Saturn/Neptune square, nothing is clear, real or to be trusted."


I'm writing this on my iPhone cause my computer has a virus ... perfectly Mercury retrograde ! Ahhhhhh. Please excuse typos and glitches. It's a 'very small screen' lol!    I'll be back to edit tomorrow!

As far as the current astrology goes, right now things overall are weird and tense and exciting all at the same time. Mars is VERY STRONG right now.  I notice a lot of people are pretty edgy. Or maybe it's just me! Watch out for projectiles heading your way.


                   Claim your power!

As the energy  builds toward the Full Moon Eclipse on Fri/Sat... Mars (AGGRESSION) is in a tense angle to both Sun and Mercury (COMMUNICATION) ... in Virgo.    

PIcky, picky, picky. Aggressively so!  

As I said, people are PROJECTING all over the place! Try not to TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY... Its just a  MOVIE ... and not even about you! (Well your movie is, just as theirs is about them) We are all projectors!

"What you think of me is none of my business! " 

MERCURY RETROGRADE is about using this  opportunity to reflect on  our own issues, our own story. Our own stuff! 

This eclipse is in water sign Pisces, which represents the luminous world of the unconscious. On this level we are all connected by some kind of golden web. Neptune wants to wash away divisions and link us to each other. And yet, even as we seek to connect to each other, we also are each alone  (Saturn) ... as we search for our own self.

Perhaps there's a way to meet in the middle. 

Eric Francis over at Planet Waves described this as where the ocean meets the shore. Neptune is the water, Saturn the shore. 

This is a special meeting place where we hold the tension between seemingly opposite worlds. Beware of extremes: Rigidity vs fluidity. Rules vs imagination.  Structures vs the formless. Us vs them. 

Relationships can get testy as the stuff that's been swirling around for months and months  finally comes to a head!  In  the midst of the confusion, as we try to relate to each other ...  try to let go of the tension, let go of the great effort. Just let it be. 

It's not either or, it can be both/and. Let the lapping of the waves of infinity soothe you and calm your struggle as you ground yourself in the here and now. 

Even if you feel exposed and vulnerable, even as Chiron (wounded healer) brings out your most tender wounds, know that this is part of your healing.

This eclipse has the potential to bring about a deep and profound shift that will clear the air and open our hearts once again.

Remember that  everything now is about HEALING and RELEASING  the past ... so we can move forward more freely. 

This is a really good time to keep a dream journal...  as Neptune's presence links us deeply into the unconscious and brings up intuitive messages. There is deep wisdom inside of each of us that can guide us through turbulent waters.

Did I mention not to take things personally?

Mercury retrograde  will help us review and reflect on past and future ...(in between the lost emails, computer crashes, mayhem and mix ups) 

In Virgo the key word is discernment. Virgo grounds our health and work habits and the things we do in service to others. Sometimes that's the key to relationship struggles. Don't think of what you can get, think of what you can give. Be in service!

Don't worry (another Virgo trait) ... 
Jupiter in Libra is  going to help smooth out some of the rougher parts of the ride. It's like having a nice big fat cushion ... even though it's bumpy, you won't feel it so much.

And Mars/Uranus -haha auto correct says 'you're an ass '! - guarantees positive exciting forward movement! (I guess we're  all assholes sometimes)

Part of our healing is to forgive both ourselves and others.  Why carry all that resentment?

Try the Hoponopono prayer. 

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you"


A sense of humour can get you throu a LOT!

Ok... I know it's been a big difficult challenging year for many of us as the world seems to have swirled out of control. At the same time, there have been openings, doorways, avenues for new growth.... and many Awakenings!

It's all a matter of perspective. Now, after the year of purification (Jupiter /Virgo ) it's time for the harvest.  Have you done the work you needed to do?

It's  time to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Whatever you put out at the last New Moon, which was also an eclipse, whatever needed resolving, and  is now at a critical turning point... this is where the penny drops. 

"We can choose to choose, or choose not to choose, but we will choose all the same. "

This will especially effect people with personal planets in the last 10 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini- 12th to 22nd of the month) ... although, because the nodes of the Moon are involved, there is a universal quality to this shit (oops I meant shift!)

One last thing (I know this is LONG!) ... Neptune on the South Node is all about release,  it's all about letting go. Maybe we'll  leave relationship or situations that aren't working ... for good, or maybe we just let go of the resentments and old baggage that really has no purpose anymore. Whatever the process, change we must. 

Love is letting go of fear.
Remember  to let in the healing. 
You know you want to!

"We're all just walking each other home!"
                 (Ram Das)

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