Sunday, 4 September 2016

Betwixt and Between

Do you feel like you are caught in a TIME-WARP?
Are you feeling betwixt and between?

This  time between eclipses can be a bit surreal.  It  may feel like things in your life are melting and morphing and changing beyond recognition. 

Ever since the  eclipses in April/May,  we've spinning around in a very  strange and unusual energy vortex. Reality (Saturn) and illusion (Neptune) have been dancing around around each other  as we've struggled to make sense of what is true or false.   Nothing has been  working in a linear fashion.

The challenge of Saturn/Neptune  is to find a way to integrate them together.
i. e.

Walk your talk
Make your dreams real.
Do the (inner) work.
Face your illusions ...
Find the truth  etc

'Trust in Allah but tether your camel.'  

Easier said than done!

Many are experiencing anxiety, fear, disillusionment on a grand scale. Who can we trust? Who can we turn to?  WTF  is going on anyway?

It's all about manifestation. What do we manifest? How do we manifest?  And why?

Although it seems like its all happening  on the outside, the real test is with our own self.  We are being challenged to really find out who we are and what we are made of.  In the midst of this uncertainty,  there are markers on the road that require keen eyes of discernment to see. They may not even be visual... they may come as a faint whisper in your ear, an inner voice saying... 'go this way.'

To trust in that inner voice requires stillness, discrimination (the good kind) perseverance. Persistence.

Eventually,  all your work and all your persistence will pay off.  No one can say when that moment will occur, although the Full Moon Eclipse on Sept 17th (again in the sign of Virgo) is the next astrological marker.

 If you have been waiting for some indication of which may to go, the penny may be about to  drop.

Maybe your aha moment will occur immediately, or over many days, or even many months. Maybe you won't even realize it until way in the future. But change WILL occur.

 I've recently heard these eclipses described as 'energy downloads".  And as the frequency increases,  there can be a detox effect,  a healing crisis of sorts.  If you have been feeling a bit strange lately,  this could be why. Both eclipses in Virgo want us to take good care of our health. Go easy on yourself. Drink lots of water and get out in nature to ground your energy. 

This time in-between is  like the period after a caterpillar  has spun itself into a cocoon. The choice has  been made. It has begun. What happens next is very strange and perhaps a bit disconcerting (for the caterpillar). It begins to actually dissolve! Ahhhhh!  This is a necessary step, yet from the inside it is really  hard to see what you are becoming.

 Right now you may be feeling like bug soup!

Perhaps you didn't realize that this was what you signed up for! Yet you did, cause you're here, and  the process is already underway.  Take heart. There is magic at work and you are going to be so thrilled when those wings start to spread wide and you can take to the skies. This is about claiming your magnificence.  This is about becoming who you really are!

Just let go. Trust. And see what happens.

 You know you want to!

P.S. Anyone whose  Sun (self)...  Ascendant (body, how you go into the world) ...  Moon (emotions)  ... or  other key planets...  are in  Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini ... are  likely to experience a VERY BIG SHIFT in the area of their chart where the eclipse occurs.

See tab at top for descriptions of 'houses' (areas of focus).

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