Friday, 22 July 2016

Sensitive souls in a world gone mad

The Moon in Pisces this weekend brings much sensitivity and subtly of feeling so some of us will want to retreat for a while from the mayhem and madness of this world. If you are feeling a strong urge to encapsulate yourself in your own bubble, believe me you are not alone.

On the other hand, the Sun and Venus together in Leo create a lively,  playful atmosphere. Our hearts are open (and our pockets could be as well). Leo generousity and largesse, combined with Pisces' empathy and lack of  boundaries, means more than a few might overspend this weekend. Comfort shopping at its best! 

This not an easy time for empathetic souls. So much violence, upheaval and confusion are shaking the very foundations of what we call reality. We are all a bit world weary right now, and many are seeking a break from the battle.

If you are feeling the Moon with Neptune in Pisces, you will enjoy some time out for introspection and reflection. Under this Moon our souls are longing to connect to our spiritual nature and creative imagination is highly stimulated. This can result in some great art, poetry or music if you let your inner  muse come out to play.

Leo Sun/Venus wants to give everyone a big hug and reminds us to share the love.

Whether you respond to the more inwardPisces  Moon or the gregarious Leo Sun, make sure you replenish your soul in whatever way serves your need to feel joy. 

And, at least for the weekend, try and see the glass half full ... so you can enjoy the party!

You know you want to! 

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