Sunday, 17 July 2016

If not us, who? ... Full Moon in Capricorn: Stepping up:

Capricorn is the father. Cancer is the Mother.
Sun in Cancer deals with home, family, emotions, our inner self.
Moon in Capricorn deals with career, duty and responsibilities, our outer self.

The Full Moon shines the spotlight on the need for a balance and harmony between yin and yang,  inner and outer.

Since the New Moon in Cancer in early July,  many have felt a  strong need for emotional safety and nurturing  which may  have been shaken, threatened or challenged in some way.  In the last few posts we have been looking at this tumultuous and unnerving time of strange upheavals and unexpected events; obsessive/ compulsive behaviour, tense encounters and/or outright violence.

There is now a possibility to breakthrough whatever has been in-your-face lately. The energies are still tense but there is a shift that brings new possibilities.

 I have been describing an energy portal that has been open for a while  (Jupiter and Neptune on Nodes of the Moon) that has had the ability  transport and transform us in unimaginable ways. Some have chosen this avenue to merely check out and escape, the better choice is to tap into the  cosmic source energy, which lies inside of us (Neptune) Inner peace may be the one constant in this constantly changing (and challenging) world.  I am not taking about escaping into a bubble of bliss (nice though that can be) More like anchor yourself to that inner core as a buffer from the raging storms. And a reality check: This too shall pass.

Meanwhile, the Capricorn Full Moon is asking us to step up and deal with whatever is in front of us. That doesn't mean we have to take it all on. Don't be a martyr. The focus on responsibility and 'consciously directed will' basically means we will have to pay attention.

Uranus (the Awakener) is stirring things up,  as well as offering a new vision of the life we can create.  Beware of knee jerk reactions. Steady as she goes....

The ruler of Capricorn, and thus this  Full Moon,  is Saturn. It's placement in Sagittarius wants us to examine the stories we live by. Are you seeing the big picture or getting caiught up in the detail and drama. Both require our attention but it is too easy to not see the forest for the trees. Sagittarius links us to our highest purpose. Now's the time to tune into that i.e.  don't sweat the small stuff!

Planets in Cancer have pointed to the roots of our discontent...i.e. childhood or family conditioning. They say that the first five years of life set the patterns we repeat over and over. Did you buy into the family dogma? Guilt? Fear? Were you loved? Did you feel loved? Did you feel valued?

Are you ready to take responsibility for doing that for yourself? 

Part of the message is:  it's time we grew ourselves up and stop living in the past. Yet to do that we need to heal those inner fractures. Honour those cracks... they are where the light gets in. There is so much healing energy available to release and heal those old wounds and dysfunctional emotions  so we can be the best that we can be.

And there could never be a better time.

Each of us has to find our own centre,  and our own way of both turning in and stepping up. Be careful not to judge others (Saturn). This is  going to look different for each person (Uranus). Just know that despite appearances, this craziness can lead to a flowering (Jupiter). Ok there is some pruning required (Pluto).

Shake ups are not easy. That is why is is so imperative that we stay the course and keep our minds and hearts clear.

Mars is key in all the current astrology. We are dealing with issues  around  aggression vs assertion,    obsession vs Desire, Lust vs Love. Action vs reaction.

Its very important to find a (positive)  outlet for any build up of tension.

As Capricorn initiates us into the material, concrete world, it wants us to 'get er done'. Yet without emotional balance and nurturing  it is all for nought. 'You cant take it with you. '

As you step up... Find the middle. Find your heart. Practice peace. Then...  do what you gotta do!

You know you want to.

One last thing: Venus and Mercury are conjoined in Leo now: Don't forget to Shower the people you love with LOVE!     Tell them the way that you feel...

Sing it to me James...  :)

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