Sunday, 10 July 2016

Facing the dragon...

One week after the New Moon in Cancer (called the first quarter) we continue to experience conflict,  upheaval and change, with the added possibility (and blessing) of reconciliation via forgiveness, love and healing.

The world seems all topsy-turvy, bringing trauma and tears, excitement and confusion as we veer between blockage and breakthrough (Saturn /Jupiter) expansion and contraction(Saturn/Neptune). These are not easy times...   and it is increasingly difficult to ignore the craziness going on around us.

Many many years ago I used to hear about a coming time when the world would go through an immense death and rebirth process, and there were warnings that it was going to get very, very difficult before it gets better; the 'darkest before the dawn' kind of thing. I used to actually relish that possibility,  even forty years ago it was obvious  the 'world' was in need of a a make over.  Be careful what you wish for!

Now that we are 'in it',  I do not feel so cavalier or smug. These changes are hitting everyone, as the personal really does  become the political and vice versa. Yes you can shut your tv off and refuse to listen to the news (not necessarily a bad idea),  but the unsettling energies  still ripple out into the world and people around us. And of course it is a sign of the privilege of the western world that we can even consider 'turning it off'. I'm not sure a person living in Syria can quite do that.

In terms of 'news', we know the  media manipulates and distorts the facts of what is going on, yet the urge to stick our head in the sand is not going to work either. This is a huge wake up call for planet earth and we are all part of it. Unfortunately, it always seems to take  crisis and trauma to get us to change.  To actually be consciously a part of positive change takes a lot of awareness. It is too easy to become negative or paranoid ...  Are the monsters in the closet real,  or just a figment of our imagination?

What I find so fascinating is how these critical junctures are so clearly marked by planetary occurrences. Don't ask me to explain how that works,  but I see it again and again.

I am reading a book right now about the Italian Renaissance, where after centuries of war, violence,  corruption and political manipulations etc in the Italian City States (think Borgias etc), suddenly there was an amazing flowering of human creativity via art, philosophy,  architecture etc. Although of course there were many factors leading up to that point,  I was still curious to see if there was an astrological trigger for the seemingly sudden shift. Sure enough, Uranus and Pluto figure prominently at that time.

This is not the first time I have checked into the background astrology of a particular era. While readings a novel based on the journals of Josephine Bonaparte,  I discovered that the French revolution also was again marked by Pluto and Uranus (revolution and change),  and that led me to  find them again in the cultural revolution of the Sixties.

I have often heard people say that the Sixties came to nothing, that nothing changed, but I do not agree. Something was started then, it was a seed time with Pluto Uranus conjunct,  and now we have  entered the second phase of the revolution. 

Although the  Pluto Uranus effect is  slowly waning, we are still in the ripple effect,  and whenever planets cross over and activate those trigger points,  we experience a re-amplification of  the revolutionary energy they began.   It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

Ok that is a strange metaphor, but you get the idea!

So how does this affect my personal life  you are asking...?

Enter Moon in Libra tomorrow, combined with several planets slowly moving through the sign of Cancer, triggering an emotional revolution and  keeping the  spirit of change alive! 

With a focus on our need for emotional security and safety, we may come up against whatever it is that stops us from feeling secure.  If there is something stuck or stagnant in your life, if you need an emotional reboot, now is the time to do it. AS the abundance of water energy (grand trine) brings our deepest feelings up to the surface, there is nowhere to go but...  into the water!

Although this may feel like a sink or swim moment, there are many positive factors working in our favour, including Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces. This aspect may be testing our faith,  but it can also brings waves of emotional  healing, once we have done the required purging (Pluto).

Emotional purging you say!!? WTF!?

Saturn's presence tells us we must 'do the work';  take time examine our childhood conditioning and inherited beliefs systems (nice girls don't... )etc. The is a lot of pressure to find a way to be more true to ourselves,  so we can truly walk our talk.  Jupiter on the North Node is calling us to expand beyond our  perceived limitations, while  Neptune in Pisces opposite is amping up the pull toward  unity consciousness. The 'urge to merge' is strong right now,  but with what? Or who?

Saturn reminds us that no fluffly feel good optimism (or escapism) will work if we are not grounded in the pragmatism of day to day reality...

i.e. 'Trust in Allah but tether your camel'

It's very important now to take responsibility for your own emotional 'stuff', rather that merely projecting it onto others. And at the same time,  the reminder that we are all in this together (Moon in Libra)

I have spoken before about how Jupiter sitting on the North Node of the Moon (destiny point) promises some very positive and profound ripple effects,  even if we cant see it just yet. If you find yourself standing at the edge of a precipice, know that there are forces of light at work to help you move into a more positive alignment with who you are meant to be.

For now:   Honour your feelings.  FEEL your feelings!  Make peace with your inner child. Release the past. Let it go.   As you make peace with yourself, then do the same with your family, and with your neighbour.

You know you want to!

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